[WSMDiscuss] GTA & Adelante at the World Social Forum, 01-15 May 2022 - on democracy, knoweldge, learning, transformation, technology, and much else

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Sat Apr 23 16:59:26 CET 2022

Dear friends,

We are delighted to let you know that the Global Tapestry of 
Alternatives <https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/> and the 
platform of 8 global processes it is part of,Adelante 
<https://adelante.global/>will once again have an active presence at the 
World Social Forum <https://wsf2022.org/>. This year the WSF takes place 
both in-person in Mexico City and online. We will be organising and 
participating in various activities and hope that you will join us - 
either in-person in Mexico or online.

Below is a list of our planned activities (which you can find also 
online <https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/wsf> at GTA website and 
here <https://adelante.global/doku.php?id=events:wsf2022>  at Adelante 
website :

02 May at 14:00 (UTC):
*Staying human at the global level.*
This session will be discussion of how we keep our strong local roots 
but find ways to connect globally and with transnational issues.The 
session is co-hosted by members of Adelante: GTA, Grassroots2Global and 
Multiconvergence.  This session will take place only online and you can 
join us at: 

03 May at 14:00 (UTC)
*Grounded Voices: Towards Radical Democracy*
This session will feature initiatives (some very old, some new) from 
various parts of the world, towards such radical democracy, including 
amongst the Kurdish community in central Asia, the Zapatista in Mexico, 
adivasis in central India, Indigenous peoples in other parts of the 
world, and urban neighbourhood assemblies and communes in Europe.
It will take place online and in-person. We are awaiting confirmation of 
the in-person venue and will update this on our website as soon as we 
have it. The zoom link is: 

04 May at 14:30 (UTC)
*Knowledge and the production of learning for emancipatory practice*
This session takes the starting point that learning and knowledge 
production can be diverse processes using a multiplicity of methods and 
learning spaces. In this session, we will introduce some of the 
different approaches and then have a deliberative discussion about how 
different types of learning & critical pedagogies and knowledge can be 
lifted to support emancipatory praxis. The session is co-hosted by RISE 
Canada, The Alternatives Project, CEAAL and GTA. It will take place 
online and in-person. We are awaiting confirmation of the in-person 
venue and will update this on our website as soon as we have it. The 
zoom link is: 

04 May at 16:00 (UTC)
*Radical transformative alternatives*
Networks of radical alternative initiatives in Colombia, Mexico and 
India will describe the criteria and processes they use to consider 
something 'alternative'. In view of the attempts by nation-states and 
corporations to 'greenwash' themselves, it is crucial to be able to 
distinguish genuine alternatives from these. While the focus will be on 
these three regions, the dialogue would be relevant to the rest of the 
world too. This session is organised with GTA weavers Crianza Mutua 
Mexico and Colombia and Vikalp Sangam India.  It will take place online 
and in-person. We are awaiting confirmation of the in-person venue and 
will update this on our website as soon as we have it. The zoom link is: 

05 May at 12.00 (UTC) online; and 17.00 (UTC) in-person
*Assembly on Convergence of Radical Alternatives*

On the Assemblies Day, we invite everyone interested in convergence of 
radical alternatives to join us for two seperate sessions. One online 
and one in-person.

With this assembly we would like to bring together those interested in 
our overlapping struggles towards a more just and sustainable world, be 
they peace, climate, biodiversity, social justice, governance, or food. 
We want to create a space of solidarity to plan collective action and 
visioning from local-to-global levels, both practical and conceptual, 
and grounded in place-based initiatives (of which there are thousands 
across the world). This Assembly is organised with Adelante - Dialogue 
of Global Processes. Online session will take place on 05 May at 12:00 
(UTC) at Zoom link: 

The in-person session will take place on 05 May at 17:00 (UTC). We are 
still awaiting confirmaiton of the venue and will communicate this on 
our website as soon as possible.

In addition, we are delighted to support two GTA endorsers in hosting 
sessions at the WSF:

02 May at 11:00 (UTC)

*A timeline from movement technologies to liberation*

Organised by the May First Technology Movement, in this workshop, long 
time movement technology activists will guide participants in an 
interactive mapping exercise in which we restate our expectations for an 
internet free of carceral technology, white supremacy, exploitation and 
repression. Together we can visualize the technology infrastructures 
collectively designed, owned, and operated by our communities that we 
will need and plot some of the milestones we will achieve on our path to 
building movement technologies for liberation. This session isn't just 
for technologists. Your own intuition about what your community and 
movements need makes you the right person to help plan our tech future. 
You can join online at: https://i.meet.mayfirst.org/wsf

04 May at 13:30 (UTC)

      Latin American fabric towards the social and economic
      transformations required for the care of life

This session hosted by MINGANet and GTA seeks to facilitate dialogues 
towards a Latin American fabric of thought, reflection, learning and 
action around the social and economic transformations required for the 
care and regeneration of Life, with emphasis on the local.  It will take 
place online and in-person. We are awaiting confirmation of the 
in-person venue and will update this on our website as soon as we have 
it. You can join us online at: 

We hope that you can join us for these discussions. You can find more 
information on our website 
<https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/wsf> . We would also be happy 
to hear and join any events you are organising so please write to us 
here or to meet in-person in Mexico.

In solidarity.
Vasna Ramasar, v.ramasar at gmail.com
Franco Augusto, franco at reevo.org
Ashish Kothari, ashishkothari at riseup.net

Ashish Kothari

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