[WSMDiscuss] A western pro-NATO left emerges

DAVID KEIL dmkeil at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 20:23:04 CEST 2022

A new pro-imperialist left current is becoming visible. It advocates or is
fine with the escalating NATO shipments of arms to Kyiv. This current is
forming around the slogan that the Ukrainian resistance (led of course by
the Ukrainian government), has the right to defend Ukrainian independence.
Given the Russian crimes in Ukraine and the imperialist nature and policies
of the Russian state, including its claims to own Ukraine, space has opened
up for such a current.

This current is likely to work for "antiwar" protests that don't protest
NATO. It is likely to seek exclusion of forces that fail to condemn Russia,
from antiwar actions. If this happens, then the antiwar movement will be
divided as it was over Syria, but in a more ominous way -- a section of the
antiwar movement that is actually in favor of the NATO proxy war.

Kyiv has a right to request or accept weapons for the purpose of fending
off Russian attack and defending Ukrainian independence, but not for the
purpose of waging a civil war on the Ukrainians in its eastern region. Such
a war has gone on since 2014 with full US arming of Kyiv. It is an act of
Kyiv against the independence of Ukraine and on behalf of the US and NATO.
It has effectively partitioned Ukraine. A Ukraine under NATO rule or
partitioned between the US and Russia is not an independent Ukraine.

Social-justice and antiwar movements in the West could well be wrecked by
the pro-imperialist current that has emerged. A truly antiwar
counter-current is required, especially in the countries that are pursuing
this NATO war.

David Keil
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