[WSMDiscuss] World Social Forum: Pre-call to movements

Carminda Mac Lorin carminda.maclorin at katalizo.org
Fri May 22 01:17:38 CEST 2020

Dear friends,

Here is the info about the activity that will occur on Saturday :
Looking ahead : Revisiting the World Social Forum

Description: To critically discuss the future of the World Social Forum,
including looking ahead to the proposed WSF event in Mexico in 2021

Date: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Time: Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm — Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm — Tokyo/Seul :
12am-2am – Check your local time

Online meeting link: https://join.skype.com/Byo9l2qwBfES

Here is the link to the activity in the Viral Open Space program :

All welcome also to wonder around the event :)

In solidarity,


Le jeu. 21 mai 2020 à 5:19 PM, Francine Mestrum <mestrum at skynet.be> a
écrit :

> OK Jai, I will join the call.
> Someone will send the technical details?
> Francine
> Op 14/05/2020 om 22:58 schreef Jai Sen:
> Thursday, May 14, 2020
> Dear Carminda, greetings all
>             Thanks for this.  I apologise for suggesting that you set up
> the meeting, I momentarily lost sight of the fact that you’re busy with
> your thesis !  I also accept that even if it was you who proposed that we
> meet on VOS, I – since I welcomed that - at least share responsibility for
> setting it up.
>             Given this, and because time is short and time slots are
> difficult to get, I’ve gone ahead and proposed the meeting myself, as
> below.  (I hope that all those interested are okay with the title and the
> description I've given.  Nothing fancy; I decided to keep it business-like.)
> As all those who are interested in taking part will see though, the time
> Carminda said was available when she wrote, May 23 9-11 Montreal time /
> EST, is / was no longer available when I went up to the VOS site.  But then
> I thought that given that we have relatively few people on this list in
> East Asia and beyond, but we do have people on the west coast of Turtle
> Island / North America, the next slot available is also in any case
> better; and so I’ve chosen / requested :
> Time : Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm --- Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm --- Tokyo/Seul
> : 12am-2am
>             So we now have to wait until we hear back from the organisers
> of the VOS as to whether our proposal has been accepted and we have got the
> time space we want.  I will confirm.
>             And the other thing is : *Please note that everyone who is
> taking part has to have Skype on their computers (or phones)*.
>             Last point : I think I should make clear that I think it only
> makes sense to have this meeting if there is a minimum of 7-8 people (from
> this list and those on cc here) who are interested in taking part.  There’s
> no point just 2-3 people meeting up and talking.  *An open request
> therefore : That all those interested in taking part in this discussion
> (hopefully on May 23, from 11-1 pm EST) should please reply on this list
> well before that date, affirming your interest*.  Please respond and
> affirm by May 20, latest. We can then decide whether we’re going ahead or
> not.
>             In addition, *I’d like to request all those interested in
> this issue to please also come in with your views on my proposal* (and on
> which Matt York has already commented).
>             So that we can have some idea of where people stand on the
> issues before us (which, I've suggested, are covered well by Gustave
> Massiah’s note that I posted), and can accordingly put together some kind
