[WSMDiscuss] Ravish Kumar to Speak on ''Lokmanas aur Loktantra'' ( Popular Mind and Democracy)

Subhash Gatade subhash.gatade at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 01:38:19 CEST 2021


We are happy to inform you that the online series of public talks -
Democracy Dialogues - organized by the New socialist Initiative (NSI) is
being resumed from this month. We would like to invite you to the upcoming
talk (9th in the series) by *Ravish Kumar - the Magsaysay Awardee famous
journalist, commentator and TV anchor*. As you know Ravish is a keen and
insightful observer of the Indian political scene and an epitome of moral
courage. We are really delighted to have him as our next speaker.

We take this opportunity to apologise to you for this gap of 4 months in
this series of lectures. The sole reason behind this gap has been the
trauma and colossal tragedy that India has suffered during the second wave
of the pandemic. We all have been witness to this disaster and for many of
us it has struck too close at home, among friends and acquaintances and in
the neighbourhoods. We felt ill at ease with organizing these lectures
amidst the suffering that was all around us.

Ravish would like his talk to be as interactive and conversational as
possible. We really hope that you will not only join in but also
participate in the conversation. *The programme will be Facebook live. *For
security reasons the zoom link will be sent to a limited number of

Programme Details:

*New Socialist Initiative (NSI) *
*Democracy Dialogues*
9 th Lecture

*Lokmanas aur Loktantra*
*( Popular Mind and Democracy)*

*Ravish Kumar*
Eminent Journalist, author, media personality, Winner of Magsaysay Award

6 PM India Standard Time
8 th August 2021
live link : facebook.com/newsocialistinitiative.nsi
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