[WSMDiscuss] pharmaceutical imperialism / vaccine apartheid / autonomous subsistence

mp mp at aktivix.org
Thu Oct 13 09:40:21 CEST 2022

“Where mass, population-wide medications are employed, the acceptable 
evidential bar for the assurance of benefit and the avoidance of risk 
becomes higher.”

PANDA’s comprehensive multidisciplinary review has found that mass 
Covid-19 vaccination has been a failed experiment.




Whilst some make a case for the careful voluntary use of the Covid-19 
vaccines with fully-informed consent in the most vulnerable groups, this 
should be based on solid evidence of overall health benefit for each 

These products should have been contra-indicated for the vast majority 
of the population for whom the overall net benefit-risk ratio is either 
zero, or limited and short-lived, with efficacy versus the risk of 
infection becoming negative after six months and an unknown longer-term 
safety profile.

On 06/10/2022 09:02, mp wrote:
> More on colonialism and its new forms:
> Adam Fejerskov, The Global Lab: Inequality, Technology, and the New 
> Experimental Movement, Oxford University Press 2022
> https://www.diis.dk/en/experts/adam-moe-fejerskov
> Page 2:
> "...Throughout the book, we will meet at least four main protagonists, 
> together making up the core of the movement: philanthropists, 
> economists, pharmas, and humanitarians. Private foundations such as the 
> Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation experiment with new technologies and 
> rad­ical change as they test innovative toilets or condoms or attempt to 
> alter social norms in poor communities, basing their actions on what 
> they see as ob­ject­ive
> models of change emerging from experiments, reducing the messy real 
> world to formulae. Pharmaceutical companies have moved their experiments 
> with new drugs to ‘emerging markets’ that provide abundant human 
> subjects ready to partake in clinical trials to overcome diseases for 
> which they often cannot afford treatment, pushing both experimental 
> methodologies and stabilizing experimental practices as everyday care. 
> The randomista economists likewise conduct randomized controlled trials 
> and similar methodologies brought in from the natural sciences to 
> experiment with solutions for social problems, driven by similar 
> scientific desires of reducing complex realities to a set of logical 
> causal chains. Finally, humanitarian actors, including private charities 
> and United Nations (UN) organizations, pursue what they see as radical 
> and innovative approaches to saving lives in disasters and emergencies 
> through new technologies, from testing cargo drones and big data, to the 
> ­registration and ordering of refugees through biometric data, iris 
> scans, and blockchains- this is an introduction of emerging technologies 
> that essentially functions as experimentation...".
> The book was written before and during the pandemic, where of course 
> "the lab" grew much bigger and the number of experimental subjects is 
> now rather large:
> "...68% of the world population has received at least one dose of a 
> COVID-19 vaccine.
> 12.76 billion doses have been administered globally, and 3.26 million 
> are now administered each day.
> 22.7% of people in low-income countries have received at least one 
> dose...".
> https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations
> As such as we can theorise that we are now all colonial subjects - 
> whoever, wherever - and that in fact pharma-capital now primarily 
> experiments on subjects in the home countries, such as the Pfizer-styled 
> argument about vaccine apartheid entails: testing and trying was tested 
> and tried on subjects in poor countries, now testing and trying is 
> universal and it has become understood and perceived to be a privilege 
> to be allowed to donate your body to clinical experiments. Amazing stuff!
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