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Congratulations Madhuresh.
Looking forward to reading it.


On Mon, 11 Apr 2022 at 16:05, Madhuresh Kumar <kmadhuresh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Friends.
> Happy to announce the publication of a dossier on cultural resistance
> against the rising influence of Hindutva politics and growing
> authoritarianism in India.
> Cultural Resistance in Times of Rising Authoritarianism in India
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>:
> A Dossier, editor Madhuresh Kumar, Published by Ritimo, France, March
> 2022.
> La résistance culturelle face à la montée de l’autoritarisme en Inde
> <https://www.ritimo.org/La-resistance-culturelle-face-a-la-montee-de-l-autoritarisme-en-Inde>,
> éditeur Madhuresh Kumar, publié par Ritimo, France, Mars 2022
> The compilation published in French
> <https://www.ritimo.org/La-resistance-culturelle-face-a-la-montee-de-l-autoritarisme-en-Inde>
> and English
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>,
> can be freely circulated, republished and translated. Please do share in
> your networks. Thanks everyone…
> *Excerpts from introduction*
> *"This volume is an attempt at capturing a part of the much broader
> cultural resistance unfolding in the country, a response to the cultural
> attack by the Hindutva [1
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier#nb1>] brigade
> when the mainstream political parties have bowed to the pressure by
> pandering to the majoritarian agenda. However, social movements, cultural
> organisations, singers, artists, writers, cartoonists, comics, theatre and
> film personalities have sharpened their tools to resist and adhere to the
> fundamental values of secularism, love, non-violence and communal harmony
> and most importantly, to challenge growing authoritarian tendencies. The
> rallying cry to protect constitutional and democratic values has given
> boost and direction to their efforts, with occasional support from
> autonomous institutions and opposition political parties.*
> *Are these cultural resistance tendencies new? Certainly not, but
> definitely, the current political oppression has breathed a new lease of
> life in them. History has shown us that the best of art, songs and cultural
> expressions have emerged in times of adversity, and India is no stranger to
> this.*
> *The stories of resistance in this volume show the continuity of
> oppression and marginalisation that some communities have faced for years
> and their desire for change through struggle. Each of the initiatives and
> stories of cultural groups is rooted in history, in their context and
> struggle with the dominant ideas of our times, nation-states, nationalism,
> citizenship, power, culture, labour, love, caste and capitalism. The essays
> capture the courage and the dilemmas, hopes, despair, strength, and
> weaknesses of those in the movement. It’s not always a celebration since
> movements go through cycles of mass euphoria and defeat at times. This was
> visible in the farmer’s movements too, camping away from their homes on the
> borders of Delhi and countless other places, they received massive support
> but were also called anti-national or paid political agents rather than
> hardworking farmers in their own country, by a section of political
> representatives, media and the public."*
> Introduction
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Cultural-Resistance-in-Times-of-Rising-Authoritarianism-in-India-A-Dossier>
> Singing on the beats of resistance : Relaa collective and the cultural
> activists of Maharashtra
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Singing-on-the-beats-of-resistance-Relaa-collective-and-the-cultural-activists>,
> Geetanjali Gurlhosur
> <https://www.facebook.com/geetanjali.gurl?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZUQb00FY8D3IP-Jloqge6Vqd1ErStaO2LgDl3JmN4ALqZxRu73wkTLVcxuLKOMTu-c_V2gpBmD1IffIu7lgnEEFFoT9ub286QtzErbbXsQdXHTnWVdjw7IOHOhqBRNqE74&__tn__=-%5DK-R>
> Relaa Collective, Resisting Hindutva and Oppression
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Relaa-Collective-Resisting-Hindutva-and-Oppression>,
> Madhuresh Kumar
> <https://www.facebook.com/kmadhuresh?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZUQb00FY8D3IP-Jloqge6Vqd1ErStaO2LgDl3JmN4ALqZxRu73wkTLVcxuLKOMTu-c_V2gpBmD1IffIu7lgnEEFFoT9ub286QtzErbbXsQdXHTnWVdjw7IOHOhqBRNqE74&__tn__=-%5DK-R>
> Kabir Kala Manch: A History of Revolutionary Singing and State Repression
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Kabir-Kala-Manch-A-History-of-Revolutionary-Singing-and-State-Repression>,
> Geetanjali Gurlhosur
> India’s Anti-Citizenship Act Protests Inspires and Politicises a Generation
> <https://www.ritimo.org/India-s-Anti-Citizenship-Act-Protests-Inspires-and-Politicises-a-Generation>,
> Sunil Kumar
> On the Riverine Islands of Assam : the Resistance of Miyah Poetry and the
> Women Writing It
> <https://www.ritimo.org/On-the-Riverine-Islands-of-Assam-the-Resistance-of-Miyah-Poetry-and-the-Women>,
> Geetanjali Gurlhosur
> Raschakra: Reading Dissent, Resurrecting History and Being Witness
> <https://www.ritimo.org/Raschakra-Reading-Dissent-Resurrecting-History-and-Being-Witness>,
> Madhuresh Kumar
> The Imphal Talkies N The Howlers: From the Hills and Valley of Manipur
> <https://www.ritimo.org/The-Imphal-Talkies-N-The-Howlers-From-the-Hills-and-Valley-of-Manipur>
> , Geetanjali Gurlhosur
> PM Modi: The Joke Indians are Not Allowed to Crack
> <https://www.ritimo.org/PM-Modi-The-Joke-Indians-are-Not-Allowed-to-Crack>,
> Rosamma Thomas
> ANHAD: Carrying the Torch of Resistance for Two Decades
> <https://www.ritimo.org/ANHAD-Carrying-the-Torch-of-Resistance-for-Two-Decades>,
> Madhuresh Kumar
> India’s Farmers Movement, Defeating Fascism, Heralding a New Protest
> Culture,
> <https://www.ritimo.org/India-s-Farmers-Movement-Defeating-Fascism-Heralding-a-New-Protest-Culture>Sunil
> Kumar
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