[WSMDiscuss] [Wsfic_fsmci] World Social Forum: Pre-call to movements

Jai Sen jai.sen at cacim.net
Fri May 15 16:38:00 CEST 2020

Friday, May 15, 2020


Greetings all !

            It’s been great to hear from several people already in reply to my request for participation in the call we’re planning to have on May 23 in relation to the future of the World Social Forum.  Thanks, Gus, Tord, Matt, Ole, Hugo, and John, for confirming your interest !  And where I’m assuming that Matt (York), you will be joining, since you said back then that you were ‘in’, and that Carminda, you will be joining (?).

            But : :-), enough males now !  And from the North.  Obviously said partly as a joke, but clearly we’re looking now – we badly *need, now – participants from the South, and women (and of other orientations), to broaden and deepen the discussion.

            We so far have six people confirmed.  We need at least another six ? 

            I have separately already responded to Ole and Hugo’s request for my proposal (and, more importantly, Gustave Massiah’s note).  I’ve also pasted in here some other responses that have come in and that I think give some continuity to this exchange here on this list.  So, and especially those new to this list, please scroll down.

            Best – and in solidarity and in hope -



> On May 15, 2020, at 9:09 AM, Hugo Braun <braun at attac.de> wrote:
> Also from thanks to the organizers. I would like to participate and like Ole I ask for information about technical details. I also do not know the position of Jai. 
> Warmest regards
> Hugo
> Hugo Braun
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> Betreff: Re: [Wsfic_fsmci] [WSMDiscuss] World Social Forum: Pre-call to movements
> Dear Carminda, thanks for including us in this conversation and dear Jai, thanks for setting up the meeting.
> The Norwegian Social Forum will be happy to participate in this meeting. 
> I can also take this opportunity to inform you that we had a meeting in Oslo last September with participants involved in or connected with Iraqi Social Forum, Kurdistan Social Forum, Zambia Social Forum, Nepal Social Forum, Internet Social Forum, WSF on migration, WSF on extractive industries and WSF on Transformative Economies. We discussed the path forward for the WSF process as such, and the role of the national, regional and thematic social forums in these processes. We followed up the discussion in the first VOS. We will also be happy to invite the participants in these discussions to participate in the proposed meeting. 
>>             In addition, I’d like to request all those interested in this issue to please also come in with your views on my proposal (and on which Matt York has already commented).  
> I am not sure that I am familiar with this proposal. Could I ask you to please resend it?
> Best regards and thanks again
> Ole Pedersen
> International coordinator
> The Norwegian Social Forum
> Kolstadgata 1
> 0652 Oslo
> Tel/Whatsapp: +47 940 39 499
> Skype: olemikalyong 
> https://www.linkedin.com/in/olemikalyongpedersen/ <https://www.linkedin.com/in/olemikalyongpedersen/>

> On May 15, 2020, at 1:28 AM, Tord Björk <tord.bjork at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK May 23 
> Tord Björk
> email: tord.bjork at gmail.com <mailto:tord.bjork at gmail.com>, skype: tordbjork, tel: +46 (0)722 15 16 90
> address: Götgatan 7 A, 29133 Kristianstad, Sweden

> On 14.05.2020 23:38, gustave massiah via Wsfic_fsmci wrote:
>> hello Jay and all
>> thank you so much for your involvement
>> I can join you at this time, with pleasure
>> Time : May 23 ; Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm --- Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm --- Tokyo/Seul : 12am-2am
>> warmly
>> gustave massiah
>> Le 14/05/2020 à 22:58, Jai Sen a écrit :
>>> Thursday, May 14, 2020
>>> Dear Carminda, greetings all
>>>             Thanks for this.  I apologise for suggesting that you set up the meeting, I momentarily lost sight of the fact that you’re busy with your thesis !  I also accept that even if it was you who proposed that we meet on VOS, I – since I welcomed that - at least share responsibility for setting it up.
>>>             Given this, and because time is short and time slots are difficult to get, I’ve gone ahead and proposed the meeting myself, as below.  (I hope that all those interested are okay with the title and the description I've given.  Nothing fancy; I decided to keep it business-like.)
>>> As all those who are interested in taking part will see though, the time Carminda said was available when she wrote, May 23 9-11 Montreal time / EST, is / was no longer available when I went up to the VOS site.  But then I thought that given that we have relatively few people on this list in East Asia and beyond, but we do have people on the west coast of Turtle Island / North America, the next slot available is also in any case better; and so I’ve chosen / requested : 
>>> Time : Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm --- Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm --- Tokyo/Seul : 12am-2am
>>>             So we now have to wait until we hear back from the organisers of the VOS as to whether our proposal has been accepted and we have got the time space we want.  I will confirm.
>>>             And the other thing is : Please note that everyone who is taking part has to have Skype on their computers (or phones).  
>>>             Last point : I think I should make clear that I think it only makes sense to have this meeting if there is a minimum of 7-8 people (from this list and those on cc here) who are interested in taking part.  There’s no point just 2-3 people meeting up and talking.  An open request therefore : That all those interested in taking part in this discussion (hopefully on May 23, from 11-1 pm EST) should please reply on this list well before that date, affirming your interest.  Please respond and affirm by May 20, latest. We can then decide whether we’re going ahead or not.  
>>>             In addition, I’d like to request all those interested in this issue to please also come in with your views on my proposal (and on which Matt York has already commented).  
>>>             So that we can have some idea of where people stand on the issues before us (which, I've suggested, are covered well by Gustave Massiah’s note that I posted), and can accordingly put together some kind of agenda, based on the views expressed.  
>>>             Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome !
>>>             Thanks
>>>             Jai 
>>> Title of the activity : Looking ahead : Revisiting the World Social Forum
>>> Description : To critically discuss the future of the World Social Forum, including looking ahead to the proposed next meeting in Mexico in 2021
>>> Time : Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm --- Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm --- Tokyo/Seul : 12am-2am
>>> Type of activity : Discussion
>>> Participants : Adults – or ‘Specific Group’ ?
