[WSMDiscuss] COVID-19: No Country for Ramkumars! The Ongoing Huge Planned Mistreatment of Migrant Workers!

Sukla Sen sukla.sen at gmail.com
Wed May 20 08:24:56 CEST 2020

The true face of the planned and grotesque mistreatment of migrant workers
in the failed fiendish attempt to keep captive armies of reserved (unpaid)
labour at the service of local capitals taking into account their possible
future requirements.

That's the New India!
Sans homilies.

<<Yadav’s photograph illustrates the anguish of millions of migrant
labourers in India who are desperate to get home to their families. After
waiting in vain for the government to provide them with transport
(belatedly some trains are now being laid on for them) they have embarked
on astonishing odysseys, from cities all over the country, journeys that
have left Indians transfixed and distressed.

Whether by truck, bicycle, auto-rickshaw or on foot, they have been heading
out under their own steam, some making journeys of nearly 1,000 km to reach
home. Hunger, thirst, and the scorching heat of the Indian summer are
slowing them down. Some have died of exhaustion and sunstroke. Last week a
group of 16 who fell asleep on a railway line they had believed was not
being used were killed by a goods train.>>

(Ref.: <

As of now, about two hundred have lost lives on the way!

<<The researchers noted that (between March 24 and May 18) a total of 1,236
crashes took place during the lock down. The incidents led to 423 deaths
and 833 injures. Of these 158 deceased and 607 injured were migrants

(Ref.: <

Evidently, this doesn't count those who have died of sheer hunger and

And what a cruel heartless tamasha is right now being enacted by the UP
Buses are lined up to carry migrants back home with permission and all
Yet not allowed to cross into UP.
On top of that, the main organisers are booked under various charges and
Quite incredible!

(Ref.: <
Also: <


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