[WSMDiscuss] India-China Border Conflict: Indian Prime Minister Certifies No Intrusion by China!!!

Sukla Sen sukla.sen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 11:42:02 CEST 2020

Could just anyone tell how come our revered "Bharat Mata" (Mother India)
got to be "dared" with no Indian post having been taken over and nor even
anyone having "intruded"!???

Why then and how 20 precious lives of Indian armed forces were lost in a
hand-to-hand fight???

What sort of abracadabra is this!!!?

<<Neither have they intruded into our border, nor has any post been taken
over by them (China). 20 of our jawans were martyred, but those who dared
Bharat Mata, they were taught a lesson: PM Narendra Modi at all-party meet
on India-China border issue>>

(This includes the video clip of the PM speaking.)

Peace Is Doable

Peace Is Doable
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