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Subject: Imagine a world without mining? 2050 paper by SAR published today
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We’re extremely excited to share the new paper published today by Seas At
Risk. ‘*Breaking Free From Mining - A 2050 blueprint for a world without
mining on land and in the deep-sea
presents evidence-based alternatives for a different future in which
primary metal extraction has become a thing of the past. The paper can be
downloaded here:

Realizing how difficult it is to work to bring about something we can’t
even see in our imaginations, the paper is an invitation to imagine a world
without mining. This is critical to generate positive images of a future
with no mining (or at least much less mining, instead of more) that can
help citizens, communities, movements and policy-makers guide their action
in the present.

Please help us disseminate the paper as broadly as possible. We
particularly encourage those who would like to *write op-eds or blog
entries* imagining new pathways towards a world without mining. You're most
welcome to reproduce or translate parts of the paper as needed.

In association to this paper, over the next few months we'll be planning a
series of *online debates* were activists, scientists and policy-makers
will be asked to share their insights of a future with no mining. If you
find this possibility of interest, please share your ideas with us.

Last but not least, the paper includes a methodology for *workshops *to
help groups imagine a world without mining and how to get there. If there's
any way we can help organize or facilitate such workshops let us know.
We're also looking forward to hearing about the results of any such

*See you in 2050!*

Joám Evans Pim, paper co-author
‘*Breaking Free From Mining

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