[WSMDiscuss] [REDlistserve] Pathways out of global crises, voices of communities (a video interview, and an article)

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Dear Friends,

Sharing an article by Arun Maira, (Hindu, May 6th), one of India's most respected business leaders, who has also served on the country's planning commission. The thoughts expressed here are remarkable. Maira speaking this language seems to be signaling a mainstreaming of views, that have been fighting to be heard.

He speaks of de-growth; limitations of the market;  citizen welfare as against, consumer welfare, restraining competition and encouraging collaboration... and more.

Pathways to a more resilient economy - The Hindu<https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/pathways-to-a-more-resilient-economy/article31512646.ece>
When complex systems come to catastrophes, i.e. critical points of instability, they re-emerge in distinctly new forms, according to the science of complex systems. The COVID-19 global pandemic is ...
My apologies to those who have already read this.

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Subject: [REDlistserve] Pathways out of global crises, voices of communities (a video interview, and an article)

Friends, pl. see below a video interview and an article on pathways out
of the COVID19 and related global crises. the article profiles a number
of on-ground initiatives that are worth learning from.



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