> of agenda, based on the views expressed.
>             Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome !
>             Thanks
>             Jai
> Title of the activity : Looking ahead : Revisiting the World Social Forum
> Description : To critically discuss the future of the World Social Forum,
> including looking ahead to the proposed next meeting in Mexico in 2021
> Time : Montreal/Caracas 11am-1pm --- Paris/Maputo : 5pm-7pm --- Tokyo/Seul
> : 12am-2am
> Type of activity : Discussion
> Participants : Adults – or ‘Specific Group’ ?
> Number of people expected : 20
> Languages : English / French / Spanish / Portuguese
> Link for your activity : https://join.skype.com/Byo9l2qwBfES
> Name and link of the collective/group/organization that proposes the
> activity (if applicable) : World Social Movement Discuss
> On May 13, 2020, at 11:36 PM, Carminda Mac Lorin <
> carminda.maclorin at katalizo.org> wrote:
> Dear Jai (and friends),
> Thanks a lot for nourrishing the conversation. I'm sorry I haven't had yet
> the time to read the different contributions of the last days, but I saw
> that you are suggesting me to inscribe an activity in the Viral Open Space
> (Ole, the VOS cannot inscribe specific activities, according to its *Intention
> Text* : https://www.viralopenspace.net/fr/intention/). Sadly I can't do
> anything beside my thesis before next week.
> Jai, would you please accept to fill this form and propose it yourself?
> https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837
> I really believe that as you started the conversation and have followed
> the different messages, you would be better than me to formulate the title
> and description of the activity.
> Finding a convinient moment for the different continents is always the
> complicated part... The Viral Open Space takes place during 24h to try to
> allow participation from all around the world. There is an opening moment
> on May 23 from 9am to 11am Montreal / 3pm to 5pm Paris and we propose many
> slots for self-managed activities. If none of those are convinent, please
> feel free to chose the time slot just before of after the event, it will
> still appear in the program.
> All the best!
> Carminda
> PS. You will find the invitation to the Viral Open Space below in
> different languages. Please feel free to share the information in your
> networks.
> *English below / Français ci-dessous / Español abajo / Italiano sotto /
> Português abaixo / Deutsches Gebrüll*
> www.viralopenspace.net
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h0/ZVrVZaM8lZcusgW18QfIaHBW1O-2BQtcO81N68vgj9VK-2BdoEC1zVtDkdtzomwgV88pDAsIEijSUPYC2ADq3M548mwmb185aubhSMyPInTdPQcZlE57qZNzIpVnE5xP5MtiHaXeaMbCww79u9sVzGYarNKjcuRK5JF-2BH0eZP71-2F41GGtuCloDSlTBbv74jJlOE0m9GV5KEL3pKcnVQuwkAKxIb1EvhJ-2FzRuJYsdIPB-2Fe74GZlobazmOfTggN0qdlR2-2FLyj0wcfjN13Zyo6DxHFZ68ax-2BDmQu2DMhTTxTqIuNKmKE3GvY7UteAklgGqbuDEElp6bd3N2h9MeRPw-2FLYd2egU1NOu-2BNRrCYVyqq56LLw0-3D/Zkp->
> *https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/*
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h1/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikvTFeR7ogGAIS-2BxaLCbFtoarngc-2B-2FCtwqY-2BLsrCNPS7pReHH-2FrnypHCxZ2VDkErbEn7goYQ8oUN6aO40HcSkuE257xQq61KPspJBWeaPvDcxkD8I037jn6z3m1dqbN0WfyM9dBRDP58EI87Te6iVWa2HOX2V9jn8HvJyz5oxLj1Ki5Ge3qMuiGpE3HYey0shnCpdUeWR6QsD9zf9Hs48Wdrgi-2B4F-2BuQGnnPMqZUmDO-2FdJJYILDHVD3EOwUw6Q5B8EMbp2iWEQPVDYOLAgVTB7s87NFGJLxcTOs5TO9t-2BeF7iJTGPgi5hRYGdLa6Btqz95/EaQe>
> ------------------------------
> *Take part in the next Viral Open Space, an online social forum around the
> world, *
> *- May 23 and 24, 2020 - *
