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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Canada in movement…, Ideas in movement…

[I don’t normally do this – promote things - but I do believe that there have to be exceptions, and especially when it comes to ideas and initiatives (and small magazines !).  Here is news about something that involves all of this : The publication of the latest issue of Briarpatch Magazine, a wonderful journal coming out of mid-west Canada, and with information on it.  As I wrote the other day to tell the folks who bring it out, “When I read it, I so often feel that I’m ‘out there’, at the edge of history ... and it’s the only journal I know here that I feel really talks about, and lives, actually-existing, and emerging, ‘Canada’, with all its warts..”.  (And a small but important point, where their graphics are getting better and better, and more powerful, with each issue !)

[Check it out online, certainly, but if you can at all, take out a subscription or make a donation.  It’s a small, collectively-run magazine, and… we all need to sustain such things; for they will only continue to exist, and to flourish, if we support them, and make them ours; and especially in these grim days :

Briarpatch : Our May/June issue is online !

            Congratulations Saima, and all of you at Briarpatch !

In celebration and in solidarity !



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> Our May/June issue has arrived!
> You can read it in full online:
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> Here are the stories from the new issue that you don't want to miss:
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> Great Manitoba
> The massive fraud at The Pas is a modest entry in the annals of Canadian racial capitalism. But as Owen Toews writes, in light of the town’s history of Cree and Métis political action, it could be said that a quarter-billion dollars were stolen out of the mouths of children, from over the heads of families, from people seeking meaningful work in the prime of life.
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> The revolution will be translated
> In February, in the midst of solidarity protests against the RCMP’s invasion of Wet’suwet’en territory, Jane Shi created a Google Doc: “How to explain what’s happening to the Wet’suwet’en people in Chinese.” The long history of grassroots translation work shows that it is one of our strongest tools to build solidarity against white supremacy.
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> Show me the socialists
> The Democratic Socialists of America Canada Twitter account was fake – but its popularity was not. Sophia Reuss investigates: what’s the power of socialist branding to shape a movement?
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> Between degrowth and acceleration
> A Planet to Win does not call for a utopian adoption of yet-to-be-invented technologies to fix things, but contends that we can build using the technology we have now to both address people’s real needs and decarbonize. Jeff Abbott reviews A Planet to Win.
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> Reviving Indigenous authorities in Guatemala
> In Guatemala, Jeff Abbott investigates how traditional Indigenous governments are battling municipalities and transnational corporations for control of their land
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> Why the left must defend free speech
> Free speech isn’t a cause the left can afford to leave to liberals or the right, argue David Camfield and Kate Doyle Griffiths. And when “no platform” is called for, we shouldn’t appeal to authorities to do it.  
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> When memory outlives
> Today, Tamil people are Toronto’s working class as well as, increasingly, its elite, writes Mirusha Yogarajah. But behind the Canadian Tamil community’s historic struggles and resistance lies the fact that most of the community arrived in Toronto fleeing a genocide
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