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Friends, this webinar may be of interest,


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Webinar Reminder - Voices for BioJustice Bringing the voices of 
indigenous peoples and local communities into global policy arenas

        Webinar reminder

*Bringing the voices of indigenous peoples and local communities into 
global policy arenas*

*June 24, 2020* *-* *15:00 EST*

This event is part of the Voices for BioJustices webinar series
/Benefit sharing and traditional knowledge: unsolved dilemmas for 
Co-convened with the Swift Foundation

If you haven't registered yet, please click here:

Register now 


International policies and laws on biodiversity conservation, access and 
benefit sharing, and related issues, provide principles and guidance, 
but the involvement of Indigenous peoples and local communities in their 
conceptualisation and development is often limited. This means that even 
well-intentioned global laws might not benefit these groups, and could 
even work against their interests.

A central principle to guide policy development is to allow space for 
locally-led governance and cultural systems to operate freely - in ways 
that benefit Indigenous peoples and local communities and promote 
sustainability. This may well be the most effective approach to 
translate broad global ideals and principles into practice.

Indigenous peoples and local communities around the world have worked to 
do just this – with ABS and TK laws, UNDRIP, and other global measures. 
There is much that can be learned from their experiences.

This webinar will explore examples from India, Peru (ABS, IK Law, and 
UNDRIP) and New Zealand/Aotearoa (TK law and UNDRIP), and South Africa 
(World Heritage Convention and the CBD), also examining some of the 
challenges that emerge from the interface of the global and local 
elsewhere in the world. It will also stimulate conversations about how 
the voices of Indigenous peoples and local communities can be more 
effectively conveyed to global policy arenas, and the relationship 
between customary and statutory approaches to biodiversity use and 


The webinar will run for 1 hour 30 minutes, including an opportunity for 
questions and answers to the panel.

*Graham Dutfield, *Moderator — Professor of International Governance. 
School of Law, University of Leeds.

/Making a case for local and customary governance systems in multi-level 
conservation governance./
*Phillile Mbatha* — Lecturer. Department of Environmental Geographical 
Science, University of Cape Town.

/From international advocacy to local implementation./
*Maui Solomon *— (Moriori, Ngai Tahu and Pakeha). Barrister and 
Indigenous Rights/Responsibilities Advocate.

/Radical alternatives for ecological and socio-economic justice./
*Ashish Kothari* — Kalpavriksh / Global Tapestry of Alternatives

/Thoughts on broader issues of the local-global interface and 
experiences in Peru./
*Alejandro Argumedo *— Swift Foundation.

*Q&A Session*

        Previous webinars

  * /The challenge of attribution and origin: traditional knowledge and
    Access and Benefit Sharing. /Watch the recording.
  * /What are we regulating? The scope of Access and Benefit Sharing/.
    Watch the recording.

        Policy Briefs

  * /Benefit sharing and traditional knowledge: Unsolved dilemmas for
    implementation./Download here.
  * /Why defining the scope of Access and Benefit Sharing
    matters./Download here.

/Copyright © 2020, VOICES FOR BIOJUSTICE, All rights reserved./

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