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Some straight talk!
As straight as it can be.
"Go Modi, Go!"

<<It’s best to state this simply: Narendra Modi needs to go. Amit Shah
needs to go. Ajay Mohan Bisht aka Yogi Adityanath needs to go. The bunch of
integrity-free incompetents Mr Modi has gathered around him as his
ministers all need to go. In order for the country to launch the mammoth
operation of recovery and repair needed for our survival, the departure of
these people from positions of power needs to happen immediately — tomorrow
is too late, yesterday would have been better.
In any democracy worth the name, just one of these two botch-ups — the
demonetization fiasco and the floundering response to Chinese aggression
and the ensuing cover-up — would have led to the fall of a government. That
this did not happen is due to a much greater malfeasance. If Mr Modi and Mr
Shah have had efficiency, stamina and detailed focus towards anything, it
is in the deliberate and relentless hollowing out of democracy itself. *It
is now beyond doubt that the messiah and his chief acolyte came to power in
2014 with one aim and one aim only: to turn India into an autocratic Hindu
rashtra, bolstering and, in turn, bolstered by few big business
houses* [emphasis
added]. For the imperatives of international optics and internal
misdirection, this was to be executed while maintaining the fake image of a
functioning democracy.
What the fungus was not expecting was a deadly attack from a virus. I read
somewhere that the recent blocking of critical Twitter accounts by the
government means that it realizes it has failed to discharge its duties. To
which one could say that this government never intended to discharge what
millions of us regard as its duties. It simply took the pandemic as an
extremely useful tool gifted to it by the gods, a tool it could use to
further its agenda — to stifle dissent, to topple Opposition state
governments, to ‘win’ elections. Now, when things are spiralling tragically
out of control, the government’s main concern — yet again — seems to be
about managing perceptions. The French have a saying, ‘Breaking the
thermometer to bring down the fever.’ We are where we are today because of
this trail of broken thermometers. And because of this, if nothing else, Mr
Modi and Mr Shah need to go.>>


II. Source anonymous.

Dont miss todays editorial from Le Monde...
They can browbeat twitter, facebook, intimidate independent journalists but
can they really control the media world over. Australian newspaper showed
their thumb to the High Commission's stupid attempt at threatening them and
asking for retraction and publication of rejoinder, which was turned down
politely. Here is something from the editorial of the Le Monde, the reputed
French paper:

Every day, 350,000 new infections and more than 2,000 deaths are recorded
in the country. *A situation due to the unpredictability of the virus but
also to the lack of anticipation, arrogance and demagogy of the Indian
Prime Minister.*

Presented as the "pharmacy of the world", the country exported and offered
millions of doses of vaccine, ensuring that it produced enough for its
population to be protected. Three months later, the Indian "example" gave
way to a nightmare.

*Such a flashback cannot be explained solely by the unpredictability of a
virus and its variants. Narendra Modi's lack of prediction, arrogance and
demagogy are clearly among the causes of a situation that now seems out of
control and requires international mobilization. The Prime Minister, after
paralyzing and traumatizing his country in 2020 by decreeing brutal
confinement, abandoning millions of migrant workers, completely lowered his
guard at the beginning of 2021.*

Collective immunity in 2023

*Preferring nationalist harangues to health councils, more inclined to
self-celebration than to protect populations, Mr. Modi only aggravated the
situation. In an electoral campaign for the reconquest of the States that
escape him, he multiplied meetings in front of gigantic crowds without
masks. He allowed the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to take place, during which
millions of Hindus immersed themselves, each other, in the waters of the
Ganges, transforming the place into a giant hotbed of contagion.*

Mr. Modi is of the same imperative: prodigality of a vaccine diplomacy at
the service of its ambitions, but unaware of the reality of the country's
production capacities, priority given to politically favorable regions of
India, rejection of its responsibility on the federated states. The result
is that barely 10% of the Indian population has received a dose of vaccine
and that, at the current rate, herd immunity will not be achieved until

In the face of this disaster, it is time for solidarity. Everything must be
done to alleviate and shorten the suffering of the people of India, whom
the pandemic has already brought back, by the millions, below the poverty
line. The United States, the European Union, France, Germany and the United
Kingdom have rightly announced the sending of aid in the form of
respirators or components for the production of vaccines.

Never has the vanity of everyone-for-self been more blatant than in these
times of Covid-19. Never has the dependence of every human being on all
humanity been clearer. The Indian drama, like that experienced by
Brazilians, also illustrates the ravages of populism, wherever *merchants
of illusions prospering on inequalities manage to sell to voters their
promises of salvation based in reality on nationalism and ignorance.*


>From Santanu Sengupta


Perhaps now, the blinkers will be off, for a few.

