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Thanks Jai, I am sending this suggestions and questions to  the IC Group of
Also, asking for the resume you had sent to ( to whom?)
I'm afraid I didn't send you my lines. So sorry about if. I still can find
and share, even out of the resume.
This list is not an organization but, as an international group of
exchanges and reflexion, have a lot to contribute.
Thanks again

Em seg., 15 de jun. de 2020 às 12:48, Jai Sen <jai.sen at cacim.net> escreveu:

> Monday, June 15, 2020
> Greetings Rita
>             Thanks for this post; it’s good to see the more ‘open’
> approach that the International Council of the World Social Forum has
> decided to take, and that it is inviting international movements and
> organisations to this Call on June 27th.
> (Let me only add that although we have got no ‘response’ from anyone in
> the IC or the WSF’s Secretariat, I'm hoping that the documents that we sent
> them following the online meeting we had on May 23 were received, and
> hopefully, that the members of the IC found that helpful and took some note
> of it !  But where I’m hoping that this present decision, and invitation,
> is an indication that along with other opinions, it was.)
> *But some observations* : *There are no contact details given in the
> document you have posted, for people reading this Invitation to send in
> their nominations, nor really what information the IC needs to have, in
> order to decide whether to invite and then to extend the invitation !*
> For instance (these are just my suggestions) :
> Person nominating, with organisational affiliation if any :
> Name of international movement or organisation nominated :
> Name of contact person :
> Brief outline on international movement or organisation nominated :
> Email address :
> Person nominating, with organisational affiliation :
> Date :
>             Otherwise… this ‘urgent call’ just won’t work !
>             Best –
>             Jai
> On Jun 14, 2020, at 5:03 PM, Rita Freire via WSM-Discuss <
> wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net> wrote:
> Jai and all, allow me to share an invitation letter approved by the
> International Council of the WSF for an online dialogue with regional and
> international organizations outside the Council to discuss the direction of
> the WSF in its 20 years. The debate will take place on June 27th.
> This is not a publicity piece but for invitations. Once this list, since
> its origin, has been focused on sharing and  reflecting on some themes wich
> are close with those of the WSF, and it has even discussed the current
> process, I think this document may be of interest.
> Suggestions of movements and networks of international scope, clearly
> anti-neoliberal, which should be invited by the IC, are welcome.
> Greetings
> Rita
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