[WSMDiscuss] Release of Vikalp Sangam India's 'Extraordinary Work of 'Ordinary' People: Beyond Pandemics and Lockdowns'

Ashish Kothari ashishkothari at riseup.net
Fri May 29 15:05:25 CEST 2020

Dear friends,

we are excited to release the first volume of our series 'Extraordinary 
Work of Ordinary People: Beyond Pandemics and Lockdowns' ... see 
attached, or at: 

The main objective is to point to real-life solutions to the various 
crises affecting people due to COVID and the lockdown in India. This 
will also soon be available in several Indian languages.

pl. note the easy navigation through the document using the hyperlinks 
that our designer Naveed has provided, in the table of contents, the 
masthead on each page, etc.

*We welcome comments, as also inputs/help in the following: *

1. *Distribution* as widespread as possible, including in civil society, 
govt agencies (state and central), media, etc. (various language 
editions in particular also to communities through panchayats, gram 
sabhas, CBOs, etc)

2. Featuring this in diverse ways on relevant *media*, including TV 
channels, 'social' media, etc ... pl. note that the it has been designed 
to also be clearly visible on phones.

3. Converting this into various *forms* (audio-visual, 
illustrations/cartoons, etc), including oriented to different audiences 
(including children/youth)

4. Ideas for *stories* for the next volumes; one of these will 
especially focus on urban initiatives

5. *Translation* into languages other than those mentioned above

Responses may pl. be sent to Juhi Pandey, studiojuhi at gmail.com, 9820039110

For facilitation on transferring key lessons from these initiatives to 
other sites and communities (in addition to the specific contacts 
provided in each story), pl. contact:
Gijs Spoor, gijs at auroville.org.in, 9943820241



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