[WSMDiscuss] 4th June |3PM GMT | Webinar: "The Covid Crisis in Chile and Community Alternatives from Below" / La crisis del Covid en Chile y Alternativas Comunitarias desde abajo

Ashish Kothari ashishkothari at riseup.net
Wed Jun 2 20:11:16 CEST 2021

Dear friends / Amigas/amigos
Join us for our next GTA webinar. Registration details below.

únase a nuestro próximo seminario web. Los detalles son los siguientes.

*Alternatives in Pandemic Times: Resistance, Recovery and Re-Existence 
*- a Webinar series

  The Covid Crisis in Chile and Community Alternatives from Below

with *Katia Valenzuela Fuentes* (Chile)


*Friday 4th June - 3:00 PM *(UTC/GMT)

    In October 2019, Chile experienced one of its most significant
    uprisings. People demanded the end of neoliberalism, while hundreds
    of grassroots organizations and local assemblies emerged. During the
    Covid crisis, the Government's response has favoured the market over
    people, denying them basic social protection and food security.
    However, grassroots organisations are actively trying to tackle
    poverty with popular solidarity and mutual aid. In this webinar, we
    will explore some of these local experiences, their strategies,
    challenges and contributions to radical social transformation.

More information <https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/webinars:2021:02>

Direct access to the session 

About the presenters

*Katia Valenzuela-Fuentes* is an assistant professor at the Department 
of Sociology, Universidad de Concepción, Chile, researcher at the Centre 
for Sustainable Urban Development – CEDEUS Chile and activist scholar. 
Her main research interests include political sociology, social 
movements, autonomous politics, urban sociology, participatory action 
research and critical epistemologies. For 20 years she has been involved 
in several autonomous groups in Chile and has contributed to a number of 
campaigns in solidarity with Latin American social movements.


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