[WSMDiscuss] [bedev_gwg] Beyond 'Development': Reframing Democracy and Well-Being in Korchi, India

Mauro Castro maurocastro.com at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 18:08:59 CEST 2020

It looks amazing, can't wait to read it! ... still with the Mendha-Lekha case
in my thoughts


Missatge de Mabrouka Mbarek <mabrouka.mbarek at gmail.com> del dia dc., 17 de
juny 2020 a les 17:46:

> Dear friends,
> '*On the Cusp: Reframing Democracy and Well-Being in Korchi, India
> <https://beyonddevelopment.net/on-the-cusp-reframing-democracy-and-well-being-in-korchi-india/>*'
> is a new contribution published today, as part of the global dialogue
> series on 'democracy'
> <https://beyonddevelopment.net/which-democracy-for-radical-transformation/>organized
> by the Global Working Group Beyond Development. This series seeks to
> analyze/discuss which 'democracy' for radical systemic transformations.
> This case study describes how in Korchi India, communities whose
> livelihoods depend on forests organized their local decision-making process
> based on *village self-rule (swaraj) system*, where *Gram Sabha *(village
> assemblies) are playing a crucial role. It is a fascinating case as the
> experience went further and sought to scale out the village swaraj system
> to include more than 80 villages which helped communities to resist market
> forces better and take over the control over their means of production.
> At a time we are all wondering how can we strengthen bottom-up
> emancipatory transformations, we hope sharing the case study of Korchi,
> India, can provide you all with some insights.
> The authors Neema Pathak Broome, Shrishtee Bajpai and Mukesh Shende, are
> copied to this email if you have any questions.
> https://beyonddevelopment.net/on-the-cusp-reframing-democracy-and-well-being-in-korchi-india/
> In solidarity, always,
> Mabrouka
> Global Working Group Beyond Development https://beyonddevelopment.net/
> *The Global Working Group includes around 30 engaged researchers,
> movement-based organizers, activists and popular educators from all five
> continents. It is a collective space where people from different
> disciplines or schools of thought - *as ecologists, Marxists, decolonial
> thinkers, feminists, and others - *can converge and dialogue on** possible
> paths of solutions as well as making local/global dynamics and crisis
> phenomena more visible to global social movements. *
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