[WSMDiscuss] Invasion of Ukraine: On Loss of Key City Chechen Leader Urges Putin to Resort to Nuclear Strike!

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In order to make a nuclear threat credible, on every successive occasion,
one has to scream shriller.
It, however, has its own inbuilt perilous dynamic.
Pushes the world closer to the nuclear apocalypse.

<<Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s region of Chechnya, said on Saturday
that Moscow should consider using a low-yield nuclear weapon in Ukraine
amid new reversals on the battlefield.

In a message on Telegram criticizing Russian commanders for abandoning the
east Ukrainian town of Lyman on Saturday, Kadyrov wrote: “In my personal
opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, right up to the declaration
of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear

He was speaking a day after President Vladimir Putin proclaimed the
annexation of four Ukrainian regions - including Donetsk, where Lyman is
located - and placed them under Russia’s nuclear umbrella, saying Moscow
would defend the lands it had seized “with all our strength and all our

Russia has the world’s largest atomic arsenal, including low-yield tactical
nuclear weapons that are designed to be deployed against opposing armies.

Other top Putin allies, including former president Dmitry Medvedev, have
suggested that Russia may need to resort to nuclear weapons, but Kadyrov’s
call was the most urgent and explicit.

The influential ruler of the Caucasus region of Chechnya has been a vocal
champion of the war in Ukraine, with Chechen forces forming part of the
vanguard of the Russian army in Ukraine.

In his message, he slammed Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, commander of
the Russian forces fighting at Lyman, calling him “a mediocrity.”>>

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