>>> Number of people expected : 20
>>> Languages : English / French / Spanish / Portuguese
>>> Link for your activity : https://join.skype.com/Byo9l2qwBfES <https://join.skype.com/Byo9l2qwBfES>
>>> Name and link of the collective/group/organization that proposes the activity (if applicable) : World Social Movement Discuss
>>>> On May 13, 2020, at 11:36 PM, Carminda Mac Lorin <carminda.maclorin at katalizo.org <mailto:carminda.maclorin at katalizo.org>> wrote:
>>>> Dear Jai (and friends),
>>>> Thanks a lot for nourrishing the conversation. I'm sorry I haven't had yet the time to read the different contributions of the last days, but I saw that you are suggesting me to inscribe an activity in the Viral Open Space (Ole, the VOS cannot inscribe specific activities, according to its Intention Text : https://www.viralopenspace.net/fr/intention/ <https://www.viralopenspace.net/fr/intention/>). Sadly I can't do anything beside my thesis before next week. 
>>>> Jai, would you please accept to fill this form and propose it yourself? https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837>
>>>> I really believe that as you started the conversation and have followed the different messages, you would be better than me to formulate the title and description of the activity. 
>>>> Finding a convinient moment for the different continents is always the complicated part... The Viral Open Space takes place during 24h to try to allow participation from all around the world. There is an opening moment on May 23 from 9am to 11am Montreal / 3pm to 5pm Paris and we propose many slots for self-managed activities. If none of those are convinent, please feel free to chose the time slot just before of after the event, it will still appear in the program.
>>>> All the best!
>>>> Carminda
>>>> PS. You will find the invitation to the Viral Open Space below in different languages. Please feel free to share the information in your networks.
>>>> English below / Français ci-dessous / Español abajo / Italiano sotto / Português abaixo / Deutsches Gebrüll
>>>> www.viralopenspace.net <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h0/ZVrVZaM8lZcusgW18QfIaHBW1O-2BQtcO81N68vgj9VK-2BdoEC1zVtDkdtzomwgV88pDAsIEijSUPYC2ADq3M548mwmb185aubhSMyPInTdPQcZlE57qZNzIpVnE5xP5MtiHaXeaMbCww79u9sVzGYarNKjcuRK5JF-2BH0eZP71-2F41GGtuCloDSlTBbv74jJlOE0m9GV5KEL3pKcnVQuwkAKxIb1EvhJ-2FzRuJYsdIPB-2Fe74GZlobazmOfTggN0qdlR2-2FLyj0wcfjN13Zyo6DxHFZ68ax-2BDmQu2DMhTTxTqIuNKmKE3GvY7UteAklgGqbuDEElp6bd3N2h9MeRPw-2FLYd2egU1NOu-2BNRrCYVyqq56LLw0-3D/Zkp->
>>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h1/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikvTFeR7ogGAIS-2BxaLCbFtoarngc-2B-2FCtwqY-2BLsrCNPS7pReHH-2FrnypHCxZ2VDkErbEn7goYQ8oUN6aO40HcSkuE257xQq61KPspJBWeaPvDcxkD8I037jn6z3m1dqbN0WfyM9dBRDP58EI87Te6iVWa2HOX2V9jn8HvJyz5oxLj1Ki5Ge3qMuiGpE3HYey0shnCpdUeWR6QsD9zf9Hs48Wdrgi-2B4F-2BuQGnnPMqZUmDO-2FdJJYILDHVD3EOwUw6Q5B8EMbp2iWEQPVDYOLAgVTB7s87NFGJLxcTOs5TO9t-2BeF7iJTGPgi5hRYGdLa6Btqz95/EaQe>
>>>> Take part in the next Viral Open Space, an online social forum around the world, 
>>>> - May 23 and 24, 2020 - 
>>>> In the context of emergency and massive lockdown, an eclectic and open group from 15 different countries proposed a first viral open space entitled "The Great Pause", on March 29 and 30 . This online social forum hosted around fifty activities which were proposed by participants from all over the world, to connect and give visibility to positive and creative citizen responses to the current crisis. 24 hours inspiring and energizing!
>>>> Following the success of this first edition, we are on our way to the second! On May 23 and 24, the Viral Open Space propose again to open and reinforce multiple paths for creative solidarity. It will link isolated people, neighbors, affinity and collective groups, artists, social networks (Facebook or other) created to cope with Covid-19, non-governmental organizations, social movements, etc. around the world.
>>>> You are all welcome to participate in the event or to join the organizing collective <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h2/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfCVOD-2BK0jNMjE-2BS3KUWygybzBKgK1VBg6BLwSqz2v-2Fh8IhSA5y-2B31LiSRwh-2Bu-2FLRHuFkN7wMWBw3VrxRmSELq5oSwDGbIHqt65fq2-2BpuLPLqo5vfb1hJA241A4OMAXe9l6T0tLHC383qPzTDo8w-2FemhnDCZjfu9P-2FTSNSaDBVSsnCgPBQyeRshmaLgVHeheMFg26Ei1Ddd6rtABM-2F2dxxdqrB5c5Aif73hQPLgxLt9IpndTjmSHAJyING50m5dLvpV1VNAj0rpd69FwEXNfAb93sd8vhsQBOmPHH-2F9LrXKzSZRB0wGQ4Tzpe6iMzjpxHA/4eqb>! 
>>>> Contribute to the program freely! 
>>>> The VOS program is built by its participants who offer their positive and creative citizen responses to the current crisis: Spaces to imagine some futures, spaces for support and sharing created in the context of Covid-19, artistic activities, hackathons, courses, sports activities, resource sharing, activities for children, etc. This event will be to your semblance. The VOS facilitation group will also offer activities inviting you to come and get involved a little, or a little more, in the preparation of the next VOS. If you acknowledge yourself as a participant in the VOS process, as described in our VOS Text of Intent, and wish to propose an activity, you can fill out this form: https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h3/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgPRsLGswcn1k7Cy1W4y9eFGBVKXh4NF038OrhT6vSFsv46rsF9SqgEvUdwQFjg-2FwBLbMkZyAz0IA4kb45ywxlNG8Ee-2F4s0-2BKyYdVUDd7s0vvBqbGFHSlR4z6E8zo1h-2Fq7xGSq3vkE6p-2FbkYyQDRJlU8kwOW1aod2siKb-2F8jgZOtbXVzFyYYQlJgofa-2FlVikLyLz1D8R2feEtSSzpfCIIxD-2Bs-2BDFsp-2BZL9gXMjLD-2BSlzeW7fccQzhxmnMpukWUn5H0Ehvc1zMVBwjoEukl79spJ2R4Rl61Txg93yy9jKQt5QXHhJOwTjaWteTZZtA8d-2BllA-3D-3D/MQSP>
>>>> You can also start preparing your activities for the next Viral Open Space that will occur on June 20-21, 2020 !
