[WSMDiscuss] Invitation ::: Degrowth Vienna 2020 conference - register now

Ulrich Brand ulrich.brand at univie.ac.at
Sun May 24 09:24:30 CEST 2020

Hope the see you there.
Best, Uli Brand

Dear all!

The *Degrowth Vienna 2020 conference* will take place from *May 29th to 
June first online*. We've worked full time to transfer the sessions, 
workshops & cultural program online, find here the preliminary program 
that is constantly being updated 

Only two more weeks to come and we will beworking togetheron our 
strategies for the social-ecological transformation with many 
international guests and exciting movements!

*Register now:* 

Here you'll find the FAQ's 

Iris Frey
Degrowth Vienna 2020 Orga Team
c/o Institut für Soziale Ökologie
Schottenfeldgasse 29, 1070 Wien

Mobil: +43 677 61 40 69 13
Web: degrowthvienna2020.org <https://www.degrowthvienna2020.org>


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