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Mon Feb 8 07:05:30 CET 2021

Dear John

 I am particularly happy that you claim a perspective of greater digital
interaction in the world of the WSF. It has been an important debate, but
it is still a process of collective maturation.

Not as a justification, but as a clarification to anyone interested in.

The option for  this virtual edition ot the WSF,  was to 1) Take advantage
of the experience developed for the Social Forum on Transforming Economies
for the registration process. 3) Allow the insertion of activities in a
common program-platform, distributed according to collective agreements -
thematic spaces, cross-cutting themes, joint panels (progressively built by
open facilitating groups) and self-managed independent activities.

There was no interference in view of the diversity of possible or
accessible platforms for different collectives and regions, to include
activities, formats, wich were defined by organizers themselves.  You could
organize a seminar or an artistic performance, an informal round table or a
podcast, using  corporate platforms or based on free software, broadcasting
via youtube, facebook or fediverse

The interactions only took place through the participation  in the
activity, during its realization and according to the degree of openness
established by its organizers, or even through the social networks in which
they were transmitted, including the WSF social media.

Anyway, I agree with you that the interaction between participants,
activities or organizations in the same toll in wich they were registered
is a demand to be resolved.

At that time, it was not an option.

Making everything more fluid, easier, more intuitive is a desire of
designers and programmers. It is also necessary to deal with the
peculiarities and requirements of the WSF.

The militant and open group which built and managed some collective
solutions for the WSF continues to meet to contribute to the process. Your
participation would be most welcome. If you are interested, just say it and
I will be happy with your inclusion.


Em dom., 7 de fev. de 2021 às 19:24, john dsouza via WSM-Discuss <
wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net> escreveu:

> I was really looking forward to WSF 2020.. since it was a low cost, low
> carbon event.
> Unfortunately, I found that the systems adopted were totally
> hierarchical, and there was not sense of particpation by us "shudras".
> We allowed technology to replicate it hierarchy, and top down system
> communication..
> I dont see any reason why this could not be overcome.. Instead, we had a
> heady mix of system where even a person like me who is tech savvy, found
> very difficult to navigate.. I therefore just gave up on the fourth day.
>   I do feel that we need to explore ways which we can do a more
> interactive on line virtual meet.. or some kind of hybrid decentralised
> , poly centric system..
> I am quite clear that I cannot afford to join the next WSF if it is only
> physical.. But will do so if there is a kind of hybrid, decentralised,
> spread out system.. given tech we all dont need to be in one place.. and
> we can have polycentric fora.. spread over a few weeks.. some according
> to time zones, and others according to interest groups..
>   it can be a combination of on line of off lines exchanges..  Just to
> tell you that you don't need to have a stirct webinar model, where we
> cant talk to each other I am just sending you a link of the layered
> talking screen like in this ndtv, broadcast.  I dont see why we cannot
> have a system where we can have conversations rather than talk downs,
> and discreet time slotted utterances..
> This is a forum not a Seminar... I  cant belief that we do not have the
> talent to tweet some of the messaging software to act more
> democratically.  Please remember a break through here will impact many
> other interactions and on line systems the world over..
> another digital world is possible..
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