[WSMDiscuss] Casteism, Colourism and Racism

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Dear Friends

Greetings! The Black Lives Matterprotest has generated solidarity and support in different parts of the world.But at the same time it has also led to fault-lines being opened forintrospections on the inbuilt cultural/religious practices which allows severalstereotype with pejorative connotations to thrive in South Asian socities wherecaste/creed, skin colour etc. plays a very important role in deciding personalas well as public relationships. 


On the links given below you couldread about persistence of caste/colour superiority attitudes and tendencieswhich refuses to go away even during the pandemic time. 


Do pass it on to others in yourcircle/network. 


HUL dropping the ‘Fair’ from ‘Fair and Lovely’ is achange that only goes skin deep

Ipsita Chakravarty, Scroll, June 26, 2020 



The change, by all accounts, remains at the level of branding.




In Pakistan, a community descended from East Africans isstill fighting prejudice

Zofeen T Ebrahim, Thomson Reuters Foundation/Scroll, June 25, 2020



The darker-skinned Sheedis are considered inferior by the rest, says thefirst lawmaker from the community.




Why Dalit Lives Do Not Matter?

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, Opinion, CounterCurrents.org, June22, 2020 





In Bengal,Colourism Hides Behind the Veneer of Bhadralok Culture

Monobina Gupta, Opinion, The Wire, June 19, 2020 



The famous sense of "enlightened Bengaliexceptionalism" did not quite extend to people with darker skincomplexion.




South Asians for Black Lives: A Callfor Action, Accountability and Introspection

Thenmozhi Soundrarajan, Opinion, WearYourVoice, June 03,2020 



South Asian Americanshave to go beyond performative activism and embrace solidarity, empathy and reparations.




In the movies, fair equals lovely while dark equalsbackward, villainous, savage (take your pick)

Damini Kulkarni, Scroll, October 22, 2016 



The social preference for fair skin is played out on the screen innumerous ways – most of them unflattering. 




With Regards 

Umakant, Ph. D 

New Delhi 


My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality. 
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