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Friday, May 8, 2020

Viruses in movement…, Climate in movement…, Ideas in movement...

[Here’s the announcement of TNI (the Transnational Institute)’s sixth session in its webinar series, this coming Wednesday.  (In case you missed any of the earlier ones, they were recorded and you can listen to them off the TNI website @ https://www.tni.org/en/webinars <https://www.tni.org/en/webinars>.)

[Two small points : What is interesting for me to note that whereas the TNI series started off by saying ‘Building an internationalist response’, this phrase – and focus - seems to have (been ?) dropped off, which I find disappointing.  Maybe it’s because it seemed to someone that it’s ‘obvious’ to everyone that ‘This is of course what it’s all about’ – but I’m not at all sure that it’s that obvious – or that this is happening.  Frankly, from my experience of listening in to what I think is my fair share of webinars – not only the TNI series, also the newer ‘Global Dialogue’ series (where TNI is a partner), and the Global Justice Now series, among others -, I'm getting increasingly concerned that they are all morphing into earnest analysis and discussion sessions – undoubtedly very interesting and informative, but lacking that edge towards the hard questions… : Of what on earth is to be done ?  And of how we can build consensus.  In other words, of engaging directly with the political…  (I of course don’t mean in a prescriptive way, but to open and interrogate the issue, and including in terms of humankind’s relationship with Mother Earth.)  Does anyone else feel that this is what these otherwise very valuable webinars must now move to ?

[And second, and directly in relation to this, I feel that there is – again, an overall observation – all too little engagement with the issue of *power, and both of power-to and power over; and of daring to imagine...  As I see it, it’s simply no longer enough to talk only about what ‘the problems’ are, and what ‘others’ are doing (and doing wrong)…

[In short, I anyway am hopeful that this webinar will be willing to dare to take this turn; otherwise, I’m seriously worried that we’re once again going to be lost just in ‘talking’… which is, I’m afraid, a serious problem with so many of ‘us’, who have relatively comfortable lives and too little skin in the game :

TNI Webinar series no 6, Wednesday May 13 :

A Global Green New Deal & COVID-19

TNI (Transnational Institute), co-sponsored by AIDC (Alternative Information & Development Centre), South Africa, Focus on the Global South/Asia, and Institute for Political Ecology

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For next week we invite you to join the sixth webinar in our series on May 13 and our live broadcast Future Beyond Shell Presents: Future Beyond Crises on May 16.
Webinar 13 May: A Global Green New Deal 


Dear TNI supporter,

We hope you have been able to attend one of our recent popular Wednesday webinars <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIzj&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EG0pyqF&>. We have been encouraged by the thousands of activists attending from more than 80 countries. This week TNI took a one week break and cosponsored a webinar organised by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and TRANSFORM - With everything up for grabs: The Green New Deal(s) the world needs now which featured Mike Davis and Maude Barlow. Listen to the recording  here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIwV&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EJAZBIs&>.

On 13 May, we invite you to join the sixth webinar in our series. The webinar on Wednesday 13 May 16:00 CET focusses on a Global Green New Deal and features Richard Kozul-Wright (UNCTAD) and activists from across the globe leading the struggle for a just transition in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. (Live interpretation into Spanish available)

The webinar will explore the opportunities and challenges of this moment for a transformational shift towards climate justice. It will most of all explore what a truly global climate justice programme would look like – one that centers the needs of those who will suffer the most from the consequences of climate change - and who are also those disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Make sure you register <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIS6&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EC0s9Ia&> to receive an invite and link to the webinar.

Register <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIS6&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=Ewu1h6T&>

Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, author of Transforming Economies: Making Industrial Policy Work for Growth, Jobs and Development
Karin Nansen, chair of Friends of the Earth International, founding member of REDES – Friends of the Earth Uruguay
Asad Rehman, Executive Director of War on Want. Former Head of International Climate, FOE

The webinar is organised by TNI and co-sponsored by Alternative Information & Development Centre(AIDC), Focus on the Global South and Institute for Political Ecology

Future Beyond Shell Presents: Future Beyond Crises

In addition, we are happy to invite you to our live broadcast Future Beyond Shell Presents: Future Beyond Crises <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIyN&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EIHqwMi&> on Saturday, May 16 19:30 CET. This online event is organised in cooperation with Climate Liberation Bloc (CLuB), Code Rood, Gastivists, and Shell Must Fall.

The planet is and has been in crisis. In crises, in fact, as no issue is isolated. Lives, livelihoods, land, and nature are sacrificed for corporate profit. And while corporate multinationals like Shell are scrambling to profit from crises, and governments bend to their demands, we must ask ourselves: which future do we want to bail out?

How can we support communities, social movements, sectors, and industries to move towards the future we want? A future beyond crises. 

Join us for this special event, please register <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIyN&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EGskGAh&> to receive the information to join the livestream. 

Register <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIyN&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EMtPQPy&>

Musical introduction (19:20)
Welcome & opening speech (19:30)
Speaker: Suzanne Dhaliwal (No Tar Sands UK)
Panel 1: The crises we know - How do current crises intersect and how is this affecting impacted communities and sectors? (19:50)
Speakers: Suzanne Dhaliwal (No Tar Sands UK), Ilham Root (JA! Mozambique), Laurie van Der Burg (Oil Change International)
Musical intermezzo (20:30)
Panel 2: What Is Needed - How to transition from the fossil empires of the past to the decolonial energy democracies of the future? (20:40)
Speakers: Meera Ghani (Ecolise), Tatiana Garavito (Wretched of the Earth), Suzanne Jeffery (Campaign Against Climate Change)
Closing musical performance (21:35)

Next to fantastic speakers we are looking forward to musical contributions by artists: Pravini, The Sounds of Climate Justice as well as a graphic harvesting performance by Willemijn Lambert. What more is needed for a wholesome live broadcast to channel your revolutionary energies in times of crises? Don’t miss out on this and register here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIyN&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EE2vpP&>.

Online survey: A Global Survey on Public Sector Capabilities and Responses to the Pandemic


Together with COMUNA, a team of economists and social researchers based in Montevideo, Uruguay, TNI has launched a survey <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIM2&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=ECBUweD&> to map public sector responses to the pandemic. In many countries the Corona crisis has led to a strong new appreciation of the public sphere. The crisis shows how essential public health systems. Countries with strong teams of scientists based at universities and other public research bodies have been able to implement massive testing. Many of the economic contingency policies in response to the crisis are being implemented through state-owned enterprises, including public banks. And as the pandemic expands, basic public services such as water and sanitation networks, energy and telecommunications become even more essential. Mapping and bringing out the magnitude and value of the public sector will greatly contribute to finding the most appropriate alternatives to deal with the worsening recession and to better prepare for a future beyond the pandemic.

Take survey <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFIM2&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EzMRMPS&>

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes. Please share with relevant contacts.

TNI is proud to provide our webinars and research for free, as a contribution to the movements and activists responding to this pandemic. However, it takes time and resources to organise these events, to research and to publish. If you would like to support us in this work, we would gratefully accept any donation you can make. Please donate here <https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SGFICh&mc=Ci&s=ZfVbkb&u=Stcs4&z=EyDdzBV&>.


Jess Graham
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