[WSMDiscuss] Need Help: Evidence for NGOs Addressing Systemic Gaps During COVID Crisis

Surabhi Yadav s at navgurukul.org
Wed May 20 23:52:48 CEST 2020

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working as a freelance writer and as a volunteer
supporting domestic violence survivors.

I am working on a longform article highling ways in which NGOs and
citizen-led initiatives are leading the way in managing COVID crisis and
the repercussions of lockdown in India.

The evidence for immediate relief measures is overwhelming.

*I now need more comprehensive evidence for CSOs and citizen-led
initiatives that are bridging the systemic needs. *Especially if you know
of organisations/initiatives which are not often mentioned in mainstream
media or do not have active presence on the Internet and social media.

Examples of systemic needs would include:  creating an ecosystem to enable
collaboration between varied stakeholders, creating a support pipeline for
the extremely vulnerable population, creating alternative economic or
social systems that challenge robust status quo like capitalism, making
healthcare more accessible, ensuring social security of the migrant
workers, addressing rise in unemployment in the informal sector,  finding
ways to address the accessibility of information to remote areas,

If you can contribute towards this evidence, please fill this form

Also, as I request for your time and energy, I would like to give you a
heads-up that as a freelancer I can't guarantee that the work would be
published in a mainstream platform. I can assure you I will give my best
shot at this :)

Appreciate your help.

Surabhi Yadav
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