[WSMDiscuss] URGENT APPEAL FOR ENDORSEMENT : Stop Israeli Killer Drones ! (ECCP and Stop the Wall)

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Appeals in movement…, Europe in movement…, People in movement…, Repression in movement…, Solidarity in movement !


Stop Israeli Killer Drones !

ECCP and Stop the Wall

[ECCP = European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine]

            Thanks for alerting me to this, Paola !

            In solidarity,


Sign now and ask the EU to:

#HealthcareNotWarfare: Stop using Israeli killer drones for your anti-migration policies.

#DefendLives: These drones militarize the Meditarranean, they can kill but can’t save lives.

#SpreadSolidarity with those that already take the brunt of injustice – from besieged and occupied Palestine to the overcrowded migrant camps.

10261 signatures already!

The Petition


EU Commissioner Adina Valean, EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius, EU Commissioner Yiva Johansson

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since November 2018 the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has leased through the Portuguese company CeiiA two Hermes 900 drones, so-called ‘killer drones’ manufactured by Israel’s largest military company Elbit Systems. Under the € 59 million worth 2 year leasing contract, the drones are used mainly to implement the EU’s repressive anti-migration policies. Experts condemn <https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/04/drones-replace-patrol-ships-mediterranean-fears-more-migrant-deaths-eu#maincontent> the move to aerial surveillance as an abrogation of the responsibility to save lives. Worse, the Elbit’s killer drones are supporting Frontex and national authorities in Greece, where migrants and refugees have been targeted <https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7sfiud> with live ammunition at sea.

Elbit Systems develops its drones together with the Israeli military and promotes its technology as field tested – on Palestinians. It provides 85% of the drones used by Israel in its repeated military assaults and continued inhumane siege on Gaza. Hermes drones have been used to kill the four children <https://theintercept.com/2018/08/11/israel-palestine-drone-strike-operation-protective-edge/> playing at the beach during Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2014.

These drones can kill but can’t save lives.

Therefore, I demand:

EMSA to stop using these drones and EMSA and CeiiA not to renew the leasing contract.
Our national authorities not to request these drones for use in their airspace.
the European Union not to spend public tax money to finance Israel’s military industry but instead to use its funds to protect human rights for all and not for the militarization of borders and the sea.

Who do we address?

EU Commissioner Adina Valean (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, co-responsible over the European Maritime Safety Agency – EMSA)

EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius (Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, co-responsible over the European Maritime Safety Agency – EMSA)

EU Commissioner Yiva Johansson (Directorate-General for Home Affairs, responsible over Frontex)

Who promotes the petition?

A broad alliance of civil society organizations from all across Europe, including Palestine solidarity, anti-militarization, migrant rights groups, unions and more.


Agir Pour La Paix – Belgium
Amici della Mezzaluna Rossa Palestinese – Italy
ARCI – Italy
Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS) – France
Association pour l’Amitié et la Solidarité avec les Peuples d’Afrique (AFASPA) – France
Association pour les Jumelages entre les camps de réfugiés Palestiniens et les villes Françaises (AJPF) – France
AssopacePalestina – Italy
BDS Berlin – Germany
BDS France – France
BDS Italy – Italy
BDS Greece – Greece
Carovana Migranti (Torino) – Italy
Collectif Judéo Arabe et citoyen pour la Palestine – France
Comité de Solidariedade com a Palestina – Portugal
Confederación Intersindical Galega – Spanish State
Cultura è Libertà – Italy
European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP)
Gibanje za pravice Palestincev – Slovenia
Gruppo Ibriq per la cultura e la causa Palestinese – Italy
Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (IAC) – Catalunya
LAB Trade Union – Basque Country
Legal Center Lesvos – Greece
Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples (MRAP) – France
Mouvement International de la Réconciliation (MIR) – France
Movimento pelos Direitos do Povo Palestino e pela Paz no Médio Oriente (MPPM) – Portugal
Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (Fagforbundet) – Norway
NWRG-onlus – Italy
Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak – Basque Country
Pax Christi Diözesanverband Rottenburg-Stuttgart – Germany
Paz con Dignidad – OMAL – Basque Country
Plateforme des ONG françaises pour la Palestine – France
Rete Antirazzista Catanese – Italy
Rete Eco – Italy
Rete Italiana Disarmo – Italy
Rete Romana di Solidarietà con il Popolo Palestinese – Italy
Salaam Ragazzi dell’Olivo, Comitato di Trieste – Italy
SOS Racismo – Portugal
Stop Wapenhandel – Netherlands
Transnational Institute (TNI) – Europe
Transnational Migrant Platform-Europe (TMP-E) – Europe
Union Juive Française pour la Paix (UJFP) – France
Un Ponte Per … – Italy
Sprecherkreis des Koordinationskreises Palästina Israel – Germany
SodePaz – Spanish State
Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau – Spanish State
Vredesactie – Belgium


Jai Sen

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