>>>> You can join the Facebook group “The Viral Open Space” to build this inspiring event together:
>>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h4/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQik8ZF-2B0gTMtYgHFjZCO0G2h14gjnFqkqgZ1Rhqcc3QfdDiqNECMbQ8By8sIOKhJpeMIqn3c-2BmMzppDiQEXOZR7f8FPA8d0dvjDuldlg-2FWtHj-2FDgB4FqhTYPbaeQmnD0PFHHAcmp0-2FjnAG26ASraUfOty2pg5sl0vYIUzXSqOUZBZpOUbyMDI-2FXQH0OkFMhoEjnHMMGQ5JIgkjIXUxKJhrIK3519MTr6-2FFlCv3iaZwBm0yPujV-2FfWhdkqrBJlZTu-2FKVa1M7q8J2rb5U70svmTkQ5IwrhoF1AntNa7IWqaEB-2FkFf0GxSKaYPhT-2Fegz0-2FplgM/fusK>
>>>> If you would like to be part of the event facilitating team, contact us! https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h5/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfr7kcFwjQvrTBZXO-2BtYaW-2F5TdojEFv-2F-2FNgR1Mhn9bL9tsW1p0yM5qf3uNOisjcGrFqGu60MivFGJIXEagFjcZrrbYNuLocCCLJkvWB2H7q5-2F1tPLzZOunCcdKJRPH-2FSLM5PEzz4K3rMnvLrtZBDnJvNKf4WwWwsuaemLEIledvCtjx0-2FMoBhpvQik-2BgpjVJOc89U0q8fl6WkBSYrJrqcRSMbbBQODof8x92pjDuWhx8MwzRdl4cyWEdTa2xj9WT13U4kvfAKJ4xoRZiv5JUgEpAGBqeAu27sCvU3RQzvkaRltuWoYyMZ7VMwkteqFBXn2/WZIY>
>>>> We sincerely hope that in one way or another, this event will help to make this difficult period an opportunity for the majority of us to take an important step towards societies that are more respectful, more humble, more resilient, more creative and with more solidarity.
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/
>>>>  <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h6/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5nokjnytiKTkI4Yo-2BV2Qx8yu-2BdzdSAfyAnGz2YhFU2hIQscLv4pxeeHi90pcaSZiTqseJNpJkGP0sMfta72FnQjnma38-2BzpCEtUlTfiBE9Ug7A2-2FF6Pz70fP9dqQSGGAVlhHq5OrD7Inae-2FY95wjWsf6cu01TCY6gJpyATwHH4A-2BeH7q0CUhIsNftTqqJmYobX0bVq-2B12V33CihMWun3AlBZyoAcmom5C3ZiD2sRV9ZX9xhiYv0w7lwhA-2B8AQmVnq8gby8xyt0sG1e4csxKxl29FcLRj9Ihfo1-2FmB2ktlN7j40uTJuACqu5u5POrr9yc8uR8-3D/TGWZ>
>>>> Participez au prochain Viral Open Space, un Forum social en ligne à travers le monde, 
>>>> - les 23 et 24 mai prochains -
>>>> Dans le contexte d'urgence et de confinement massif un groupe éclectique et ouvert de 15 pays différents a proposé un premier Espace ouvert viral intitulé "La Grande pause", le 29 et 30 mars derniers. Ce Forum social en ligne a accueilli une cinquantaine d'activités qui ont été proposées par des participant.e.s des quatre coins du monde, pour connecter et donner de la visibilité aux réponses citoyennes positives et créatives à la crise actuelle. 24h inspirantes et dynamisantes!
>>>> Suite au succès de cette première édition, nous sommes en route vers la deuxième! Les 23 et 24 mai prochains, le Viral Open Space proposera une nouvelle fois d'ouvrir et de renforcer des chemins multiples de solidarité créative. Il permettra de relier des personnes isolées, des voisins, groupes d'affinité et collectifs, des artistes, des réseaux sociaux (Facebook ou autre) créés pour faire face au Covid-19, des organisations non gouvernementales, des mouvements sociaux etc. autour du monde.
>>>> Vous êtes tous et toutes bienvenues à participer à l'événement ou à faire part de son collectif d'organisation ! https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h7/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUZRXy4wL4x8rwa1iUoRWoS4MNjXJey-2BEFVEj-2B-2BGpXBqVVWKYMzTM4bf8HUAM3pryKWTyxt-2BnMKQ0ge3A6n5IvWQkP7fOlhILZEDUsZbcjgIEyG2H9SorGKdKRThmrFC70LS2XU4GyV3tGrtRKfhNTQmjGQfPSwf-2FAw3BDhwnNlYKMIin9gm-2FjJLW0kVQBeGVTZ0MJG9KXRfmfbucBGZSWniEjCJIqZ0lo57eElk4ZUx9gBABjNcdgvz4smEzHykshMkd-2BrYHgKhVG-2BEGKtMC1hGvDl0Q9oKt0gt-2BjWckTfcmbGW6WBjlz-2BuwmjSUdaryLuKJQqP8mL9hrsCww-2FM43kM-3D/LQeI>
>>>> Contribuez au programme en toute liberté! Le programme VOS est construit par ses participant.e.s qui proposent leurs réponses citoyennes positives et créatives à la crise actuelle : Des espaces pour imaginer les futurs, des espaces de soutien et de partage créés dans le contexte du Covid-19, des activités artistiques, des hackathons, des cours, des activités sportives, partage de ressources, activités pour les enfants, etc. Cet évènement sera à votre image. Si vous vous reconnaissez comme participant.e dans le processus VOS tel qu’il est décrit dans notre Charte et souhaitez proposer une activité, vous pouvez remplir ce formulaire : https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h8/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgEfULWs79SIprNb-2BtW1FJ7bKaSoybYkscbClB2hFvYP-2Bn9RNr7bMNuCaZoVcBvEMlO9R6kvs9HaaIhqj2fnJfUQ6y1DQ3pg5buqhiZ5CaXigQJ9lIJ4ThYkrSglsJRn57tJtKdYnFn7TG3taYnYzT-2FBUCTLQqn3RJZofN-2BlSxnW8Vbp4qnIhqxc5YflvHout7S5kvZBBhDC6gpWLS3YNlBo2ZFqm25mCXPUCwZS2vMuPKLaXgrD20zqauz0EE-2FHAzurJ4Y2hteoaVudWBF8UtEcLnpaolhPR5LZjh-2ByDtfpPlHU9NCC3AO3no-2FOoc3-2F5jA-3D-3D/BKpw>
>>>> Vous pourrez également proposer bientôt une activité au prochain Viral Open Space qui aura lieu les 20-21 juin 2020!
