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This may be of interest. For more, pl. write to Tero, below.


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Subject: 	[ICCA Consortium FORUM] Fwd: Arctic Seas Portal Live
Date: 	Fri, 26 Feb 2021 17:48:42 +0200
From: 	Tero Mustonen <tero.mustonen at snowchange.org>
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Today Snowchange with partners releases ”Arctic Seas”, a major 
international atlas and a portal that summarizes Indigenous and 
ecological information from the changing oceans of the North.

The Planet Has Only One Ocean But Many Seas.

You can access the portal at www.arcticseas.org

Our work is connected with the United Nations Decade of Ocean Research 
2020-2030 and also our partners, the Future Seas 2030 Initiative 

The portal, which will be expanding rapidly, contains
• Photography by award-winning artists like Mika Honkalinna as wellas 
regional photographers
• Summaries and unique, authentic voices of Arctic Indigenous 
communities and their knowledge
• Summaries of sea ice changes for each Arctic Sea area 1850-2020 based 
on science
• External links to major regional Indigenous atlases, including the 
Inuit Trails, Sea Ice, Place Name and Community-Based Monitoring Atlases
• Films, reports and data on each sea area in local languages and 
English (main language is English)
• Hand-drawn maps of ecosystem changes from 20,000 years ago to present 
and on special Arctic islands, like Wrangel
• Scalable, 3D and zoomable maps on each sea area (use control key)
• Links to major marine science research that reviews and discusseshow 
the northern seas are changing

The Arctic Seas portal was a year in the making, with primary authors 
Kaisu Mustonen, Brie Van Dam, Tero Mustonen, several Indigenous 
knowledge holders across the region, and a software team at Nolventure.
The portal was funded by anonymous major funder, to whom Snowchange is 
very thankful.

Portal is not exhaustive, rather it will be updated and revised actively.

You can see more at



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