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Dear Friends.

Happy to announce the publication of a dossier on cultural resistance against the rising influence of Hindutva politics and growing authoritarianism in India.

Cultural Resistance in Times of Rising Authoritarianism in India <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>: A Dossier, editor Madhuresh Kumar, Published by Ritimo, France, March 2022.

La résistance culturelle face à la montée de l’autoritarisme en Inde <https://www.ritimo.org/La-resistance-culturelle-face-a-la-montee-de-l-autoritarisme-en-Inde>, éditeur Madhuresh Kumar, publié par Ritimo, France, Mars 2022

The compilation published in French <https://www.ritimo.org/La-resistance-culturelle-face-a-la-montee-de-l-autoritarisme-en-Inde> and English <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>, can be freely circulated, republished and translated. Please do share in your networks. Thanks everyone… 

Excerpts from introduction

"This volume is an attempt at capturing a part of the much broader cultural resistance unfolding in the country, a response to the cultural attack by the Hindutva [1 <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier#nb1>] brigade when the mainstream political parties have bowed to the pressure by pandering to the majoritarian agenda. However, social movements, cultural organisations, singers, artists, writers, cartoonists, comics, theatre and film personalities have sharpened their tools to resist and adhere to the fundamental values of secularism, love, non-violence and communal harmony and most importantly, to challenge growing authoritarian tendencies. The rallying cry to protect constitutional and democratic values has given boost and direction to their efforts, with occasional support from autonomous institutions and opposition political parties.

Are these cultural resistance tendencies new? Certainly not, but definitely, the current political oppression has breathed a new lease of life in them. History has shown us that the best of art, songs and cultural expressions have emerged in times of adversity, and India is no stranger to this.

The stories of resistance in this volume show the continuity of oppression and marginalisation that some communities have faced for years and their desire for change through struggle. Each of the initiatives and stories of cultural groups is rooted in history, in their context and struggle with the dominant ideas of our times, nation-states, nationalism, citizenship, power, culture, labour, love, caste and capitalism. The essays capture the courage and the dilemmas, hopes, despair, strength, and weaknesses of those in the movement. It’s not always a celebration since movements go through cycles of mass euphoria and defeat at times. This was visible in the farmer’s movements too, camping away from their homes on the borders of Delhi and countless other places, they received massive support but were also called anti-national or paid political agents rather than hardworking farmers in their own country, by a section of political representatives, media and the public."

Introduction <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>
Singing on the beats of resistance : Relaa collective and the cultural activists of Maharashtra <https://www.ritimo.org/Singing-on-the-beats-of-resistance-Relaa-collective-and-the-cultural-activists>, Geetanjali Gurlhosur <https://www.facebook.com/geetanjali.gurl?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZUQb00FY8D3IP-Jloqge6Vqd1ErStaO2LgDl3JmN4ALqZxRu73wkTLVcxuLKOMTu-c_V2gpBmD1IffIu7lgnEEFFoT9ub286QtzErbbXsQdXHTnWVdjw7IOHOhqBRNqE74&__tn__=-%5DK-R>
Relaa Collective, Resisting Hindutva and Oppression <https://www.ritimo.org/Relaa-Collective-Resisting-Hindutva-and-Oppression>, Madhuresh Kumar <https://www.facebook.com/kmadhuresh?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZUQb00FY8D3IP-Jloqge6Vqd1ErStaO2LgDl3JmN4ALqZxRu73wkTLVcxuLKOMTu-c_V2gpBmD1IffIu7lgnEEFFoT9ub286QtzErbbXsQdXHTnWVdjw7IOHOhqBRNqE74&__tn__=-%5DK-R>
Kabir Kala Manch: A History of Revolutionary Singing and State Repression <https://www.ritimo.org/Kabir-Kala-Manch-A-History-of-Revolutionary-Singing-and-State-Repression>, Geetanjali Gurlhosur

India’s Anti-Citizenship Act Protests Inspires and Politicises a Generation <https://www.ritimo.org/India-s-Anti-Citizenship-Act-Protests-Inspires-and-Politicises-a-Generation>, Sunil Kumar

On the Riverine Islands of Assam : the Resistance of Miyah Poetry and the Women Writing It <https://www.ritimo.org/On-the-Riverine-Islands-of-Assam-the-Resistance-of-Miyah-Poetry-and-the-Women>, Geetanjali Gurlhosur

Raschakra: Reading Dissent, Resurrecting History and Being Witness <https://www.ritimo.org/Raschakra-Reading-Dissent-Resurrecting-History-and-Being-Witness>, Madhuresh Kumar

The Imphal Talkies N The Howlers: From the Hills and Valley of Manipur <https://www.ritimo.org/The-Imphal-Talkies-N-The-Howlers-From-the-Hills-and-Valley-of-Manipur>, Geetanjali Gurlhosur

PM Modi: The Joke Indians are Not Allowed to Crack <https://www.ritimo.org/PM-Modi-The-Joke-Indians-are-Not-Allowed-to-Crack>, Rosamma Thomas

ANHAD: Carrying the Torch of Resistance for Two Decades <https://www.ritimo.org/ANHAD-Carrying-the-Torch-of-Resistance-for-Two-Decades>, Madhuresh Kumar

India’s Farmers Movement, Defeating Fascism, Heralding a New Protest Culture,  <https://www.ritimo.org/India-s-Farmers-Movement-Defeating-Fascism-Heralding-a-New-Protest-Culture>Sunil Kumar


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