[WSMDiscuss] Brilliant! Colombian president Gustavo Petro calls for an end to the War on Drugs in historic UN address

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Thanks Brian for sharing this... Indeed is a visionary take on things ...

On Thu, 22 Sep, 2022, 9:20 pm Brian, <brian at radicalroad.com> wrote:

> *This is an historic, and brilliant, address by Colombian president
> Gustavo Petro. Compassionate, wise, and prophetic. Read it, share it.*
> * ~ Brian*
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> *[Puedes ver el discurso original en español aquí: Intervención del
> Presidente Gustavo Petro ante la 77° Asamblea General de la ONU -
> 20/sept/2022 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HJHZd1w2o
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HJHZd1w2o>]*
> https://peoplesdispatch.org/2022/09/20/colombian-president-gustavo-petro-calls-for-an-end-to-the-war-on-drugs-in-historic-un-address/
> Colombian president Gustavo Petro calls for an end to the War on Drugs in
> historic UN address*In his speech to the UN General Assembly, the
> Colombian president highlighted the necessity of ending the war on drugs
> and saving the environment*
> 21 September 2022
> On the first day of the United Nations General Assembly, Colombian
> President Gustavo Petro made his first address to the body. The speech
> sharply deviated from those of his conservative predecessors. Petro did not
> shy away from calling out global North countries for their role in the
> destruction of the environment and in the perpetuation of the War on Drugs,
> as a symptom of their capitalist greed. He accused “You are only interested
> in my country to spray poisons on our jungles, to take our men to jail and
> put our women in exclusion. You are not interested in the education of the
> child, but in killing the jungle and extracting coal and oil from its
> entrails. The sponge that absorbs the poison [the rainforest] is useless,
> they prefer to throw more poisons into the atmosphere.”
> This is Petro’s first trip to the United States since he was inaugurated
> in August. He was received on Sunday night September 18 by hundreds of
> supporters in Queens, NY who manifested their support to his
> administration’s commitment to working for peace and ensuring the wellbeing
> of the Colombian people.
> Below is a full transcription of his speech on September 20, 2022 to the
> United Nations General Assembly:
> *I come from one of the three most beautiful countries on Earth.*
> *There is an explosion of life there. Thousands of multicolored species in
> the seas, in the skies, in the lands…I come from the land of yellow
> butterflies and magic. There in the mountains and valleys of all greens,
> not only do the abundant waters flow down, but also the torrents of blood.
> I come from a land of bloody beauty.*
> *My country is not only beautiful, it is also violent.*
> *How can beauty be conjugated with death, how can the biodiversity of life
> erupt with the dances of death and horror? Who is guilty of breaking the
> enchantment with terror? Who or what is responsible for drowning life in
> the routine decisions of wealth and interest? Who is leading us to
> destruction as a nation and as a people?*
> *My country is beautiful because it has the Amazon jungle, the ChocóWar
> jungle, the waters, the Andes mountain ranges, and the oceans. There, in
> those forests, planetary oxygen is emanated and atmospheric CO2 is
> absorbed. One of these CO2 absorbing plants, among millions of species, is
> one of the most persecuted on earth. At any cost, its destruction is
> sought: it is an Amazonian plant, the coca plant, sacred plant of the
> Incas. [It is in] a paradoxical crossroads.*
> *The jungle that tries to save us, is at the same time, destroyed. To
> destroy the coca plant, they spray poisons, glyphosate in mass that runs
> through the waters, they arrest its growers and imprison them. For
> destroying or possessing the coca leaf, one million Latin Americans are
> killed and two million Afro-Americans are imprisoned in North America.