>>>> Vous pouvez rejoindre le groupe Facebook “The Viral Open Space” pour construire ensemble cet événement inspirant : https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h9/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikmZvg18oT6-2FHOqgXCKp16wdt8rM-2BWh1otBa6tmQqxW1Y-2B1jKLDfeMitWTtz-2F0kfkzhOQZohJHsJjZ-2BnoUJcwqcEH7EsUirpBkOKS-2FLIEmfTD0h1lEPv-2FpxebNPun0hjfg1PzLtouRVFGItvIc58kNpMKMkw7XKUmcr9V-2FYgoTh5GhAIWLDLsiAAePDbRmpwuFEQL0KQgjQnSxH-2FPs7Zp90dKfOelMxKzEmv3Gr73Il5VkNOUgm7VeEv4aOOfqCKvm-2BB9abPHCYCykTcxsXcLehfJO1YF9t0bHwDTup-2BUdmLPp-2FbBWdJznieLvm8DOblIF/01gA>
>>>> Si vous souhaitez faire partie de l’équipe d’organisation de l’évènement, contactez-nous !
>>>> Nous espérons de tout cœur que d'une façon ou d'une autre, cet événement saura contribuer à faire que cette période difficile soit l’occasion pour une majorité d’entre nous de réaliser un pas important vers des sociétés plus respectueuses, plus humbles, plus résilientes, plus créatives et plus solidaires.
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h10/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5nokNjF0ZXzgCHCF5Wr5dBLagceiP6nG4u7B7mVIDdSGJdphqAvpbbPFhW6vCAfNDRPsvcxQNN97rxcAkSbyyKJeV-2Fk31s5fFFYQkNOt5YVb7ExfMC86Sl4NMpuAEyO-2BZx7Om6getQlkz9gh2Y1KemkG-2BnvaE89WTFtREaGwVxA47S2u-2B2RA9C5-2FbHbNsZ9hxtRC8QX90xQcxvWx-2BAGB44-2FQrt-2BB7jFq74LmVIe-2BuOnAp0Mr6UnS6GuUnJSjkzDQ8SETntvUTV4jwanR-2BTwpamCHfVRKVzgENKNIYYPXfMEUf10uSxhQCd5nNUo5rFm-2FeLPc-3D/QDBT>
>>>> Participa al próximo Viral Open Space, un Foro Social en Línea alrededor del mundo, 
>>>> - 23 y 24 de mayo de 2020 -
>>>> En el contexto actual de emergencia y confinamiento, un equipo ecléctico y abierto de personas de 15 países diferentes propuso un primer Viral Open Space titulado "La gran pausa" los días 29 y 30 de marzo. Este Foro Social digital acogió alrededor de 50 actividades propuestas por participantes de todo el mundo, para interconectar y dar visibilidad a las respuestas positivas y creativas de los ciudadanos frente a la crisis actual. ¡Fueron 24 horas inspirantes y energizantes!
>>>> Tras el éxito de esta primera edición, nos hemos puesto en camino hacia la segunda. Los proximos 23 y 24 de mayo, el Viral Open Space se propone una vez más abrir y fortalecer múltiples caminos de solidaridad creativa. Permitirá la conexión entre personas aisladas, vecinos, colectivos y grupos afines, artistas, redes sociales surgidas frente a las problemáticas causadas pour el Covid-19, organizaciones no gubernamentales, movimientos sociales, etc. del mundo entero.
>>>> ¡Todas y todos son bienvenidos a participar en el evento y formar parte de su colectivo de organización <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h11/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfh5VGdk4UOAqr5UKiXF9KkZ8GhDsXcxiVz-2B0Vfp6UviNWmgjfxZxaaNqZNgNACjx6ezyXk-2BlC-2F1LXyr7-2BrjFYuaXO89h9DifLGfAAKefRkN3nsHJCeOEZzKyT5j2VQJWUD51p9HDZIF7c7894bdAEIk3WTRRam9dZY4LvD0peCAP89q0AuRcYtQkiplP-2FKJVNIV9umOXjAmyAp24SVEUPqc536SYnvp0bcNXettnUMHTM84toUgXAGwt7vyAVvuMDRP5VyIouuJKGWGDF51oMHxIz4vxq-2BI455wN-2F8E27M1H7qutSn0iu5TPEnshXOtM3/AozK>!   
>>>> ¡Contribuye libremente al programa!
>>>> El programa del VOS lo construyen sus participantes, que aportan y proponen actividades para compartir sus respuestas ciudadanas positivas y creativas a la crisis actual: espacios para imaginar el futuro, espacios para apoyar y compartir surgidos en el contexto del Covid-19, actividades artísticas, hackathons, cursos, actividades deportivas, compartir recursos, actividades para niños, etc. Este evento será a su imagen y semejanza. Si te reconoces como participante en el proceso de VOS descrito en su Texto de intención y deseas proponer una actividad, haz click aquí : https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h12/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgMOif2XFPzOpIH-2BRzqaJw50ZgkhD4FlrvBfC7j43BA-2B-2BuEOUS2t3k6XNb0mWQlRRzNriEdSSTH8TUe-2FVuQMqnSCXtbOoVoEO6leEM51BmSqEVc75PKBPEfR7Ac-2FZlUi2ETNAfaMT9v5bay9NojLv5KrBcLD36O4TZA4YUqJr9MpJQZFVMghQ-2Bmb2O-2B-2BVckWQKkqD8cA-2FQMy0xWg-2F8fwg8WACMTlLxajXXXtqIuyzL9fShAeT8425zzE-2B3cae3hrA4XRTwn-2F98nxcSoznuRpAHrtXcb-2F5KKIRK4mpR6q4gUU6COQRW-2BH3zF3MNTWGFUBm-2BQ-3D-3D/bpUx>       
>>>> También podrás proponer pronto una actividad en el próximo Viral Open Space que será el 20-21 de junio 2020 !
