[WSMDiscuss] Another digital Forum is possible...

john dsouza john at doccentre.net
Sun Feb 7 23:24:09 CET 2021

I was really looking forward to WSF 2020.. since it was a low cost, low 
carbon event.
Unfortunately, I found that the systems adopted were totally 
hierarchical, and there was not sense of particpation by us "shudras".   
We allowed technology to replicate it hierarchy, and top down system 
I dont see any reason why this could not be overcome.. Instead, we had a 
heady mix of system where even a person like me who is tech savvy, found 
very difficult to navigate.. I therefore just gave up on the fourth day.

  I do feel that we need to explore ways which we can do a more 
interactive on line virtual meet.. or some kind of hybrid decentralised 
, poly centric system..

I am quite clear that I cannot afford to join the next WSF if it is only 
physical.. But will do so if there is a kind of hybrid, decentralised, 
spread out system.. given tech we all dont need to be in one place.. and 
we can have polycentric fora.. spread over a few weeks.. some according 
to time zones, and others according to interest groups..

  it can be a combination of on line of off lines exchanges..  Just to 
tell you that you don't need to have a stirct webinar model, where we 
cant talk to each other I am just sending you a link of the layered 
talking screen like in this ndtv, broadcast.  I dont see why we cannot 
have a system where we can have conversations rather than talk downs, 
and discreet time slotted utterances..

This is a forum not a Seminar... I  cant belief that we do not have the 
talent to tweet some of the messaging software to act more 
democratically.  Please remember a break through here will impact many 
other interactions and on line systems the world over..

another digital world is possible..

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