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Forwarding another seed related event from Andrew Mushita of Zimbabwe

William Aal
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  Andrew Mushita <andrew at ctdt.co.zw>
*Subject:* FW: Invitation for a UNFSS independent dialogue: Farmers'
Perspectives from Seeds to Food

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you for a UN Food System Summit independent
dialogue on ‘Farmers Perspectives: from Seeds to Food’, exploring the links
between Seeds and Food Systems from a smallholder farmer perspective.

As convener, I organize this dialogue in collaboration with the Secretariat
of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and
Agriculture. This Dialogue is the conclusion of a series of dialogues that
started at the community level, with a dialogue among smallholder farmers
from several districts in Zimbabwe.

The recommendations and insights from that dialogue have been consolidated
and enriched in a multi-stakeholder dialogue at Regional Level with
stakeholders attending from southern African countries.

In the global dialogue, we aim to further consolidate recommendations with
input from other regions and from major food system actors.

Please save the date for the Global Dialogue on 29 June from 2-5PM. (GMT +2
see below).  The draft agenda is attached.
It’s important that you register for the event, and you can do so here:

Meeting Registration - Zoom
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Farmers' Perspectives from
Seeds to Food - Global Dialogue. After registering, you will receive a
confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Thank you and we look forward to a lively discussion on the 29th.

Best regards,
Andrew Mushita, Director of the Community Technology Development Trust,

Other useful links:
The dialogue on the UNFSS website:
Report from the regional dialogue (view/download available on top of the
page): https://summitdialogues.org/dialogue/11594/

 P.S.   Zoom should translate the time to yours as you register -- but to
alert you in USA...

EDT -  8 a.m.

CDT -  7 a.m.

MDT -  6 a.m.

PDT -  5 a.m.
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