[WSMDiscuss] Fwd: GDSC Webinar, Monday June 1, 11:30 New York, 17:30 Berlin, 9 pm New Delhi : Covid19 : Indigenous Communities in Resistance, responding to the current crisis Speaker : Xochitl Leyva Solano

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Fri May 29 15:56:09 CEST 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020

Viruses in movement…, Indigenous Peoples in movement…, Resistance in movement…, Alternatives in movement…

[With all due apologies for any duplications, I’m especially excited to post this news given my great respect for the thinking, writing, and life trajectory of the speaker, Xochitl Leyva Solano !

[Fortunately, the timing is good for people in many parts of the world, if not all; what a pity that it cannot ever be all ! :

GDSC Webinar, Monday June 1, 11:30 New York, 17:30 Berlin, 9 pm New Delhi :

Covid19 : Indigenous Communities in Resistance, responding to the current crisis

Speaker : Xochitl Leyva Solano

Global Dialogue for Systemic Change

            In celebration and with deep respect –



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Dear friends,

This is the first newsletter for all the people who have signed up as supporters of the Global Dialogue for Systemic Change, or attend our webinars.

This issue presents some exciting events that we are organising or supporting in the next two weeks.

Best regards
Adam Novak, Paolo Miriello and Ian Vidal
(for the Facilitation Team)

Covid 19 - Indigenous Communities in Resistance responding to the current crisis
1 June, 11.30 New York, 17.30 Berlin.
For more information: https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/webinars:04 <https://online.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2c4fe5ecf07b8bf982025980e&id=6c89900fb5&e=ad91af5182>
To register and join the webinar go directly to: https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/webinars/live <https://online.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2c4fe5ecf07b8bf982025980e&id=6ced9bceb5&e=ad91af5182>
In English, with translation into Spanish.

Xochitl Leyva-Solano is a researcher and activist, member of alternative and anti-systemic networks as well as those promoting decolonizing and depatriarchalizing research. Her theoretical work is the outcome of her experience accompanying Indigenous women and young people since 1985. Currently, she lives and works in the North of Chiapas where she co-coordinates a grassroots collective effort called “Agroecovisual Autonomies for a Dignified Life”. This initiative is organized with Maya-Tseltal authorities and communities as part of their struggle for autonomy and self-determination. She is also a researcher and professor at the Center for Higher Research of Social Anthropology (CIESAS) in Chiapas, México. She has worked since 1987 in Chiapas.
> International webinar, Thursday, June 4th, 2020
> COVID 19 and inequalities 
> 09:00 Toronto and New York; 10:00 Rio de Janeiro; 14:00 London
> 15:00 Berlin and Johannesburg; 18.30 Mumbai; 20:00 Bangkok
> On our Facebook account or by following the Zoom link
> at the time of the webinar https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86875718258 <https://online.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2c4fe5ecf07b8bf982025980e&id=8225d6d81e&e=ad91af5182>
> (Simultaneous translation in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese)
> Inequalities are many and manifest themselves in many dimensions of our life: economic, social, racial, gender, territorial and political. Poor and minority groups are disproportionately represented in political and public institutions and consequently are not adequately addressed in government and public policy decisions.
> The Covid-19 pandemic cruelly opens up inequalities. The impacts on health and the economy mainly affect the poorest, women and minorities, who manage to defend themselves less from the pandemic and the economic crisis. The inequalities that are already enormous continue to grow, throughout the pandemic and into the new normal.
> The most important challenge is to identify concrete proposals for action by civil society leaders and organizations to avoid the worsening of inequalities during and in consequence of the pandemic, as well as an agenda of concrete actions for the structural reduction of post-pandemic inequalities. We challenge panellists and participants to work towards an agenda for civil society, at local, national and global levels, of concrete actions to reduce inequalities, all inequalities, in emergency response in the case of the pandemic as well as structural inequalities in the exit from lockdown and the post-pandemic 'new normal'.   
> Panelists:
> - José Maria Vera (Oxfam International Executive Director, Spain),
> - Cida Bento (Executive Director, CEERT, Brazil)
> - Teresa Valdés Echeñique (Sociologist and Board of Directors of the CEDEM Género y Equidad, Chile)
> Mediator: Flávia Oliveira (Journalist, GloboNews, Brazil)

Borders externalization: the EU shame. The Libya case

in Italy, Global Dialogue supports the SABIR forum on migrations and Mediterranean issues. It is organized by Arci, Caritas, the trade union CGIL and others in collaboration with many international networks (Euromed Rights, Migreurop, European Civic Forum, Maghreb Social Forum, Transform and others). 
In recent physical editions, thousands of people attended the Festival, from all over Europe, Maghreb and Mashrek and some African countries.
The extraordinary edition 2020 will take place online, on June 3/4/5th and 10/11/12th: you can see the whole program in Italian http://www.festivalsabir.it/# <https://online.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2c4fe5ecf07b8bf982025980e&id=a4f02fb9fe&e=ad91af5182>
Of particular interest to Global Dialogue participants may be the webinar on “ Borders externalization: the EU shame. The Libya case” on June 10th, 14:30-16:00
It will be a strong webinar for denouncing the cooperation among EU and Libyan  authorities to close the borders, the horror of the detention camps, the humanitarian catastrophe aggravated by the escalation of the armed conflicts and by the Covid crisis. 
Among the speakers, there will be Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (which has a strong branch working in Libya), MSF, Watch the Med - Alarm Phone, Euromed Rights, Mediterranea rescue ship and others, all activists and committed experts.
The webinar will have simultaneous translation in English, French and Italian

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Jai Sen

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