[WSMDiscuss] An Open Letter to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, Worldwide!

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Sat Oct 29 23:05:50 CEST 2022

“God Makes No Slave in the Womb!”

[Quote by Rev. John Gregg Fee (1848)

Founder of Berea College in Berea, Kentucky]

25 October 2022

We hope this email finds you and your Family in the best of health and spirits. Pan-African Roots, a not-for-profit network, sends you and others in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, this email and two attached documents:

- An [Open Letter to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Worldwide](http://www.a-aprp-gc.org/open-letter/open-letter-to-pope-francis-i/); and
- An Incomplete List of Papal Bulls and Related Treaties for and against Exploration and Discovery, Settlement and Colonization, Trafficking and Enslavement, and Forced Conversion.

Similar Open Letters will be sent to other religious, spiritual, and irreligious traditions; and to stakeholders, especially Heads of States and students/youth in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Baltic countries, France, Great Britain, the United States, and their former and current Empires.

This Open Letter is not a request for another apology or another demand for reparations. We do not compete with those forces who make these requests and demands. We are a part of the slavery, colonial and neo-colonial era records disclosure movement. We do not seek to build another organization. We demand the fullest and strongest accountability from those organizations that exist today. We do not claim to speak for or on behalf of 1.5 billion African People in 125 countries in Africa and the African Diaspora. We speak truth to them, to the powerless and the powerful of the world.

Pan-African Roots requests:

- Confirmation by the Pope and other religious, spiritual and irreligious leaders that “God Makes No Slaves in the Womb.”
- Confirmation that the trafficking in and enslavement of African People from 1441 to 1888 was illegal, was a crime against humanity, a crime against God.
- The translation, digitization and disclosure of all slavery, colonial and neo-colonial era records worldwide.
- Inclusion of African and poor Youth in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the World in every phase of this historic archival project.
- The creation of a new generation of anti-slavery, anti-trafficker, anti-colonial and anti-neo-colonial digital archivists, researchers, scholars and organizers.
- That every young Person in the world be given an archival card that enables and empower them to access this digital database. Give them resources to excel.

In short, we request that you and like-minded People in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World help galvanize and unleash the fullest extent and power of the Papal Magisterium and the Archival-Industrial-Complex to implement the above requests. We believe that World Humanity will be pleased.

Please forward this email. Email us confirmation of your support at the email below. Pan-African Roots thanks you in advance for whatever consideration you give.


<<Bob Brown>>

Bob Brown, Director

Pan-African Roots

paroots007 at gmail.com or

paroots02 at yahoo.com

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