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> dear Ariel, that is where we disagree

-- and that is where many disagree.

There cannot really be much disagreement, that it is a fault line.

There are two sides.

The one side maintains an autonomous, community-based and primarily 
prophylactic approach to health, complemented where necessary with 
convivial symptom alleviation and healing. Kirkegaard quoted Cicero from 
memory, as I do now, saying "Anyone the age of 30 should by then know 
their own body well enough to be their own physician". These autonomous 
knowledge systems are traditionally complex, evolving, trial-and-error 
repositories of scientific quests for a better life, and it is not 
unusual for people to have working knowledge of many hundreds of plants, 
and here's Feyerabend in Philosophy of Nature writing about that:

"...A single informant of the Gabon tribe in equatorial Africa offered 
visiting researchers 8,000 botanical terms. The Hanunoo botanical 
vocabulary exceeds 2,000, their classifications are sometimes more 
precise and systematic than those of Western science, and their 
descriptions of species, subspecies, and variations are sufficiently 
objective to allow for identification in almost all cases...".

That's a lot of alkaloids and the original source of, some estimate, 85% 
of all "modern medicines" until recently.

On the other side is corporate medicine.

Critics of the corporate, petrochemical, state-sanctioned, medicinal 
paradigm will note that it is based on control and profit. There is 
central command and control over bodies, and human health is outsourced 
to experts who dispense commodities that chase symptoms away. The 
remedies are often approved with much legal dubiousness. It's a business 
after all and by all accounts one of the most dodgy ones of all. Kind of 
figures, what power, eh?

At any rate, both systems are founded on faith. Different flavours of 
faith, but basically the same: fuelling the self-healing capacities of 
the mind and body. Without that the pill might not work.

As studies show, the so called allopathic paradigm of pill popping and 
symptom chasing works in great part on placebo, which derives from the 
authority invested in external experts, i.e. doctors and lab coats. 
Also, it cannot prevent disease, rather it focuses on killing what is 
perceived to be pathogens, which are attacked indiscriminately with 
unknown and uncontrollable collateral damage, like in other forms of 
warfare. The original war, repeated where "civilization" expands, is of 
course on witches, shamans, and whoever holds autonomous knowledge of 

The other paradigm, let's call it 'social medicine', was universal until 
500 years ago, when the white man's colonialism commenced. It is still 
rather widespread and possibly still the majority type of knowledge 
system for maintaining health. These systems rely on faith in the earth 
and its other beings, and in the human body's own ability to heal.

Though the literature on 'social medicine' is somewhat scattered - as it 
is repressed and marginalised and criminalised, as well as stigmatised 
in corporate media, which is dependent on pharmaceutical advertising 
income - it is quite extensive. It is also true that a lot of these 
systems unfortunately are isolated from each other, because they are all 
too often tied up with guru and marketing attitudes (basically mimicking 
the corporate pharma paradigm and of course just trying to make a living 
in a cash-eat-cash world); and it can be esoteric beyond the limits of 
good taste. No doubt. Yet it is well extensive and there are 
institutions, courses and practitioners who can help guide people 
towards the fundamental goal of any social movement for freedom: health 
autonomy through synthesis of all the amazing things we know and can do 
without energy extensive, generally toxic, high technology.

When the airplanes and the air conditioners, freezers, etc., when all 
the steel and glass don't fly easily around the globe anymore, where are 
you going to get your vaccines?

And so on.

Besides, have you looked what is in those shots? Seriously.

And then there's the entirely novel mRNA stuff.


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