> In the context of emergency and massive lockdown, an eclectic and open
> group from 15 different countries proposed a first viral open space
> entitled "The Great Pause", on March 29 and 30 . This online social forum
> hosted around fifty activities which were proposed by participants from all
> over the world, to connect and give visibility to positive and creative
> citizen responses to the current crisis. 24 hours inspiring and energizing!
> Following the success of this first edition, we are on our way to the
> second! *On May **23 and 24, the Viral Open Space propose again to open
> and reinforce multiple paths for creative solidarity. *It will link
> isolated people, neighbors, affinity and collective groups, artists, social
> networks (Facebook or other) created to cope with Covid-19,
> non-governmental organizations, social movements, etc. around the world.
> You are all welcome to participate in the event or to join the organizing
> collective
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h2/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfCVOD-2BK0jNMjE-2BS3KUWygybzBKgK1VBg6BLwSqz2v-2Fh8IhSA5y-2B31LiSRwh-2Bu-2FLRHuFkN7wMWBw3VrxRmSELq5oSwDGbIHqt65fq2-2BpuLPLqo5vfb1hJA241A4OMAXe9l6T0tLHC383qPzTDo8w-2FemhnDCZjfu9P-2FTSNSaDBVSsnCgPBQyeRshmaLgVHeheMFg26Ei1Ddd6rtABM-2F2dxxdqrB5c5Aif73hQPLgxLt9IpndTjmSHAJyING50m5dLvpV1VNAj0rpd69FwEXNfAb93sd8vhsQBOmPHH-2F9LrXKzSZRB0wGQ4Tzpe6iMzjpxHA/4eqb>!
> *Contribute to the program freely! *
> *The VOS program is built by its participants who offer their** positive
> and creative citizen responses to the current crisis: *Spaces to imagine
> some futures, spaces for support and sharing created in the context of
> Covid-19, artistic activities, hackathons, courses, sports activities,
> resource sharing, activities for children, etc. This event will be to your
> semblance. The VOS facilitation group will also offer activities inviting
> you to come and get involved a little, or a little more, in the preparation
> of the next VOS. If you acknowledge yourself as a participant in the VOS
> process, as described in our VOS Text of Intent, and wish to propose an
> activity, you can fill out this form:
> https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h3/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgPRsLGswcn1k7Cy1W4y9eFGBVKXh4NF038OrhT6vSFsv46rsF9SqgEvUdwQFjg-2FwBLbMkZyAz0IA4kb45ywxlNG8Ee-2F4s0-2BKyYdVUDd7s0vvBqbGFHSlR4z6E8zo1h-2Fq7xGSq3vkE6p-2FbkYyQDRJlU8kwOW1aod2siKb-2F8jgZOtbXVzFyYYQlJgofa-2FlVikLyLz1D8R2feEtSSzpfCIIxD-2Bs-2BDFsp-2BZL9gXMjLD-2BSlzeW7fccQzhxmnMpukWUn5H0Ehvc1zMVBwjoEukl79spJ2R4Rl61Txg93yy9jKQt5QXHhJOwTjaWteTZZtA8d-2BllA-3D-3D/MQSP>
> You can also start preparing your activities for *the next Viral Open
> Space that will occur on June 20-21, 2020* !
> You can join the Facebook group “The Viral Open Space” to build this
> inspiring event together:
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h4/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQik8ZF-2B0gTMtYgHFjZCO0G2h14gjnFqkqgZ1Rhqcc3QfdDiqNECMbQ8By8sIOKhJpeMIqn3c-2BmMzppDiQEXOZR7f8FPA8d0dvjDuldlg-2FWtHj-2FDgB4FqhTYPbaeQmnD0PFHHAcmp0-2FjnAG26ASraUfOty2pg5sl0vYIUzXSqOUZBZpOUbyMDI-2FXQH0OkFMhoEjnHMMGQ5JIgkjIXUxKJhrIK3519MTr6-2FFlCv3iaZwBm0yPujV-2FfWhdkqrBJlZTu-2FKVa1M7q8J2rb5U70svmTkQ5IwrhoF1AntNa7IWqaEB-2FkFf0GxSKaYPhT-2Fegz0-2FplgM/fusK>
> If you would like to be part of the event facilitating team, contact us!
> https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h5/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQulNsndlvlfr7kcFwjQvrTBZXO-2BtYaW-2F5TdojEFv-2F-2FNgR1Mhn9bL9tsW1p0yM5qf3uNOisjcGrFqGu60MivFGJIXEagFjcZrrbYNuLocCCLJkvWB2H7q5-2F1tPLzZOunCcdKJRPH-2FSLM5PEzz4K3rMnvLrtZBDnJvNKf4WwWwsuaemLEIledvCtjx0-2FMoBhpvQik-2BgpjVJOc89U0q8fl6WkBSYrJrqcRSMbbBQODof8x92pjDuWhx8MwzRdl4cyWEdTa2xj9WT13U4kvfAKJ4xoRZiv5JUgEpAGBqeAu27sCvU3RQzvkaRltuWoYyMZ7VMwkteqFBXn2/WZIY>