> Destroy the plant that kills, they shout from the North, but the plant is
> but one more of the millions that perish when they unleash the fire on the
> jungle. Destroying the jungle, the Amazon, has become the slogan followed
> by States and businessmen. The cry of scientists baptizing the rainforest
> as one of the great climatic pillars is unimportant.*
> *For the world’s power relations, the jungle and its inhabitants are to
> blame for the plague that plagues them. The power relations are plagued by
> the addiction to money, to perpetuate themselves, to oil, to cocaine and to
> the hardest drugs to be able to anesthetize themselves more. Nothing is
> more hypocritical than the discourse to save the rainforest. The jungle is
> burning, gentlemen, while you make war and play with it. The rainforest,
> the climatic pillar of the world, disappears with all its life.*
> *The great sponge that absorbs planetary CO2 evaporates. The savior forest
> is seen in my country as the enemy to be defeated, as the weed to be
> extinguished.*
> *Coca and the peasants who grow it, because they have nothing else to
> grow, are demonized. You are only interested in my country to spray poisons
> on our jungles, to take our men to jail and put our women in exclusion. You
> are not interested in the education of the child, but in killing its jungle
> and extracting coal and oil from its entrails. The sponge that absorbs the
> poison is useless, they prefer to throw more poisons into the atmosphere.*
> *We serve them only to fill the emptiness and loneliness of their own
> society that leads them to live in the midst of drug bubbles. We hide from
> them their problems that they refuse to reform. It is better to declare war
> on the jungle, on its plants, on its people. While they let the forests
> burn, while hypocrites chase the plants with poisons to hide the disasters
> of their own society, they ask us for more and more coal, more and more
> oil, to calm the other addiction: that of consumption, of power, of money.*
> *What is more poisonous for humanity, cocaine, coal or oil? The dictates
> of power have ordered that cocaine is the poison and must be pursued, even
> if it only causes minimal deaths by overdose, and even more by the mixtures
> necessitated by clandestinity, but coal and oil must be protected, even if
> their use could extinguish all of humanity.*
> *These are the things of world power, things of injustice, things of
> irrationality, because world power has become irrational. They see in the
> exuberance of the jungle, in its vitality, the lustful, the sinful; the
> guilty origin of the sadness of their societies, imbued with the unlimited
> compulsion to have and to consume. How to hide the loneliness of the heart,
> its dryness in the midst of societies without affection, competitive to the
> point of imprisoning the soul in solitude, if not by blaming the plant, the
> man who cultivates it, the libertarian secrets of the jungle.*
> *According to the irrational power of the world, it is not the fault of
> the market that cuts back on existence, it is the fault of the jungle and
> those who inhabit it. The bank accounts have become unlimited, the money
> saved by the most powerful of the earth will not even be able to be spent
> in the time of the centuries. The sadness of existence produced by this
> artificial call to competition is filled with noise and drugs. The
> addiction to money and to having has another face: the addiction to drugs
> in people who lose the competition, in the losers of the artificial race in
> which they have transformed humanity.*
> *The disease of loneliness will not be cured with glyphosate [sprayed] on
> the forests. It is not the rainforest that is to blame.*
> *The culprit is their society educated in endless consumption, in the
> stupid confusion between consumption and happiness that allows the pockets
> of power to fill with money. The culprit of drug addiction is not the
> jungle, it is the irrationality of your world power. Try to give some
> reason to your power. Turn on the lights of the century again. The war on
> drugs has lasted 40 years, if we do not correct the course and it continues
> for another 40 years, the United States will see 2,800,000 young people die
> of overdose from fentanyl, which is not produced in our Latin America. It
> will see millions of Afro-Americans imprisoned in its private jails.*
> *The Afro-prisoner will become a business of prison companies, a million
> more Latin Americans will die murdered, our waters and our green fields
> will be filled with blood, the dream of democracy will die in my America as
> well as in Anglo-Saxon America. Democracy will die where it was born, in
> the great western European Athens. By hiding the truth, they will see the
> jungle and democracies die. The war on drugs has failed.*
> *The fight against the climate crisis has failed. There has been an
> increase in deadly consumption, from soft drugs to harder ones, genocide
> has taken place in my continent and in my country, millions of people have
> been condemned to prison, and to hide their own social guilt they have
> blamed the rainforest and its plants. They have filled speeches and
> policies with nonsense.*
> *I demand from here, from my wounded Latin America, to put an end to the
> irrational war on drugs. To reduce drug consumption we do not need wars,
> for this we need all of us to build a better society: a more caring
> society, more affectionate, where the intensity of life saves from
> addictions and new slavery. Do you want less drugs? Think of less profit
