[WSMDiscuss] Ukraine: Russian forces repositioning? Brutal barbarity comes to light

Mhlobo Gunguluzi mhlobog at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 13:09:44 CEST 2022

The Brutal Barbarity was in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the USA but
that is not mentioned and Iraq has never been stable till now. Has everyone
forgotten about Libya and the regime change program of the USA? In fact
Julian Assange exposed what the USA has done in Iraq but nothing is
mentioned. I guess people are just wanting to portray Russia as the most
barbaric state of the world and forget to blame the atrocities committed by
the USA in the Middle East and South America up today. The latest is
Venezuela which did not comply with the USA democracy and economic system
and nothing is said about the USA. Why are people blaming Russia and
forgetting about what Ukraine did to make Russia so intent about invasion
of Ukraine. I am sure that no one will leave his neighbour with the intent
of bringing his/her enemies next door. Let us be fair if we want to stop
the war between Russia and Ukraine. Let us focus on the history of the two
countries' relations. Let us not forget please. The USA is the most
destructive imperialist country in the world today and is said about that.
We must stop everything now and focus on the Russian as it is said that
they are the most evil state. We have too many coups in Africa, South
America and Asia, and a lot of regime changes created by the USA but we
must shut down about that. Why???

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> <<The retreat of Russian forces around Kyiv has left horrifying evidence
> of atrocities against civilians littered across the region’s suburbs and
> towns, turned into hellish war zones by Vladimir Putin’s invasion.
> As Ukrainian armoured columns rolled into Bucha, a town north-west of the
> capital, they found streets blocked by burned-out Russian tanks and
> military vehicles, and strewn with the bodies of civilians whom locals said
> had been killed by the invading forces without provocation.
> Photographs from the town showed a scene of devastation, with hunks of
> charred and destroyed tanks and armoured vehicles lined up along one
> street, along with dead bodies.>>
> (Excerpted from: <
> https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/apr/03/they-were-all-shot-russia-accused-of-war-crimes-as-bucha-reveals-horror-of-invasion
> >.)
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