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Fayyaz Baqir fbaqir at uottawa.ca
Fri Jun 26 00:50:36 CEST 2020

Dear Friends,
I  hope you are all keeping well in these challenging times. I am designing a course on International Development Projects. I am looking for prodocs, evaluation reports, and specimens of tools (e.g. LFM, PRA, Problem Tree) which might have gone into conceptualizing, monitoring, and delivering these projects as part of the project cycle management. I am looking for examples of both, the well-performing and nonperforming projects ( if it is professionally not considered a no go area). I need examples of not only 'development projects' designed and delivered by IFIs but simple 'projects' designed by indigenous and local communities.

I am also curious that while all donors talk of LFM, result-based management, sustainability, and an exit strategy if any Return on Investment (ROI) exercise is ever undertaken at the time of conceptualizing a project (especially in the social sector), and if not why not? If anyone is aware of any ROI tool and can share it with me it will be a big help.

I am also wondering if there are any rules followed for the costing and designing of the projects? Do the recipient countries have sufficient documentation of the project areas to provide appropriate data for costing and designing?

Please circulate this query to your network also.

Fayyaz Baqir

Visiting Professor

School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS)

University of Ottawa

8012 FSS Building 120 University Private
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