>>>> Puedes unirte al grupo Facebook "The Viral Open Space" para construir junt at s este evento inspirante: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h13/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikk-2FOssnhxyj9Eb-2BJWgBkrM35zcmdUz8bQUZsq-2BukEwQ2o-2FzQm88IjyyKOqk2IJVBCR60GOCqaJh9YOscYD99J0XyYDhTJl-2BtvRlysy0E4vfxWfSe93PtJBT7OYRoAtkuNcMGz9h-2FL3BjiIaoIzEvyQSK8xn-2FpttMUg7bPaydkp2jBbZ8IgUAr5mJtTWGTixX4AMZdGNnQ-2FQDjU0Elj2HyGthrh8NBkMB4QTESSIz2pSq-2FG6E02AnWuc8uJnHC0jkj9VmSg9RJ-2F4RD2awmx6R3PK69LoE98xViOviKbLa1PniCYpDLgnM2Kax3duZND-2BFy/XgIJ>
>>>> Si deseas formar parte del equipo de organización, por favor contáctanos :
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h14/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUZRXy4wL4x8rwa1iUoRWoS4MNjXJey-2BEFVEj-2B-2BGpXBqVY8QR2dkpfoZbVSgDGnHypvwv0uAzlQdigrV7TUd-2BfDWC0rw8JiiTgFKCh1jbVrhd7w7pEIbgKM6xlGmD6-2FUKEklrcFhdom9tkkbt8hyBOEdxlhnK-2B7CdcTsz3l3LbObTzUxiROk1J7PoRIuvN-2B-2Fs5FqNE2fhaxeq4jciiQKnPfB5bxVR2Z67oxUH6KdKM4ldQxnaIhQEys5yPio3LyAkVgcA2X6Y9tURa8vmqu0c5qs7GpRdDXW-2F-2BAOLLhSqaQSJ35qxHZfHT4ctBafbeI5ER2BBlJAW5bVDXcTKf4DtgLeQ-2BprL2ATS-2BKnaWZ10NGqN/Y6oE>
>>>> Esperamos sinceramente que, de una manera u otra, este evento contribuya a hacer de este difícil período una oportunidad para que la mayoría de nosotr at s demos un paso importante hacia un a nueva sociedad más respetuosa, humilde, resiliente, creativa y solidaria.
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h15/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5nokz7DrMvm8X5pjO4naSaaM87qTMv-2FEwQCTgr9WC4D2Z-2FrP6mtejAD6LKU4mx0KcyrBXxNTWVxDqK-2BIz1h-2FWecLmmJhsZdiJL2WmJKywFqQzm3kUr2G96icUd6fAH3KmIXriD0iaEdwREPVszpBrh-2BhgQLWmLXVBnpGj1WO6xE5VuZbcW1MCsabIcdvoJiPgAOt708Y-2FMZ5CKjZBB4TTNIwLmwYkfurmd6PTIeQiBTusM4VARzbqvx2tIFmI5id1b9ujIZExBRlr8oQAQ0Nq6BwnuDWPJ9Ac9GX-2FzS0c3n3md-2BesEZRBrRFCbw1KPAqt3XY-3D/7lM9>
>>>> Participe do próximo Viral Open Space, um fórum social online em todo o mundo, 
>>>> 23 e 24 de maio 2020
>>>> No contexto de emergência e contenção maciça, um grupo eclético e aberto de 15 países diferentes propôs um primeiro espaço aberto viral, intitulado "A grande Pausa" , nos dias 29 e 30 de março . Este fórum social on-line hospedou cerca de cinquenta atividades propostas por participantes de todo o mundo, para conectar e dar visibilidade a respostas positivas e criativas da cidadania à crise atual. 24 horas inspiradoras e dinamizadoras!
>>>> Após o sucesso desta primeira edição, estamos a caminho da segunda! A 23 e 24 de maio, o Open Space Viral vai propor novamente abrir e reforçar vários caminhos de solidariedade criativa. Ele ligará pessoas isoladas, vizinhos, grupos de afinidade e coletivos, artistas, redes sociais (Facebook ou outras) criadas para lidar com o Covid-19, organizações não-governamentais, movimentos sociais, etc. ao redor do mundo.
>>>> Vocês são convidados a participar do evento ou a participar do coletivo organizador <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h16/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlf5-2FHVKTaY-2BJdEkQ-2FEAlRquRUceeO4rjlICifF4abIR44XQHnsKxGWqxx59vumVRP5sgKHvzIYMsFDkif2iFW63sMv9LcvAeIC046-2FxMYbDB1wG9wHplSfKZLgzeHIBvYGSdbUItkxp0UgHdeJXsM6ravxohzOcpPINGAfqT6EXjXwTd6aXBSo2fulFcylJ1jXx-2FxZ7w7NKcMsCbCDiSW4Td6IXK7TLNiAQtspKRu7cBQ9NXZq4sW-2B9mGOJFzvdhWlLGraIKGKeGXoqDp3vOzgSzBajAHU9qQ4506P9S9RWkA47edHNGHhE5tYUStu3znI/4ksH>! 
