[WSMDiscuss] Public letter to the financial world: "Because of you... the unacceptable" (Agora des habitants de la Terre)

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Thu Oct 13 01:37:21 CEST 2022

Hola, I agree with your ideas and intentions, but when you say we need to
"stand up", just exactly how? One must be careful about just presenting
wishful thinking without a way to get there. If we stand up and a
government falls, how do we stop the "economic hitmen" from surreptitiously
subverting, corrupting, and controlling the new government (
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilxI6Dgoy8)? I suggest that we make it
clear to everyone, that is, get into the heads of humanity the idea of
"horizontal governance" which would close the door to the
intimidators/controllers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8l

Time to Get Real
Tom Osher <https://substack.com/profile/9969542-tom-osher>
Oct 11

The problem is that not enough people are dying compared to the number of
people being born. This is a problem especially for eugenicists (nazis) (
They believe that the solution to the world's problems is to reduce the
population. They are alarmed that in their opinion most people being born
are lowering the IQ of humanity and that humanity would be far better off
if reproduction was controlled in such a way that the intelligence of
humanity would be increasing and that if they had hegemony over the world
via a one world government, they could end crime, contamination of nature,
war, poverty, and filth (ie. clean cities) through ubiquitous surveillance
and total control as prescribed by the WEF.

They have tried many ways to reduce the population, i.e. wars, pandemics,
contamination of the water, air, and food, mass sterilizations, and perhaps
weather control to name a few. But they have not succeeded, humanity keeps
growing. But they are not to be stopped. They have had this idea for more
than 100 years and have put themselves in positions of power early on. Now,
after all this time, and several failed attempts, they have all their ducks
in a row. They have trillions of dollars, they own the media (propaganda
machine), they have control of the military as they have control of the US
government as well as many other governments, control of institutions, the
WEF, the UN, the Who, the IMF, they place their people in leadership
positions in many countries, i.e. France, Canada, etc., they have the
technology, the science, the pharmacy conglomerates, the
multi-corporations, i.e I.G.Farber, Siemens, IBM and others used slave
labor during Hitler's reign with impunity), and they have the CIA.

For centuries, humanity has had to accept the unacceptable, wars, genocide,
poverty, injustices, corruption, etc. Two big reasons might explain this:
propaganda (mind control) and the fact that the system really has no
authentic avenue for redress. Why is there never a valid choice for
president? Why are politicians of the worst caliber? We have three options,
we can protest, or write to our politicians, or take them to court. These
have proven to not be effective enough.

We are essentially shut out of the process. Just as it is now, with the
unipolarists who control the West, and the multipolarists, those who don't
wish their countries to be dominated from outside like Russia, China, N.
Korea, and Iran. The controllers from the West are willing to risk nuclear
war to achieve their aims. Humanity seems completely impotent. We don't
seem to have any power or say in what is happening. We can talk and we can
be censored, but what can we actually do that will be effective?

One can see how, in fact, we, humanity, have been controlled for a long
time and that now, the control is tightening and will be inescapable. What
we are facing is much worse than David vs. Goliath. Yet, we must find a way
to prevent this before it is too late, and it is permanent.

We remain powerless, divided. We can organize through encrypted apps,
activists in every country. We need strategies. One, is to popularize the
idea of horizontal governance (

On Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 7:09 PM Brian <brian at radicalroad.ca> wrote:

