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Subject: 	Polish People's Action on Climate Crisis
Date: 	Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:31:30 +0530
From: 	Mr.Soumya Dutta <soumyadutta.delhi at gmail.com>
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Wow. People's Action on Climate Crisis.
" Five Polish citizens are taking their government to court over its 
failure to protect them from the impacts of the climate crisis.

They say the state has breached their rights to life, health and family 
life by delaying action to cut national carbon emissions and propping up 
the coal industry.

The first three cases were filed on Thursday in regional courts across 
Poland by Monika Stasiak, Małgorzata Górska and Piotr Nowakowski."


Soumya Dutta (Mr).

Co-convener : South Asian People's Action on Climate Crisis (SAPACC);

Trustee : Movement for Advancing Understanding on Sustainability And 
Mutuality (MAUSAM);

Former member -- Advisory Board, UN Climate Technology Centre and Network.

Convener : Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha (BJVJ); /

Founding member : India-Climate-Justice (ICJ).
Ashoka Fellow.

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