Perhaps now, the brain washing would have lost some of its lustre, for some.

Perhaps now, a handful would dare to look directly at the naked, bloated
emperor, and see him for the nincompoop that he truly is, has always been.


The blinkers didn’t come off, even once, all this while.

And I have struggled, over the past few years, STRUGGLED, trying to
understand how his obvious monumental ignorance and ineptitude was not
obvious at all to so called intelligent people all around me. Every attempt
of mine to illustrate the obvious, to remove the blinkers, had been met
with steadfast, unbudging refusal, denial, whataboutery, personal attacks,
being tagged as a biased leftist reactionary, and much worse.

My fault really. I should have understood. Understood that, there is no
difference between a zombie, doing his master’s bidding, and a diehard
bhakt. Just that, this breed of zombies can breathe, and inhale oxygen, if
oxygen cylinders are available, of course. Nothing, no logic, no truth, can
shake their blind, blinkered bigotry, can permeate their hijacked,
impervious brains.

- For six years, this man messed up the economy, destroyed jobs, appointed
asses to every key post in his government - loyal, faithful, unquestioning
asses, brought down elected government after government - through money,
force, menace, let his capitalist puppeteers buy off everything they could
of the country, asked his legions of obedient bleating sheep to bang
utensils, and chant ‘Go Corona Go’ as the best strategy he could muster to
combat COVID, engineered riots, persecuted farmers, Muslims, the weak,
jailed dissenters just because they dared to dissent, built stadiums and
named them after himself (Elevating him to a very select club that includes
Gaddafi, Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussain, Stalin), and screwed up
everything, EVERYTHING that he touched. (Talk of Midas Touch, rather Modi’s
Touch.) And the sheep bleated on, and tightened their blinkers, and gave
him five more years to completely ruin what was still left, as a gift.

- For years, it was painfully, dazzlingly evident how he was dismantling
every independent institution in the country – brick by brick, till they
became dogs to his bones – the [Xxxxxxx Xxxxx], the Election Commission,
the Enforcement Directorate, the IT department, the CBI, the media. For
years, they refused to see the obvious, turned a blind eye, hid behind
whataboutery, and flat out denied completely, what was happening to the
very foundations of our democracy, of how these termites had eaten through
everything, and left just the frames.

- This megalomaniac, in his infinite and smug stupidity, had told this
little school girl on national television that, global warming was a hoax,
and used the following logic to buttress his point – ‘In winters, people
feel colder the older they get. But that doesn’t mean that it is actually
getting colder. Similarly, we FEEL the world is getting warmer, but it is
not… He He He’. And while addressing PHD scholars at a science conference,
this omniprescient informed them that, Ganesh was the first instance of
plastic surgery, performed centuries ago in Incredible India, to a pitter
patter of nervous claps by the scholars, no less. But, apparently, even
these were not Pappu-esque statements, highlighting the supreme stupidity
of the utterer - to the privileged, the educated, the ones who find
tremendous mirth in statements by every other politician in the country,
but keep mum, absolutely mum, on this Santa Claus bearded, incredibly vain,
completely clueless, monumentally incompetent, hate mongering, elephant in
the room.

Perhaps NOW, the blinkers might be off for a few - now, when the dead keep
mounting all around us, with not enough places to burn them, when the
scorching heat from those pyres has singed our homes, when people we know
are dying, even in our privileged circles, when we still see the naked
glint in those greedy, idiot, unfeeling eyes, gloating at the big crowds
gathered at election rallies, WHILE lacs get infected every day, with no
beds, no oxygen, no medicines, no crematoriums, no dignity in death left.

And Nero smiles, and begs for votes, and bays for blood.

I don’t blame him. He’s what he is. He is an uneducated, hate spewing,
lying, incompetent megalomaniac, who has no business running a tea stall,
let alone running our country. He just can’t help it.

I blame YOU, the privileged, the educated, for inflicting this cocktail of
numbing rabidity, ineptitude, and stupidity upon us. I blame you for
shutting your ears, closing your eyes, to what has been obvious all this
while – that voting for a blood thirsty, incompetent bigot can only yield
what you had voted for – blood thirst, bigotry, and incompetence.

Please use many extra helpings of sanitizers, and all the perfumes of
Arabia, when you wash your hands next. There’s just too much blood on them.

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