> and more love. Think about a rational exercise of power.*
> *Do not touch with your poisons the beauty of my homeland, help us without
> hypocrisy to save the Amazon Rainforest to save the life of humanity on the
> planet. You gathered the scientists, and they spoke with reason. With
> mathematics and climatological models they said that the end of the human
> species was near, that its time is no longer of millennia, not even of
> centuries. Science set the alarm bells ringing and we stopped listening to
> it.*
> *The war served as an excuse for not taking the necessary measures. When
> action was most needed, when speeches were no longer useful, when it was
> indispensable to deposit money in funds to save humanity, when it was
> necessary to move away from coal and oil as soon as possible, they invented
> war after war after war. They invaded Ukraine, but also Iraq, Libya and
> Syria.*
> *They invaded in the name of oil and gas. They discovered in the 21st
> century the worst of their addictions: addiction to money and oil. Wars
> have served them as an excuse not to act against the climate crisis. Wars
> have shown them how dependent they are on what will kill the human species.*
> *If you observe that the peoples are filling up with hunger and thirst and
> migrating by the millions towards the north, towards where the water is;
> then you enclose them, build walls, deploy machine guns, shoot at them. You
> expel them as if they were not human beings, you reproduce five times the
> mentality of those who politically created the gas chambers and the
> concentration camps, you reproduce on a planetary scale 1933.*
> *The great triumph of the attack on reason. Do you not see that the
> solution to the great exodus unleashed on your countries is to return to
> water filling the rivers and the fields full of nutrients? The climate
> disaster fills us with viruses that swarm over us, but you do business with
> medicines and turn vaccines into commodities. You propose that the market
> will save us from what the market itself has created. The Frankenstein of
> humanity lies in letting the market and greed act without planning,
> surrendering the brain and reason. Kneeling human rationality to greed.*
> *What is the use of war if what we need is to save the human species? What
> is the use of NATO and empires, if what is coming is the end of
> intelligence? The climate disaster will kill hundreds of millions of people
> and listen well, it is not produced by the planet, it is produced by
> capital.*
> *The cause of the climate disaster is capital. The logic of coming
> together only to consume more and more, produce more and more, and for some
> to earn more and more produces the climate disaster. They applied the logic
> of extended accumulation to the energy engines of coal and oil and
> unleashed the hurricane: the ever deeper and deadlier chemical change of
> the atmosphere. Now in a parallel world, the expanded accumulation of
> capital is an expanded accumulation of death.*
> *From the lands of jungle and beauty. There where they decided to make an
> Amazon rainforest plant an enemy, extradite and imprison its growers, I
> invite you to stop the war, and to stop the climate disaster. Here, in this
> Amazon Rainforest, there is a failure of humanity.*
> *Behind the bonfires that burn it, behind its poisoning, there is an
> integral, civilizational failure of humanity. Behind the addiction to
> cocaine and drugs, behind the addiction to oil and coal, there is the real
> addiction of this phase of human history: the addiction to irrational
> power, to profit and money. This is the enormous deadly machinery that can
> extinguish humanity.*
> *I propose to you as president of one of the most beautiful countries on
> earth, and one of the most bloodied and violated, to end the war on drugs
> and allow our people to live in peace. I call on all of Latin America for
> this purpose. I summon the voice of Latin America to unite to defeat the
> irrational that martyrs our bodies. I call upon you to save the Amazon
> Rainforest integrally with the resources that can be allocated worldwide to
> life.*
> *If you do not have the capacity to finance the fund for the
> revitalization of the forests, if it weighs more to allocate money to
> weapons than to life, then reduce the foreign debt to free our own
> budgetary spaces and with them, carry out the task of saving humanity and
> life on the planet. We can do it if you don’t want to. Just exchange debt
> for life, for nature. I propose, and I call upon Latin America to do so, to
> dialogue in order to end the war. Do not pressure us to align ourselves in
> the fields of war.*
> *It is time for PEACE.*
> *Let the Slavic peoples talk to each other, let the peoples of the world
> talk to each other. War is only a trap that brings the end of time closer
> in the great orgy of irrationality.*
> *From Latin America, we call on Ukraine and Russia to make peace. Only in
> peace can we save life in this land of ours. There is no total peace
> without social, economic and environmental justice. We are also at war with
> the planet. Without peace with the planet, there will be no peace among
> nations. Without social justice, there is no social peace.*
> *[Puedes ver el discurso original en español aquí: Intervención del
> Presidente Gustavo Petro ante la 77° Asamblea General de la ONU -
> 20/sept/2022 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HJHZd1w2o
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HJHZd1w2o>]*
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