>>>> Contribua com o programa livremente! O programa VOS é construído por seus participantes que oferecem respostas positivas e criativas dos cidadãos à crise atual: espaços para imaginar os futuros, espaços de apoio e compartilhamento criados no contexto do Covid-19, atividades artísticas, hackathons, cursos, atividades esportivas, compartilhamento de recursos, atividades para crianças, etc. Este evento será na sua semelhança. O grupo de facilitação do VOS também oferecerá atividades que lhe permitirão se envolver um pouco, ou um pouco mais, na preparação do próximo VOS que acontecerá de 20 a 21 de junho 2020. Se você se reconhecer como participante do processo VOS, conforme descrito em nosso Texto de intenção do VOS, e desejar propor uma atividade, preencha este formulário: https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h17/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgHBmrsap6-2Fh52XK62QyR8f3yAQ9Ra6R0V-2F68sEsbuUC7p1-2BEl936LJdiUIVyo4-2FJrW2jg23UBRhNsXR7zkEW8HxTKCxRv2icFN7MY8CbRFaQOCSAncPJeGhk5nkXWEbyff2hzZzc7uoDMa40AR9R6MKpQQ3lHZzVHbY6YB3BOD0-2FGmTT7HKaHxU-2Bq5raD8yPw2lat2um98YUvYzcnU6RV1FAH1iAIyKUQU2fFdKN5c1meU9rsmv5CW-2FvQFgRXe6C3b8v51kWkANXrg-2BeH2f2Vr-2FV-2F75inSKd1od9iY6SUC8PAYcRTGk32e55ZXqFAR7A9A-3D-3D/Lbdr>
>>>> Você pode participar do grupo do Facebook “The Viral Open Space” para criar este evento inspirador juntos:https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h18/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikjYLaEw8KmpPqbiXViDGr7C0RHImMSybVMUa5r0dpQKbe18cRE3j80ro1Ux4-2BSwVnVJ1ZYETlfcbmG4BaI0r-2FyPjBlZEWIuqAu0n3hZdkO3ObADi713CG1XCmyEEDxgFvIpdjthobqMrt9LNjUBlXPyqcPzVzeRKV24Ed-2F35ghVzotmKvLQKIdeH53yw9AprpBwAcfn50EXdbL87euVndsLApelmiWzQhaH0nVVJdx2tdNKcZndRFa7gYm2BfLMsUqHfO3Upz452Z1iTz2rSgXHz6CMYmbvxXRv-2B4qyEkAH6i9NraCL6MJiHVmmijPrYT/xWhg>
>>>> Se você deseja fazer parte da equipe facilitadora do evento, entre em contato! https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h19/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfP8ShKb-2FwH0cmki6L98XS5g3D7vpP7-2Bb4M9TYZMvAI-2BMJH7GX-2FZd-2BafUL0vpa5M9-2BNF5ecYcVSIlNpBD1lmxDQPjg8aZ-2BtP3JoxVt-2FX1GNCrO4FNuETM2EdBXft1TeYfjbaCJsJowd9rF8f27Z9-2FheX7lGlO-2B-2FnclRBHTvk3RRp999Vb-2BlhEE-2FXIwEZ3-2BbRyI2sfPTNz5cU6UUD3XNJOo-2FsF7SkX-2BYEzBMrJqoeDFntJvDv8RaoBhbSTKXTQiEHvPJIYQmzWNyIj-2BgpfMPomNWEAgJp99dGg24RWSrX0pl9pDNr9JmTZC2zBvxBM0aiSu/emhs>
>>>> Esperamos sinceramente que, de uma maneira ou de outra, este evento ajude a tornar este período difícil uma oportunidade para a maioria de nós dar um passo importante em direção a sociedades mais respeitosas, mais humildes, mais resilientes, mais criativas e mais solidárias.
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h20/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5non2GPXAy0fdJloST9UDR8UZKp72RrSWcjl2RtgWDnUia36fzJjBslgYSOIFRdYVLi2d8i9yJQzEL5REVAxOA-2F23MXfXbF1uqHiyIPBTTTIu4qlAt-2F4YURUB9A0N1aevNELx9037o1gWBeGijyjnLtglaA4V5-2BB4xgENqw6gE8NQeC-2BoJY-2FAu8UNw-2B1Sy7uP1ZYas-2FaVoRolUBBZ3b7ZufNs-2BkdvopjPcKcAaJPJHVCMLTHmhPOzhvD4GwQ6srDndbfwM-2BpceS0I49LRSTf1tzDt1FkmSfUllH1X-2Fr9AQ387D0VK2miB-2FOGkY62YYBVpM6A-3D/3o7C>
>>>> Partecipa al prossimo Open Space Virale, un forum sociale online in tutto il mondo
>>>> - 23 e 24 maggio 2020 -
>>>> Nel contesto dell'emergenza e del contenimento di massa, un gruppo eclettico e aperto di 15 paesi diversi ha proposto un primo Virale Open Space intitolato "The Great Break" il 29 e 30 marzo. Questo Social Forum online ha ospitato circa 50 attività che sono state proposte da partecipanti provenienti da tutto il mondo, per connettere e dare visibilità alle risposte positive e creative dei cittadini alla crisi attuale. 24h stimolante ed energizzante!
>>>> Dopo il successo di questa prima edizione, siamo sulla buona strada per la seconda! Il 23 e 24 maggio, l'Open Space Virale si propone ancora una volta di aprire e rafforzare molteplici percorsi di solidarietà creativa. Collegherà persone isolate, vicini, gruppi di affinità e collettivi, artisti, social network (Facebook o altro) creati per trattare con Covid-19, organizzazioni non governative, movimenti sociali ecc. in tutto il mondo.
>>>> Siete tutti invitati a partecipare all'evento o a far parte del suo collettivo organizzatore!
>>>> Contribuisci al programma liberamente! 
>>>> Il programma VOS è costruito dai suoi partecipanti che propongono le loro risposte positive e creative alla crisi attuale: spazi per immaginare il futuro, spazi di sostegno e condivisione creati nel contesto di Covid-19, attività artistiche, hackathon, corsi, attività sportive, condivisione di risorse, attività per bambini, ecc. Questo evento sarà a vostra immagine e somiglianza. Se ti riconosci come partecipante al VOS processo come descritto nella nostra Carta e desideri proporre un'attività, puoi compilare questo modulo: https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837
>>>>  <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h21/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgODu-2F3FDrV8wbO5iIoZaiEy-2B9insovVSwRKybrc5szASo5nuEoGyeR-2FSDb1onWS-2FyegwOQD7SVupcCh4aQoLysuNVTJA3xsm0m5kNWW5evRMdddzjIRFc5CINejhgi1SC-2B2X7QPFvcrI3u5MhB9HJaJTV7nyHAQsmiK5P8B-2FcaRZwKJxm1c9uq52fVtAQtVjS9z93qyKjijNKxs3N6w-2FU-2B71nicWAdJYFGsvlzVMl-2BITBb4D9CMvzVguLgTn987hWbxFpYKn5uESwvgctrAYNkZRGemJEPATdSz4r8EKfhHogdaRzWdyyBpk8PFRWnd7nA-3D-3D/wq6t>
>>>> Il prossimo Viral Open Space si svolgerà il 20-21 giugno 2020!
