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I’ll look forward to reading your site. One question though - Who is the ‘We' below?

It is worth acknowledging that Western/Eurocentric modernist cognitive practices are not monolithic.
Most women - North and South, like the marginalised indigenous peoples you mention - already use more holistic cognitive approaches.

Maybe have a look at the extended political discussion of non-linear cognition and relational ethics in Ecofeminism as Politics (1997).

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'An Embodied Materialist Sociology' in Bell et al, ed, Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Sociology.  

'Holding’ in Camilleri & Guess, ed, Towards a Just and Sustainable Peace. 

'A Materialist Ecofeminist Reads the Green Economy’ in Hosseini et al, ed, Transformative Global Studies. 

Kothari, Salleh, Escobar, Demaria, & Acosta, ed, Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Inviting for a discussion at academia site to explore the Potential of
indigenous cognitive paradigm to address the crisis of modernity. But
the catch is whether we, who are linear, fragmented, and
compartmentalized would be able to truly grasp the sequential,
integral and wholistic nature of indigenous beingness. We are very
good at reduction and appropriation and fitting everything into our
frame of reference. How would be able to get outside our own matrix?

Modern humans are desperately looking for solutions to the mess we
have created and unfortunately all that falls within the alienated
paradigm of knowing and being. The only way is to understand the
paradigm of sustainability created by indigenous communities all over
the world. But there is a catch. Would it be possible for the linear,
fragmented compartmentalized mindset to comprehend the wholistic
aspect of indigenous systems without turning that into the linear
format? It is clear from the word ‘systems thinking’ that we have
missed the point. This expression is an oxymoron as ‘thinking’ is
So, the catch is can we know without thinking?

There is a need to revisit why what how children learn the REAL WORLD
autonomously to understand how we got fragmented…..

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