[WSMDiscuss] There Is no Left position that justifies Putin's attack on Ukraine

DAVID KEIL dmkeil at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 17:43:48 CEST 2022

In an article posted by Brian, David Ost accuses many Western leftists of
"standing aside from the outpouring of mainstream condemnation" of the
Russian invasion of Ukraine. They allegedly did so by focusing their
criticism on their own imperialist rulers rather than the Russian rulers.

What they were "standing aside from" was a media-driven war fever that has
suppressed news of the 8-year NATO war against Ukrainians in the Donbass,
that has had some leftists clamoring for NATO countries to send arms to
pursue that war in the name of the Ukrainians targeted by Russia, and that
has led to the US Congress inviting the Ukrainian president to address it
with demands for a US air war against Russia.

Like World War I, this is an inter-imperialist war. It is currently in a
proxy stage on the part of the US and NATO. Social-change activists have
the obligation to oppose, indeed to focus on, their own imperialist rulers
and their war policies. Doing so does not entail or imply minimizing the
crimes of other imperialist powers. Russian antiwar activists have
courageously fulfilled that obligation. The broad left in the US and Europe
has failed miserably, effectively ignoring or joining the war fever. A
couple of exceptions are evidenced below.

United National Antiwar Coalition:

Jill Stein, 2016 Green Party candidate for US President:

David Keil
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