[WSMDiscuss] Sitalkuchi Massacre: The blood may not dry

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Wed Apr 14 17:53:24 CEST 2021

*Sitalkuchi Massacre: The blood may not dry*


On April 10th, the central paramilitary forces opened fire on voters in
Sitalkuchi, Cooch Behar in North Bengal. The bullets found their targets on
the chests and necks of the 5 people. They were meant to kill. And kill
they did - the migrant workers of Sitalkuchi. One of them was a first time
voter, ready to celebrate a "liberal democracy"! Sitalkuchi has a large
Muslim population, hence a good area for a surgical strike - and no
surprises that 4 of the 5 killed were Muslims.

The firing in Sitalkuchi was a premeditated action by the BJP (using tax
payer funded central forces) aimed at voter suppression. BJP knows that it
cannot win in Bengal despite using the unlimited money they have. The next
best thing for it, is to resort to voter intimidation and voter
suppression, especially women and religious minorities. The Republican
party in the US uses sophisticated ways of voter (especially black
communities) suppression and intimidation. BJP doesn't need that
sophistication in India because it can kill with impunity with active
collaboration from other "pillars of democracy".

The very next day Dilip Ghosh, President of BJP, W Bengal said many
Sitalkuchis will happen if needed, another BJP leader said 8 should have
been shot instead of 4. They weren't just barking rabid dogs, it was a
calculated political step to get the message out, so that fewer minorities
and women come out to vote...and BJP has more chance swaying the outcome by
using money, muscle and state power. BJP candidates and trolls started
circulating fake images of an injured CISF officer. Deafening silence from
the Election Commission...and a unidirectional BJP narrative carried by all
media outlets.

As BJP's loss is imminent in Bengal, it is increasing its polarization,
violence and a blatant abuse of power. Four phases are done...four more
long phases amidst an exploding pandemic with shortage of vaccines! The
only hope is from the citizens and justice loving people across the world.
The venom is spreading rapidly across India...its time to stand up and
speak out ...this will engulf the whole country and leave no one!

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