[WSMDiscuss] Anti-Privatization Movements in the Global South : P3s and Women's Human Rights (Adrian Murray and Susan Spronk)

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed Jun 30 22:14:32 CEST 2021

Thanks Jai,

On 6/30/2021 8:53 PM, Jai Sen wrote:
> ... this kind of study and analysis might be even more interesting in 
> the emerging contemporary world if, rather than seeing the term ‘the 
> Global South’ merely as a geographic one - and drawing case studies 
> only from ‘there’ -, it was to look at the term (and the world) in a 
> /structural/ sense, /and use it to //refer both to ‘the South in the 
> South’ and also to ‘the South in the North’/ (and therefore, in such 
> cases, to also draw on the experiences of the South in the North)…

Yes, it's true (admits someone privileged to suffer lockdown life in 
what is ordinarily a delightful 'hood 
- /apparently 12th coolest within the Global North/ - here in Johannesburg).

In the academic field I trained in, we have a derisive term for people 
who fail to make this distinction: geographical determinists (or worse, 
spatial fetishists).

Instead, class-race-gender-ecological-etc sensitivities are constantly 
needed, but I know our comrades Susan and Adrian don't need any 
reminding of that. However, you know how guilt-riddled liberal-infested 
Global North funding agencies are, focusing beneficiaries' intellectual 
projects which aim their/our gaze ... anywhere but Canada!

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