[WSMDiscuss] Stop repression in Russia, Ukraine and EU+Odessa solidarity May 2

Tord Björk tord.bjork at gmail.com
Sat May 2 19:35:33 CEST 2020

Dear all!
sorry for cross posting

We need international solidarity without double standards. This was
addressed at a European/Prague Spring webinar April 25 and in a letter
which we hope you will sign demanding an end to repression in Russia,
Ukraine and EU. One of the cases in the letter is the mass murder of 42
people in Odessa May 2 2014. We hope you will contribute to Odessa
solidarity action during May by making a poster, take a photo and send it
to the coordinators.

To stop repression in all parts of Europe is an important step to build
international solidarity. A European/Prague Spring webinar was held on
April 25 with the purpose to put light on some less known cases on both
sides of the east-west divide. Below you find the minutes from this
webinar. https://www.facebook.com/praguespring2

Enclosed you find a letter with the same title: Stop repression in Russia,
Ukraine and EU. I hope you would be one of the signatories of this letter
if you have not already signed. We hope to use this letter in the follow-up
of the European/Prague spring webinars. Here several new
networks cooperated for the first time with the aim to organize a meeting
in Prague postponed due to the coronacrisis from originally in end of April
to December 2020 in a process towards the World Social Forum in
Mexico 2021. Please send your endorsement to aktivisterforfred at gmail.com

Odessa solidarity action May 2020
Today May 2 it is six years since a trade union house in Odessa with some
300 people trying to find a refuge  was attacked by a mob with some 3000.
The house was surrounded and set on fire killing 42 people. Still there is
no justice made and the mothers of the victims are repressed together with
others trying to keep the memory alive and demanding that an international
investigation is made. Solidarity action will be organized in all of May,
make a poster, write a message, take a photo and send it to
aktivisterforfred at gmail.com. More information here:


1) Minutes from webinar on repression in Russia, Ukraine and EU and
democratic rights and the corona crisis

2) Letter to be signed: Stop repression in Russia, Ukraine and EU

Tord Björk

email: tord.bjork at gmail.com, skype: tordbjork, tel: +46 (0)722 15 16 90
address: Götgatan 7 A, 29133 Kristianstad, Sweden
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