> *We sincerely hope that in one way or another, this event will help to
> make this difficult period an opportunity for the majority of us to take an
> important step towards societies that are more respectful, more humble,
> more resilient, more creative and with more solidarity*.
> ------------------------------
> https://www.viralopenspace.net/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h6/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5nokjnytiKTkI4Yo-2BV2Qx8yu-2BdzdSAfyAnGz2YhFU2hIQscLv4pxeeHi90pcaSZiTqseJNpJkGP0sMfta72FnQjnma38-2BzpCEtUlTfiBE9Ug7A2-2FF6Pz70fP9dqQSGGAVlhHq5OrD7Inae-2FY95wjWsf6cu01TCY6gJpyATwHH4A-2BeH7q0CUhIsNftTqqJmYobX0bVq-2B12V33CihMWun3AlBZyoAcmom5C3ZiD2sRV9ZX9xhiYv0w7lwhA-2B8AQmVnq8gby8xyt0sG1e4csxKxl29FcLRj9Ihfo1-2FmB2ktlN7j40uTJuACqu5u5POrr9yc8uR8-3D/TGWZ>
> *Participez au prochain Viral Open Space, **un Forum social en ligne à
> travers le monde, *
> *- les 23 et 24 mai prochains -*
> Dans le contexte d'urgence et de confinement massif un groupe éclectique
> et ouvert de 15 pays différents a proposé un premier Espace ouvert viral
> intitulé "La Grande pause", le 29 et 30 mars derniers. Ce Forum social en
> ligne a accueilli une cinquantaine d'activités qui ont été proposées par
> des participant.e.s des quatre coins du monde, pour connecter et donner de
> la visibilité aux réponses citoyennes positives et créatives à la crise
> actuelle. 24h inspirantes et dynamisantes!
> Suite au succès de cette première édition, nous sommes en route vers la
> deuxième! *Les **23 et 24 mai prochains, le Viral Open Space proposera
> une nouvelle fois d'ouvrir et de renforcer des chemins multiples de
> solidarité créative.* Il permettra de relier des personnes isolées, des
> voisins, groupes d'affinité et collectifs, des artistes, des réseaux
> sociaux (Facebook ou autre) créés pour faire face au Covid-19, des
> organisations non gouvernementales, des mouvements sociaux etc. autour du
> monde.
> Vous êtes tous et toutes bienvenues à participer à l'événement ou à faire
> part de son collectif d'organisation !
> https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/contact/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h7/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUZRXy4wL4x8rwa1iUoRWoS4MNjXJey-2BEFVEj-2B-2BGpXBqVVWKYMzTM4bf8HUAM3pryKWTyxt-2BnMKQ0ge3A6n5IvWQkP7fOlhILZEDUsZbcjgIEyG2H9SorGKdKRThmrFC70LS2XU4GyV3tGrtRKfhNTQmjGQfPSwf-2FAw3BDhwnNlYKMIin9gm-2FjJLW0kVQBeGVTZ0MJG9KXRfmfbucBGZSWniEjCJIqZ0lo57eElk4ZUx9gBABjNcdgvz4smEzHykshMkd-2BrYHgKhVG-2BEGKtMC1hGvDl0Q9oKt0gt-2BjWckTfcmbGW6WBjlz-2BuwmjSUdaryLuKJQqP8mL9hrsCww-2FM43kM-3D/LQeI>
> *Contribuez au programme en toute liberté! *Le programme VOS est
> construit par ses participant.e.s qui proposent leurs réponses citoyennes
> positives et créatives à la crise actuelle : Des espaces pour imaginer les
> futurs, des espaces de soutien et de partage créés dans le contexte du
> Covid-19, des activités artistiques, des hackathons, des cours, des
> activités sportives, partage de ressources, activités pour les enfants,
> etc. Cet évènement sera à votre image. Si vous vous reconnaissez comme
> participant.e dans le processus VOS tel qu’il est décrit dans notre Charte
> et souhaitez proposer une activité, vous pouvez remplir ce formulaire :
> https://framaforms.org/viral-open-space-052020-1588975837
