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Added to all this is the level of incarceration of Indigenous peoples in Australia, glimpsed here — https://theconversation.com/factcheck-qanda-are-indigenous-australians-the-most-incarcerated-people-on-earth-78528
FactCheck Q&A: are Indigenous Australians the most incarcerated people on Earth?<https://theconversation.com/factcheck-qanda-are-indigenous-australians-the-most-incarcerated-people-on-earth-78528>
Cape York Partnership founder Noel Pearson told Q&A that Indigenous Australians were 'the most incarcerated people on the planet Earth'. Is that right?

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Jai anf Martin

Going beyond Deaths in Custody, my post on The Stolen Generation was intended to open up a yet further Level of suffering in the lives of indigenous Australians.

Then there is the 19thC - Black Birding - wherein Pacific Islanders were kidnapped to work as virtual slaves in Australia's deep north - the Queensland cane fields.


On 10 Jun 2020, at 1:24 AM, Jai Sen <jai.sen at cacim.net> wrote:
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hey Martin

           I agree, completely (that “30 years since the Australian Government’s Royal Commission inquiry into Black Deaths in Custody, more than 400 additional indigenous lives have been taken, [and] few if any followed by police prosecution”) is shameful !

           But as for your comment about the posts not dealing with this issue as such, I should clarify that I didn’t do this post, Ariel Salleh has, and so I'm copying her in here (though she’s also on the list).

           And / but as for your suggestion of doing a post on the situation regarding the Australian Government’s Royal Commission inquiry into Black Deaths in Custody, I think you definitely should, and I’m sure that Ariel would agree.  In a gentle way, Ariel’s post here has of course flowed into the larger, worldwide torrent of recovery, reflection, and action about and by Black peoples that is taking place in our times, bringing in histories and herstories from another part of the world – and Ariel, thanks so much for this; and Martin, I think your adding this would be a powerful addition.

           Just to take this reflection a couple of steps further : First, I think that if we take a step back, then we will see that there are in fact several streams that are already pouring into the small river that even this list is (and is becoming !) : Think of how Umakant’s posts – his steady series of posts not only on the conditions of Dalits in particular but also the structurally marginalised in general (the Roma, the migrant workers, and women, and others) – speak to this, such as today; also yours, Martin; and also by others.  In short, aside from thanking you both, I’d like to encourage you and also others to do more of this – for this river called this list is of course only in turn flowing into the much broader wider and deeper river that is out there : Of consciousness and of reality.

           And second, it has only just struck me – and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this – that in the case of the Aboriginals in Australia and in Aotearoa (‘New Zealand’) anyway, and perhaps also in some other parts of the world, the Indigenous Peoples are of course the Blacks, and vice versa…. (Unlike, say, in the Americas, but where in India, many of the Indigenous Peoples are indeed Black, and where Dalits have for a long time now seen the direct parallels between their conditions and the Blacks in North America, and the structural equivalents.)  I've always known this, but never thought about it, as such.  So, there is also *this convergence : Of the rivers of those who are Blacks in white settler dominated contexts; of Blacks in white native dominated contexts; of Blacks in brown native dominated contexts; and of Indigenous Peoples, perhaps everywhere….

           All we can do here is to flow into this ocean…


On Jun 9, 2020, at 10:13 AM, Martin Mantxo via WSM-Discuss <wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net> wrote:

Hi Jay!!
how is things?
I found that shameful: 30 years since the Australian Government’s Royal Commission inquiry into Black Deaths in Custody, more than 400 additional indigenous lives have been taken, few if any followed by police prosecution.
but saw the posts you sent didn't deal with that - do they?
found this
and translated it

should i post it?

Take care!

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On Tuesday, 2020ko Juneren 9a 04:08, Ariel Salleh via WSM-Discuss <wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net> wrote:

In the 30 years since the Australian Government’s Royal Commission inquiry into Black Deaths in Custody, more than 400 additional indigenous lives have been taken, few if any followed by police prosecution.

A further tragedy faced by Black communities in Australia is the experience of what’s called The Stolen Generation.
Now ...

Indigenous people take the lead in healing the trauma of the Stolen Generations

ABC Science
By Anna Salleh
Posted 31 May 2020

Western mental health services have often missed the mark when it comes to dealing with Indigenous trauma. (The Healing Foundation)
The forced removals of children from their families have brought trauma to generations of Indigenous communities.

But there's now hope a groundswell of Indigenous-led healing programs, which are culturally sensitive and acknowledge how history has shaped collective identity, will help these communities on their healing journey.

Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-31/healing-the-trauma-of-the-stolen-generations/12225034<https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-31/healing-the-trauma-of-the-stolen-generations/12225034>

Stolen Generations survivor Aunty Lorraine healing her mob for 20 years

ABC Science
By Anna Salleh
Posted 1 June 2020

Aunty Lorraine and her daughter Shaan, who has been a support on her journey of healing. (Supplied: Shaan Peeters)
At 81, Aunty Lorraine Peeters shows little sign of slowing down.

"I'm hungry to help others .... I need to heal as many of my mob as possible."

Aunty Lorraine has used her experience to develop a program to help other members of the Stolen Generations work through trauma.

Read more... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-01/stolen-generations-survivor-aunty-lorraines-healing-program/12224998<https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-01/stolen-generations-survivor-aunty-lorraines-healing-program/12224998>

Healing the trauma of the Stolen Generations  (radio)

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