>>>> Potete unirvi al gruppo di Facebook "The Viral Open Space" per costruire insieme questo evento ispiratore:
>>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h22/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikhPTHN3y18O6-2Bk5pxmGdqntWrQoZfIrW1jz71qj-2FR9Nd6-2FiCv7bqonVyMoGRg6J-2BkvMaTVx-2FDqfJl57wu0mwdpsBr-2BDrngzPq0oOxZFMc95TH40FMa6HXIjI9a0sDXZpxezVZKowJREl3Fv2p5LCbbBSpSiNkxiZ3KxGNpC6l3Qq2uWl8wpqIFUavjNuD5ZN5Dqa2iRYMdPIxoYRC-2BaZ7oAw8-2FmsX44xmeyawk-2FavefHOmFj3D7QWfSEjijCqxJ0SBTjEtxInS8ScFYdbvVK-2F8J-2BDPHmf4-2BVjgOJYuhzrzpJ-2B-2F6aCs6NXhlanQyQTwkvO/tOUm>
>>>> Se vuoi far parte del team di organizzazione dell'evento, contattaci:
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h23/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfdTz-2FkBb7APEHozpwIbj4OZTW9WQCoKa3imtspAsgabD8CYlDqRQwb4rL1Mic4GoEOt7rs9fDpn7BsM6Lht5v-2FrEuRyOwArbNb1pn7pibUwU9XdJD-2FatyqucAGjMyoFdfIcHKA3SV8viMUJVg7UxZUxVSsv7pYF2vObhWQ0hR-2FLEwfoFBd4SDD3RPBStxvQ9dB-2Fm0gbA6SszwfDM7zr4B5f6WyI2CULgcUgV06sibjZRW4mVU28-2BI2wUuuYzjCTBZQu8BTzp9mBVtNG9Sei37rMQqDDhjqZjZxrBAv8jFIrEz7WRyLj-2Fxh60WsPOMDRKc/UuWs>
>>>> Speriamo sinceramente che questo evento contribuisca, in un modo o nell'altro, a rendere questo difficile periodo un'opportunità per la maggior parte di noi di fare un passo importante verso società più rispettose, umili, resistenti, creative e solidali.
>>>> Nehmen Sie am nächsten Viral Open Space teil, ein Online-Sozialforum weltweit,
>>>> - am 23. und 24. Mai 2020 -
>>>> https://www.viralopenspace.net/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h24/ZVrVZaM8lZcusgW18QfIaHBW1O-2BQtcO81N68vgj9VK-2BelpSlHswBQgzO1a1QPbMGwzCAKVJSMVIXihLJqUwOl5gqvklxQUm8LYCJqeckYjabyOTAWDVE24oxRAjnsuq2xZMkca5BfcP0B2sEhegARD5gm3-2BuxyyJPa5uesbUq4yvJKTTuWrmtkXk6rJFIv6MEcpp-2Fyko7hpC7Ur2FAQ-2FUUfuxjILbmVUkNbtIooGRKL1Hd3UlZNr5kv1E7W3XJXm9A4cQ0mOcvblV5X078uzfdSl-2FM5ywhidhpklmcJfQg-2B3Sk0wXUzhDD7N4Txwq60zBvAltP1p2KYiwllfMJ8uD5kYBcHKfEFTr-2BXHnmYhFMQ-3D/BaPx>
>>>> Im Zusammenhang mit dem Ausnahmezustand und der massiven Einschließungen schlug eine eklektische und offene Gruppe aus 15 verschiedenen Ländern am 29. und 30. März einen ersten viralen Open Space mit dem Titel „Die groß(artig)e Pause“ vor. Dieses Online-Sozialforum umfasste rund 50 Aktivitäten, die von Teilnehmern aus der ganzen Welt vorgeschlagen wurden, um positive und kreative Bürgerreaktionen auf die aktuelle Krise zu verbinden und sichtbar zu machen. Ein inspirierendes und anregendes 24-Stunden-Programm!
>>>> Nach dem Erfolg dieser ersten Veranstaltung sind wir auf dem Weg zur zweiten! Am 23. und 24. Mai wird der Viral Open Space erneut vorschlagen, vielfältige Wege der kreativen Solidarität zu eröffnen und zu stärken. Es wird isolierte Menschen, Nachbarn, Affinitätsgruppen und -kollektive, Künstler, soziale Netzwerke (Facebook oder andere), die geschaffen wurden, um mit Covid-19, Nichtregierungsorganisationen, sozialen Bewegungen usw. auf der ganzen Welt in Kontakt zu treten, miteinander verbinden.
>>>> Sie sind alle willkommen, an der Veranstaltung teilzunehmen oder Teil des Organisationskollektivs zu sein!
>>>> Sie können gerne zum Programm beitragen! 
>>>> Das VOS-Programm wird von seinen Teilnehmern aufgebaut, die ihre positiven und kreativen bürgerlichen Antworten auf die aktuelle Krise vorschlagen: Räume, in denen man sich die Zukunft vorstellen kann, Räume für Unterstützung und Austausch, die im Rahmen von Covid-19 geschaffen wurden, künstlerische Aktivitäten, Hackathons, Kurse, sportliche Aktivitäten, gemeinsame Nutzung von Ressourcen, Aktivitäten für Kinder usw. Diese Veranstaltung wird nach dem von Ihnen gewünschten Bild stattfinden. Wenn Sie sich selbst als Teilnehmer an VOS-Prozess, wie in unserer Charta beschrieben, anerkennen und eine Aktivität vorschlagen möchten, können Sie dieses Formular ausfüllen: https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837 <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h25/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgAm-2Bitxyt4jujDhHD38K05FdViY8zNVRmEKZtnYR7iKLf160JAjtVABuRya7qUbo5fWlM-2BFe7rjJSuMCwWpTlR4WuUMCW78oglqQRmQBXZXT-2B6yaeQUTbFilZPGte4DnwP7CQCzh87vkbq3B-2FLFCMXW4fmuEVwl1GzotU0u-2B8k7ySTzM79c0a-2FCHl8WImQyhrRI8IcNseBk-2Bz0YLeF-2BEouDTxZYfSyxxMThoA7-2B2VmlmfkV3UNPvJhwVLyTYxdgvnEcNjVqAST4GYo30PCdgZ0dYXRESpvLbG98hMZUH89QMqPQYMprotpSaxcBF50oMBQ-3D-3D/FUQM>
>>>> Sie können der Facebook-Gruppe "The Viral Open Space" beitreten, um gemeinsam diese inspirierende Veranstaltung aufzubauen:
>>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h26/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikWTu8t-2BPMIqY7070N-2FfBo8PDD73oL39cD7dz-2F7br9rY6HVPGrqxOBsrbhsTgZtQ-2FoSqUS-2FA9UxdCP5bzSX9NBp8SOosf55AVuutaGyxoOB8Ab3yZ8Bihjk5N593F29igAPK3QMYPbU4-2F-2FGPEgpZCm4kcuYCjyIzc5kCjvSspPnhSSNDBctD-2BOlvyKI3uGKcI39C-2BB1MevJXrAGcgL3A-2BEVxQd3s-2BEJdrmz-2BArBYQnVVhiI0Gbyh3xz2efN6iRo2yLl26znmhzikpwH8GooeYaBzMbU6jMxX445jPqKMWCsiHHflFwjL-2BH5MMmEXaa0HgY/qQSQ>
>>>> Wenn Sie Teil des Organisationsteams der Veranstaltung sein möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte! https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/ <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h27/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfZz6LvMA3DqlxxoqWnZCJIvMUt9hBVb-2FAk-2BPEpYXPOt13xsfQd-2Fqe0LmG39QO4pUIWIrAIlqEs9NTiYvap-2F9VXwtJqzprC263sr5HuF8WM7spQaC2b4H5eew5yIjsMRj0UaAKzVyVNncUt2e41aKKDveXXeqnhFYByNXKNQLQxCbFNhzNrzQECjiS8fq5Fg5oYaPTubDF7W-2B4uxleTv-2Bs-2B7c18-2BnWtE1IS5glMx-2BkC5ETKaB7NRlY-2B492XO8tYueLo2bKt-2BPt4ApG9FfemKN4HMbqM8GB5RYN3AAYwxh3GiP8rR5cb4fOGNQF4Shp6lr2/swFU>
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> On May 13, 2020, at 12:52 PM, Jai Sen <jai.sen at cacim.net> wrote:
> Wednesday, May 13, 2020
> Hi Matt
>             I am absolutely thrilled that you have decided to awake from your role as a sleeper on this list and to come in like this !  What music !  And not, absolutely, because you end up supporting my proposal, but because of what you say here, that engages so critically with our present moment and that – I believe – thereby carries Gus’s valuable intervention forward, and builds on it, in the spirit of what he has said.  Thank you !
