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Below you find an invitation to take part in a preparatory meeting for a
Global Action Day and the Peoples Forum on Environment and Global Justice
at 4 pm CEST April 28. The Peoples forum 31.5- 1.6 and global action Day
1.6 both addressing the connection between environment, peace and justice.
On Wednesday pre June sessions takes place on issues as Time to end the
power of big business? What have we learned from 50 years of struggles and
Disarmament for social and ecological just transition.  The Peoples forum
which was organized already 50 years ago for the first time with strong
global South participation will take place in conjunction with the
Stockholm+50 UN meeting 2-3 June. Please spred the word. Sorry for

Tord Björk

email: tord.bjork at gmail.com, skype: tordbjork, tel: +46 (0)722 15 16 90
address: Kyrkängsbacken 8, 14135 Huddinge, Sweden

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Subscribe to Stockholm +50 Coalition updates on the Stockholm +50 Coalition
website (bottom of page)
*Stockholm +50 Coalition*
*Global Day of Action*
*• Plan an action for 1 June (wherever you are)*

*Peoples Forum on Environment and Global Justice, 31 May-1 June*
*• Register sessions by 25 April*
*• Take part in pre-Forum preparatory session 4 pm CET, 28 April *

*Stockholm +50 commemorates the first UN conference on the Environment. It
is also the 50-year anniversary of independent civil society and people’s
movement-led parallel summits and activities that have been held at UN
conferences ever since.*

*www.stockholmplus50.se* <http://www.stockholmplus50.se>
*About the Global Day of Action*

As UN convenes the Stockholm+50 conference on 2-3 June 2022
we invite and encourage you to plan an action – small or big – on the day
before, 1 June.

Under the rubric *Global day of action Stockholm + 50* we encourage actions
that call for the kinds of profound, transformative change that is needed
for global justice, health, peace, environment, and climate – the kinds of
change that governments and corporations are generally shying away from.

Whatever you might want to do, smaller or bigger; exhibits, street theatre,
meetings, demonstrations, debates, video, via traditional and/or social
media  – *tell* us about your plans and *report* your actions to the
Stockholm +50 Coalition.

We’ll compile plans and provide ideas for actions on the Stockholm +50
Coalition website. We’ll also compile and show all the reported actions.

Tell us about your plans and report any activities to
globaldayjune1st at stockholmplus50.se.
*About the Peoples Forum*

The Peoples Forum 31 May-1 June will provide a space for peoples
movements/civil society to hold self-organised sessions for interaction and
strategising along with key thematic sessions in the days before the UN
meeting. We look forward to a vibrant face-to-face gathering of peoples'
movement activists, and hope many of you will be able to join us in
*Register session for the Forum 31 May-1 June*

Please provide submissions for requests to organize sessions by *25 April*
(yes, we've extended the deadline slightly, but encourage you to submit
ASAP). See registration form and more information about the Peoples Forum
here <https://stockholmplus50.se/peoples-forum/>. We will also help
facilitate spaces for strategy sessions you may want to organise  during
2-3 June.
*Take part in pre-forum preparatory session 28 April*

We invite you to participate in an international zoom meeting at*
16.00-17.30 CET on 28 Apri*l to provide opportunity for input and
participation in the preparations for the Peoples Forum for civil society
partners in both Sweden and internationally. Register your participation
and obtain a zoom link here
*Take part in Pre-June hybrid webinars*

We are also organising a series of hyrbid/virtual  Pre-June Sessions in the
lead up to the Peoples Forum. See programme and how to join here

Check out more information about the Stockholm +50 Coalition activities on
the www.stockholmplus50.se website.

Check out our platform text and issues, themes and demands that you may
want to organise actions and sessions around.
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