> https://www.pressenza.com/2022/10/because-of-you-the-unacceptable/
> Because of you… the unacceptable
> Agora des habitants de la Terre
> <https://www.pressenza.com/author/agora-des-habitants-de-la-terre/>
> 08.10.22
> This post is also available in: French
> <https://www.pressenza.com/fr/2022/10/a-cause-de-vous-linadmissible/>,
> Italian
> <https://www.pressenza.com/it/2022/10/per-colpa-vostra-linammissibile/>
> This week we have started an action to denounce on an international scale
> the irresponsibility, culpability and punishability of the main actors of
> global finance and the highest political leaders (heads of state and
> government) of the 20 ‘richest’ states in the world. The two groups will
> receive a specific public letter by e-mail. Over the course of a month, we
> will send copies of the letters to hundreds, thousands of people,
> associations, and movements asking them to send copies of the letters
> directly to the 35 recipients.
> As for the 15 financial actors, we have identified the presidents of the
> two private companies that manage respectively the Chicago Stock Exchange
> (which introduced in 2020 water transactions in the derivatives stock
> market, reducing water to a financial asset), and the New York Stock
> Exchange (which decided in 2021 to entrust 30% of the natural world to the
> management of a new category of private companies listed on the stock
> exchange, the Natural Assets Corporations, thus reducing any natural
> element to a financial asset); the presidents of the three largest and most
> powerful private investment funds in the world (BlackRock, Vanguard et
> State Street, together they manage more than 22 trillion, more than the
> wealth produced in 2021 by the United States and almost ten times that of
> Italy); and, finally, the presidents of the ten largest banks in the world:
> 4 Chinese, 2 US , 2 French, 1 British and 1 Japanese!
> As for the twenty heads of state and government, we have limited the list
> to the top twenty countries in the world in 2021 ranking according to GDP.
> The list includes all the most economically-powerful countries in the
> world. It opens with the United States and China and closes with Turkey and
> Switzerland.
> What do we write to these powerful people? That it is the right and duty
> of all the inhabitants of the Earth to denounce as unacceptable that they,
> the rulers — those who distinctly in their countries and together
> internationally have the power to decide on the state and future of
> humanity and the world — continue to wage war in Ukraine and twenty other
> places on Earth and threaten to unleash nuclear war, keeping 3.6 billion
> people without health coverage and 4.4 billion without any social
> protection.
> We tell them that they are behaving like criminals (and not just crazy,
> like madmen) by persisting in the ongoing destruction of the planet’s life
> (ecocide) for decades, while being aware of it. Let us tell them that the
> climate disaster, the destruction of biodiversity, forests and soils, the
> contamination and drying up of rivers and lakes, the pollution of oceans
> and air, the impoverishment of billions of people, the intolerable social
> inequalities, are the product of their deliberate choices and not of nature
> or misfortune.
> They could have avoided them but they did not want to. They are sowing
> destruction and death and talk of adaptation, of resilience. They scoff at
> words like ‘transition’ (an insolent term in the face of the drama of the
> situation). They cuddle themselves in continuous world summits from which
> spring whirlwinds of useless declarations of which they take pleasure in
> changing a few adjectives and/or moving a few commas from the dozens of
> previous similar declarations.
> Our denunciation aims first of all to tell the dominant that they are
> directly responsible and personally guilty, and that it is not true that we
> must all individually and collectively change our actions and behavior to
> save the life of the planet and build social justice from below. It is too
> easy for them to argue such a thesis. It is up to them, instead, to stop
> being the lords and masters of the world, to dominate and impose their
> predatory choices and the defence of their own interests of power,
> domination and enrichment. Hence the title of the denunciation ‘Because of
> you… the unacceptable’.
> Secondly, it aims to share the fundamental principle of every democracy
> and justice system that considers that it belongs to citizens to rise up
> against the power that reigns, that discriminates, excludes, destroys
> common goods essential to life, does not respect universal rights, kills.
> As is manifestly the case with the current system.
> We propose to the inhabitants of the Earth to ‘stand up’, to fight to
> liberate humanity and life on Earth,
> a) from the domination of global finance, which hoards every good,
> especially knowledge and technology (see patents on living beings and
> artificial intelligence). Life is not the price imposed by speculation,
> b) from the subjugation of public political powers to the individual
> corporate interests of private industrial, commercial, technocratic and
> financial subjects and groups.
> The aim is to regenerate the dimension, the sphere of the ‘public’, the
> ‘we’, and to (re)invent the political and planetary politics of life for
> peace, justice, freedom and common security. The dominant think they can
> buy everything with money and dominate everything with weapons. They are
> wrong. It is their basic fault.
> *Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth:*
> *Alain Adriaens (B), Pina Ancona (I), Marcos P. Arruda (BR), Alassane Ba
> (F, Senegal), Guido Barbera (I), Cristina Bertelli (F), Marcelo Barros
> (BR), Joao Caraça (PT), Luca Cecchi (I), Martine Chatelain (CND-Québec),
> Francesco Comina (I), Carmelo Corso (I), Roberto D’Ambrogio (I), Alain
> Dangoisse (B), Fabrice Delvaux (B), Anibal Faccendini (Arg), Maíra
> Fernandes De Melo (BR), (Armando De Negri (BR), Adriana Fernandez (CL),
> Alfio Foti (I), Pierre Galand (B), Lilia Ghanem (Lebanon),Yovan Gilles (F),
> Laury Gingreau (F), Mélissa Gingreau (F), Fatoumata Ki Zerbo (Burkina
> Faso), Pierre Jasmin (CND-Québec), Luis Infanti de la Mora (CL), Kim Le
> Quang (B), Paola Libanti (I), Michele Loporcaro (I), Vladimir Mitev (BG),
> Loretta Moramarco (I), Christine Pagnoulle (B), Marinella Nasoni (I), Maria
> Palatine (D, B), Nicola Perrone (I), Riccardo Petrella (I, B), Luc Pilmeyer
> (B), Pietro Pizzuti (I, B), Jean-Yves Proulx (CND-Québec), Domenico Rizzuti
> (I), Roberto Savio (I), Catherine Schlitz (B), Cristiana Spinedi (CH),
> Bernard Tirtiaux (B), Helene Tremblay (CND-Québec), Philippe Véniel (F),
> Emanuele Villa (I), Karine Watelet (B) Jean-Pierre Wauquier (F)*
> *Despite their name in French , the enclosed documents are in English*
> *(Image by https://agora-humanite.org <https://agora-humanite.org>)*
> The original article can be found here
> <https://agora-humanite.org/lagora-des-habitants-de-la-terre-mene-sa-e-campagne-de-denonciation-vous-aussi-participez-y/>
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