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Friday, June 26, 2020

Viruses in movement…, People in movement…, Resistance in movement…, Solidarity in movement…

[The last of the TNI series on ‘Building an Internationalist Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic’.  The TNI however has not here said anything whether it’s planning to somehow ‘bring together’ all that they and others have learned from this sustained series of webinars, into something like an ‘Internationalist Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic’ - which is what I anyway had assumed was its project; or whether they perhaps see the series itself as being that response, or at least its response…  We’ll have to wait and see :

TNI Webinar, July 1 :

People Power and the Pandemic

TNI – Transnational Institute, co-sponsored by Focus on the Global South and Alternative Information & Development Centre

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You won’t want to miss our final webinar in our COVID Capitalism series, People Power and the Pandemic on 1 July at 4pm CEST.
Webinar July 1 – People Power and the Pandemic 


Dear reader,

You won’t want to miss our final webinar in our COVID Capitalism series, People Power and the Pandemicon 1 July at 4pm CEST. Register here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVLmx&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=ECPCCJP&>.

We have brought together a unique global panel of thinkers, activists and organisers from across the globe to share their thoughts on how we can ensure this unprecedented health crisis becomes a turning point towards system change.

The panel will look back on how a minuscule particle changed the world and why, for social movements, it has been a moment of possibility and peril. It exposed the deep flaws in neoliberal approaches to crises and health, but it has also strengthened the rising wave of draconian and authoritarian governments that has enveloped the globe. Yet despite the immense obstacles, movements have perhaps never been so active – building collective analysis, forming global alliances, and emboldened to demand transformational change. Even as the pandemic continues to rage, there has been a sudden unprecedented wave of uprisings against racism in the US, India and elsewhere.

1 July 2020 at 4pm CEST
Register <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVLmx&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EwEtzpk&>

Spanish interpretation will be available

Thenjiwe McHarris, Movement for Black Lives, USA
Hakima Abbas, Association for Women's Rights in Development, Senegal 
Rafeef Ziadah, Palestinian performance poet/Professor at SOAS
Josua Mata, Secretary General, SENTRO trade union, Philippines 
Vrinda Grover, Human rights lawyer, India 
Moderator: Hilary Wainwright, author of A New Politics from the Left <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVLfl&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EtpMzEL&> (2018)

This webinar is organised by Transnational Institute with Focus on the Global South and co-sponsored by Alternative Information Development Centre.

Missed our latest webinar?

Watch Walls Must Fall – Ending the politics of border militarisation here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVL8D&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=ECnZIlR&>.

This webinar explored the trajectory and globalization of border militarization and anti-migrant racism across the world, the history, ideologies and actors that have shaped it, the pillars and policies that underpin the border industrial complex, the resistance of migrants, refugees and activists, and the shifting dynamics within this pandemic.

You can listen to the recording here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVL8D&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=Ey9ly2d&>.

TNI has put together more than 16 webinars <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVLUm&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EGCXSVF&> in the last 3 months, which have been very well received and listened to in 138 countries over the full series. Our favourite feedback is hearing from activists that say the webinars have given them the analysis, inspiration and understanding to deepen their own struggles and campaigns.

We are proud to provide our webinars and research for free as a contribution to the movements and activists responding to this pandemic. However, it takes time and resources to organise these events, to research and to publish. If you would like to support us in this work, please donate here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SMVLkM&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=ECTAzoI&>.

Also, as we end this COVID-19 series, we are starting to make plans for new series. If you have ideas for topics and also formats for online learning that you would like to see TNI provide, please do send us your ideas by emailing us at j.graham at tni.org <mailto: j.graham at tni.org> and nick at tni.org <mailto: nick at tni.org>.


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