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h8/AY1HIVbI90-2FJsfggjZGoOzho1xJB2CQGLVIeCGcACYauJLudLk7zX0MO2Lk79-2BvqnAhdZ8z6cKBt0pVUK9UfgEfULWs79SIprNb-2BtW1FJ7bKaSoybYkscbClB2hFvYP-2Bn9RNr7bMNuCaZoVcBvEMlO9R6kvs9HaaIhqj2fnJfUQ6y1DQ3pg5buqhiZ5CaXigQJ9lIJ4ThYkrSglsJRn57tJtKdYnFn7TG3taYnYzT-2FBUCTLQqn3RJZofN-2BlSxnW8Vbp4qnIhqxc5YflvHout7S5kvZBBhDC6gpWLS3YNlBo2ZFqm25mCXPUCwZS2vMuPKLaXgrD20zqauz0EE-2FHAzurJ4Y2hteoaVudWBF8UtEcLnpaolhPR5LZjh-2ByDtfpPlHU9NCC3AO3no-2FOoc3-2F5jA-3D-3D/BKpw>
> *Vous pourrez également proposer bientôt une activité au prochain Viral
> Open Space qui aura lieu les 20-21 juin 2020!*
> Vous pouvez rejoindre le groupe Facebook “The Viral Open Space” pour
> construire ensemble cet événement inspirant :
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/theviralopenspace/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h9/Nejq3qQQ6Jn1R8HM5bnp8EYFM8M6QKbmSdDqNIXsgpxwUFvFqwZcaDOSfaQyoQikmZvg18oT6-2FHOqgXCKp16wdt8rM-2BWh1otBa6tmQqxW1Y-2B1jKLDfeMitWTtz-2F0kfkzhOQZohJHsJjZ-2BnoUJcwqcEH7EsUirpBkOKS-2FLIEmfTD0h1lEPv-2FpxebNPun0hjfg1PzLtouRVFGItvIc58kNpMKMkw7XKUmcr9V-2FYgoTh5GhAIWLDLsiAAePDbRmpwuFEQL0KQgjQnSxH-2FPs7Zp90dKfOelMxKzEmv3Gr73Il5VkNOUgm7VeEv4aOOfqCKvm-2BB9abPHCYCykTcxsXcLehfJO1YF9t0bHwDTup-2BUdmLPp-2FbBWdJznieLvm8DOblIF/01gA>
> *Si vous souhaitez faire partie de l’équipe d’organisation de l’évènement,
> contactez-nous ! *
> *Nous espérons de tout cœur que d'une façon ou d'une autre, cet événement
> saura contribuer à faire que cette période difficile soit l’occasion pour
> une majorité d’entre nous de réaliser un pas important vers des sociétés
> plus respectueuses, plus humbles, plus résilientes, plus créatives et plus
> solidaires.*
> ------------------------------
> https://www.viralopenspace.net/
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h10/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVSY4uRq5SnSNSYkGnP5nokNjF0ZXzgCHCF5Wr5dBLagceiP6nG4u7B7mVIDdSGJdphqAvpbbPFhW6vCAfNDRPsvcxQNN97rxcAkSbyyKJeV-2Fk31s5fFFYQkNOt5YVb7ExfMC86Sl4NMpuAEyO-2BZx7Om6getQlkz9gh2Y1KemkG-2BnvaE89WTFtREaGwVxA47S2u-2B2RA9C5-2FbHbNsZ9hxtRC8QX90xQcxvWx-2BAGB44-2FQrt-2BB7jFq74LmVIe-2BuOnAp0Mr6UnS6GuUnJSjkzDQ8SETntvUTV4jwanR-2BTwpamCHfVRKVzgENKNIYYPXfMEUf10uSxhQCd5nNUo5rFm-2FeLPc-3D/QDBT>
> *Participa al próximo Viral Open Space, un Foro Social en Línea alrededor
> del mundo, *
> *- 23 y 24 de mayo de 2020 -*
> En el contexto actual de emergencia y confinamiento, un equipo ecléctico y
> abierto de personas de 15 países diferentes propuso un primer Viral Open
> Space titulado "La gran pausa" los días 29 y 30 de marzo. Este Foro Social
> digital acogió alrededor de 50 actividades propuestas por participantes de
> todo el mundo, para interconectar y dar visibilidad a las respuestas
> positivas y creativas de los ciudadanos frente a la crisis actual. ¡Fueron
> 24 horas inspirantes y energizantes!
> Tras el éxito de esta primera edición, nos hemos puesto en camino hacia la
> segunda. *Los proximos 23 y 24 de mayo, el Viral Open Space se propone
> una vez más abrir y fortalecer múltiples caminos de solidaridad creativa*.
> Permitirá la conexión entre personas aisladas, vecinos, colectivos y grupos
> afines, artistas, redes sociales surgidas frente a las problemáticas
> causadas pour el Covid-19, organizaciones no gubernamentales, movimientos
> sociales, etc. del mundo entero.
> *¡Todas y todos son bienvenidos a participar en el evento y <a
> href="https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h11/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQ
> <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/mps2/c/-QA/ni0YAA/t.31p/jx0-2U4IRcWVlC8SCsXs7Q/h11/X-2BeE2hXcNib3qZAiR5NNUVNoM6AnHhsY7kfHjtOVKG-2Br1YL2kfD5aQ>*
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