>             And thank you for accepting my invitation !
>             In case anyone who is reading this note has not yet read Matt’s note, please do so.  There’s so much he has said, and there are so many windows he has opened…  And so please, sleepers of the world, come in ! :-)
>             In celebration of things possible !
>             Jai
> PS : I am copying back in here certain people who were on the earlier posts and are not list members (and so will not otherwise see Matt’s response).  So if you’re replying / coming in, please do Reply All.
>> On May 13, 2020, at 8:05 AM, Matt York via WSM-Discuss <wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net <mailto:wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net>> wrote:
>> Hi there, 
>> I’ve been mostly a silent ‘observer’ of this group for the last couple of years.  The topics discussed here have been highly relevant to my PhD research and I am therefore very grateful for a wonderful learning experience.  But as Jai has explicitly asked for some new blood to contribute to this discussion I thought it might be a good time to ‘pay my dues’ and actually say something!
>> To begin with, I fully agree with Gustave Massiah’s assertion that the strategic debate should focus on ‘the nature of power and of the transition’.  And that we must keep as central the key question that he poses: How to go beyond the strategy adopted since the first international – ‘building a party, to conquer the state, to change society’.  And it is here where political organisations like the Progressive International (PI) in my view continue to fail in learning the lessons of the previous centuries – that the free society will not be imagined by vanguard intellectuals and politicians.  It must/can only be (co)imagined in common with those who will constitute it. 
>> Back in 1898, twenty years prior to the October Revolution, Élisée Reclus prophetically warned his ‘revolutionary friends’ in Russia of the dangers of conquering state power and in turn adopting the very tools of domination that their revolution was seeking to displace:  ‘If the socialists become our masters, they will certainly proceed in the same manner as their predecessors...  Once they have power, they will not fail to use it, if only under the illusion or pretense that this force will be rendered useless as all obstacles are swept away and all hostile elements destroyed.  The world is full of such ambitious and naïve persons who live with the illusory hope of transforming society through their exceptional capacity to command’.  And I believe the words of Reclus are as pertinent now as they were then, maybe even more so.
>> It also concerns me that one central purpose of the PI website is to develop a ‘blueprint’ for the new society.  Again – seriously?  Have we learned nothing?  And although an effort has clearly been made by PI to assemble a proportionate representation of participants from both the global South and North, it appears to be firmly grounded in a northern/western onto-epistemology.  So business as usual then!  There is no evidence of any cognizance, let alone active attempt to redress, the epistemicide that has been inflicted upon the South. 
>> And it is here where it seems clear the WSF has a unique and essential role to play.  The dialogical spaces of the WSF and experiments in operationalising a genuine epistemic diversity in the pursuit of an emancipatory ‘cosmopolitan ecology of knowledges’ must not be forgotten or lost to history.  Ultimately, for radical social change to be realised not through taking power, but through making/transforming power, such constituent imagination remains necessary at both local and global levels.  So rather than the tragedy of pursuing blueprint utopias (as I’m amazed to see contemporary organisations such as PI continuing to do) I see in the WSF the possibility to develop a mode of praxis that simultaneously imagines futures which realign movement trajectory and that grounds itself in present moment realities – an imaginative/responsive ongoing process, rather than reverting to default capitalistic, patriarchal, racist or anthropocentric modes of reproduction (as we always seem to end up doing).  I would further argue that such processes might even provide a means for sustaining free society on an ongoing basis in the absence of domination – so the means and the end.  Why not?
>> But a process it must remain.  I agree that the WSF charter of principles is a visionary document, with nuanced wisdom captured within it to be protected.  But unless it remains a living evolving document or set of principles it will become merely a historic document frozen in time.  And surely by concretising these principles the WSF becomes an institution rather than a process, and well – we all know how that goes! 
>> In our current historical moment the global COVID-19 pandemic has acted to temporarily decelerate linear time and make clear an immanence usually obscured by the disorienting pace of modern capitalist society.  We are witnessing forgotten social solidarities reconstituted and mutual aid groups formed spontaneously in countless communities across the planet (and joining the ones that never went away) - opening spaces for new collective visions to reimagine our world(s).  And so before these affective currents are redirected and repackaged as patriotisms and nationalisms, or indeed co-opted by our ‘leaders of the left’ to win state power for their own political projects, our task must be to strengthen and expand them into pockets of free society, and then to link them.  Just as the 2008 financial collapse played an animating role in the wave of global protest in 2011, so too must we now rediscover a radical solidarity borne of the deep commons.  And as Jai points out – if not the WSF, then who?  And if not now, when?  
>> I therefore think Jai’s proposals are sound and would back them.  But I look forward to also hearing what other experienced members of the group have to add to the discussion.  And I really hope it kick-starts a rejuvenation of the process started twenty years ago.  I’m in!
>> In solidarity,
>> Matt
>> -- 
>> Securely sent with Tutanota. 



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