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In a nutshell: stock up on grains, beans, rice, lentils, tins, preserves
and basic essentials for at least 3 months. Organize growing food locally
in cities and close by.

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> Please disseminate participate in this Facebook hybrid event
> WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL 2022 CEST 18:00-20:00
> In English CEST 18:00-19:00. in Swedish 19:00-200
> Food in Times of Crisis
> ABF Stockholm
> https://www.facebook.com/events/1538504773189395
> <https://tinyurl.com/ms9p47vm>
> How can we make sure that people get food – especially in times of crisis?
> The current global food system depends heavily on fossil fuels, fertilizers
> and a handful of crops, much of which comes from Russia and Ukraine. The
> Russian war against Ukraine and the subsequent Western sanctions against
> Russia have already caused a spike in food prices and many warn that this
> is just the beginning of a serious global food crisis. The UN already
> reports substantial cuts in their food programs for starving people, eg in
> Yemen and the Horn of Africa. This, together with the climate crisis, has
> sparked an interest also in the West for food both in terms of how to be
> prepared for a crisis and for the risks of globalization of the food
> market, agriculture industry and supply chains.
> Food has been an issue addressed strongly by peoples movement both in
> terms of the need to protect the right and possibility of each nation to
> sustain their own population with their basic needs called food sovereignty
> and as essential for civil contingency in case of crisis or war.
> Internationally the food sovereignty movement was born at a meeting in Mali
> 2007. It has been followed by many regional and national networks promoting
> cooperation for strengthening agroecology and ways of raising the level of
> more resilient food self-sufficiency. It has been promoted by the
> international peasant organization Via Campesina and other peoples movement
> like Friends of the Earth. When the corona crisis hit the world food
> sovereignty became an important issue for very many international movements.
> To address the food issue, Stockholm+50 Peoples Forum organizes a pre-June
> session on the 13 of April at 18:00 Stockholm time, CEST summer time.
> (17:00 London time and 16:00 UTC). The hybrid meeting will be in two parts,
> the first in English on Food Sovereignty and the world order, the second in
> Swedish stating that without farmers there is no civil contingency. It is
> held in conjuction with the International farmers struggle Day 17 April.
> >>PROGRAM <<
> Program for the hybrid meeting taking place at ABF house, Sveavägen 41,
> Stockholm and online:
> CEST 18:00-18:50
> Food Sovereignty and the world order
> - Pat Mooney, founder of the ETC group, Canada
> - Maximiliam Isendahl, farmer and forest owner, NOrdBruk/Via Campesina
> Sweden
> Introduction by the speakers and a dialogue with the audience at ABF and
> via Zoom.
> CEST 18:50-19:00
> Hommage to Torgny Östling, the former chair of NOrdBruk who died last year
> while working in is forest
> CEST 19:00-19:50
> Utan bönder ingen civil beredskap (Without farmers there is no civil
> contingency)
> - Eva Jonsson, NOrdBruk
> - Ellie Cijvat, aktiv i SOL nätverket (Stad och land) och sammankallande i
> Jordens Vänners bonde och urfolksutskott
> (active in the Town and countryside network, coordinator of the farmer and
> indigenous committee of Friends of the Earth Sweden)
> Eva Jonsson introducerar ämnet på plats i ABF huset i dialog med
> moderatorerna och publiken. Ellie Cijvat rapporterar från SOL nätverkets
> turné från Torfolks gård i Värmland.
> CEST 19:50-
> Slutspurt for namninsamlingen Utan bönder ingen civil beredskap
> (Finalizing the petition campaign Without farmers there is no civil
> contingency)
> Onlinemötet slutar kl 20:00, tid för fortsatta diskussioner på ABF huset.
> (The online meeting ends at 20:00, time for continued discussions at the
> ABF house)
> Moderators:
> Annika Lillemets, Afrikagruppern
> Tord Björk, Stockholm+50 Folkets forum
> Jorunn Hellman, Jordens Vänner
> >> ZOOM LINK <<
> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82084658502...
> <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fus02web.zoom.us%2Fj%2F82084658502%3Fpwd%3DREZKbGNCZnBaNXVFd3BKbG5ZVjRVUT09%26fbclid%3DIwAR2pffcXuHDus7yd8IlLucWryv4IvCwida4CPKOYsyWqYZ3F9ygDjzQcTlo&h=AT0EkKbgP7atxx57xNNIgpJpiL9MgtWL-j5_Xo4dw9MgYJF6bDtzefqBjiipFYj5l4RHcX2OozfZfN3e2SI7Mte8Gsk5kRJGF0LGd24uSlrCjzFEz5d4TkWFBH43gxgt9Joq03I&__tn__=q&c[0]=AT1slO-XUBcROofHH1Tny4ncg4su8L7Yte5W4645nqOUP2aRh9xQEhMTUfZMm8vw6u9AjxgALsURCi82W9DDl_ghIs2uqExTkudKpOGYin2XZq7iX0FLV4Ntg0Dnl2RR-s12TvbjejnSwwn55p5uFWjb>
> Meeting ID: 820 8465 8502
> Passcode: 630217
> Tord Björk
> email: tord.bjork at gmail.com, skype: tordbjork, tel: +46 (0)722 15 16 90
> address: Kyrkängsbacken 8, 14135 Huddinge, Sweden
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