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Dear all,

OpenDemocracy did a series of articles under their 'project'
Transformation. Here is a comprehensive summary by the Project Editor
Michael Edward. Read the full article here

Link to all 30 articles in the series pasted below.


Is there a role for NGOs in the transformation of society?

In the last five years we’ve published 30 articles on NGOs and social
change. What do they reveal?
Michael Edward <https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/author/michael-edwards/>  21
May 2020 |

Over the last 40 years NGOs have played increasing roles in lobbying and
advocacy, the delivery of welfare, and humanitarian assistance, but can
they also be a force for deep-rooted social transformation? That’s the
question that activists and thinkers have been exploring on this site over
the last five years, so I thought it would be useful to gather all their
articles together
<https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/tagged/ngos-and-social-transformation/> in
one place and reflect on their conclusions.

Taken together, the series provides a great deal of rich material for
anyone interested in the links between organizational transformation and
the transformation of society as a whole. To achieve their stated goals of
abolishing poverty, curbing inequality, ending injustice and addressing the
climate emergency, NGOs will have to accept a smaller role in a larger
system, since that is the only way that enough pressure for change can be
mobilized and exerted. For the same reason, power and resources must be
shared widely and diffused throughout society, placing people, not
intermediaries, at the center of decision-making. There will be a price to
pay in terms of organizational change and downsizing which must be
carefully prepared for and managed. But the benefits, in terms of the
potential for deep-rooted social change, will be huge.

*What’s to be done with Oxfam*
By Michael Edwards*

*Five disempowering traits that international NGOs must drop*
by Irũngũ Houghton*

*Are INGOs ready to give up power?*
Deborah Doane*

*The inconvenient truth about foreign aid*
by David Sogge*

*Could NGOs flourish in a future without foreign aid?*
Michael Edwards*

*Healing solidarity: re-imagining international development*
Mary Ann Clements*

*From development to dignity: a profound challenge for international
by Jonathan Glennie*

*Whatever happened to civil society?*
Vern Hughes*

*When is civil society a force for social transformation?*
Michael Edwards*

*What does ‘A Christmas Carol’ tell us about the meaning of charity?*
John Picton*

*The everyday power of movement activism*
by Laurence Cox*

*Where is civil society when you need it?*
Michael Edwards*

*Social activism and the economics of mental health*
by John Picton*

*What’s to be done with Oxfam, part 2?*
Michael Edwards*

*What’s it all about, Oxfam?*
Phil Vernon*

*The courage of difficult women*
by Leslie Francis*

*At what cost? A reflection on the crisis at Save the Children UK*
by Jonathan Glennie*

*At what cost? A second reflection on the crisis at Save the Children UK*
by Jonathan Glennie*

*Sexual exploitation and abuse: why pick on charities?*
Mike Aaronson*

*Don’t shoot the messenger*
by Michael Edwards and Mary Fitzgerald*

*What happens when NGOs are accused of violating human rights?*
Domenico Carolei*

*It’s time to take our charities to the cleaners*
by Michael Edwards*

*#ShiftThePower: from hashtag to reality*
by Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight*

*An open letter to International NGOs who are looking to ‘localise’ their

*Can NGOs and social movements be authentic allies?*
Michael Silberman*

*NGOs and social movements: partnership or solidarity?*
Madhuresh Kumar*

*Horizontalising international NGOs: can it be done?*
Robin LeMare*

*What INGOs can learn from Greta Thunberg and the global climate strikes*
by* *Stephen McCloskey*

*100 years of Save the Children UK: what have we learned?*
Mike Aaronson*

*How should civil society respond to Covid-19?*
Alex Jacobs*


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Fleig, Elina, Kumar, Madhuresh, Weber Juergen (eds.) *(2013)* *Speak Up!
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