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Mon Apr 4 17:20:52 CEST 2022

I signed, of course.
José Luis Hernández Ayala - MéxicoCoordinadora Socialista Revolucionaria

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  El lun., 4 de abr. de 2022 a la(s) 8:30 a. m., Carlos Walter Porto-Gonçalves<cwpg at uol.com.br> escribió:   MInha total solidariedade.
Carlos Walter Porto-Gonçalves - Brasil 
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 I Also sing AND send it yo More signaturasGina El sáb., 2 abr. 2022 1:33 p. m., Pierre Rousset via WSM-Discuss <wsm-discuss at lists.openspaceforum.net> escribió:
The call is published on ESSF: http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article61915 I signed it, of course. Thanks Jai for circulating the call. Shalmali, your mail did not reach me. In solidarity, Pierre * * *Pierre Rousset
Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF)
www.europe-solidaire.orgprousset68 at gmail.com 
Le 2 avr. 2022 à 15:41, Jai Sen <jai.sen at cacim.net> a écrit : 
Saturday, April 2, 2022

Philippines in movement…, Repression in movement…, Solidarity in movement !

Apologies for cross-postings


URGENT : Solidarity with Prof Walden Bello in the face of attack

Focus on the Global South

            In solidarity !

            Jai Sen


Begin forwarded message: From: Shalmali Guttal <s.guttal at focusweb.org>Subject: URGENT: Solidarity with Prof Walden Bello in the face of attackDate: April 2, 2022 at 12:35:13 AM EDTTo: Shalmali Guttal <s.guttal at focusweb.org> Apologies for cross-postings.  For endorsement, please go to the google doc here  Dear comrades and friends,
We are writing to you on an issue of urgent concern regarding Professor Walden Bello. 
Recently, a political party founded by Sara Duterte (daughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte), incumbent Mayor of Davao City, and now vice-presidential candidate for the 2022 national elections—unfoundedly and maliciously labeled Walden as a “narco-politician.” 
This attack is clearly intended to silence dissent and undermine free speech. This is not unprecedented under the Duterte regime. Anyone who dares to speak truth to power and criticize the administration and its allies are harassed, or worse, killed. As defenders of human rights and democracy, it is imperative that we speak out against this politically-motivated attack against Walden.
We invite you to sign on this statement of support for our comrade Walden Bello amidst the political harassment he is facing anew in the context of the Philippine elections. 
Please take a moment to look at the full statement here for more details about the incident, and for endorsing the statement.  Let us stand together against all forms of harassment through political labeling/tagging! 
The deadline for organizational sign-ons is Friday, 08 April 2022. The statement will be published the day after. Thank you,  Focus on the Global South  

Jai Sen

Independent researcher, editor

jai.sen at cacim.net

Now based in Ottawa, Canada, on unsurrendered Anishinaabe territory (+1-613-282 2900) and in New Delhi, India (+91-98189 11325)

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